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Dooks Dizzo
04-02-2009, 17:45
After over a dozen games or so I am really getting a handle on my Dark Elves. It's been a rough road at times but a lot of fun in all cases. I'd love to talk about my newest list and tactical plans for it.

Cold One
Enchanted Shield
Sword of Might
Potion of Strength
Pendant of Kaeleth
(0+ armor save)

Battle Standard Bearer
Hydra Banner
Cold One
(1+ armor save)

Sorceress level 1
Dispell Scroll x 2

Repeater Xbows x 10
Repeater Xbows x 10

Spearment x 20

Dark Riders x 5
Repeater Xbows

Cold One Knights x 8
Full Command
Ring of Hotek

Black Guard x 15
Champ, Null Stone
Banner of Hag Graef

War Hydra

War Hydra

The Lord and BSB are going to attach to the Black Guard unit. My biggest problem running them 'Death Star' style so far has been Psycology. A failed Panic check at the wrong moment lost me the game last night for example.

The BG have a better static combat res, stubborn and Immune to Psycology. A better protection all the way around really. I can also use them as an even harder hitting anvil while the 8 CoK's run around and provide Flank support.

I was really against running 2 Hydra's in under 3000 points for a long time. But after taking 4 or 5 losses in a row, I no longer have an issue with it. My army seriously lacks resiliance and the Hydra's provide it in spades.

I am picturing dropping my BG in the center, attaching characters and putting a Hydra on each flank. That should give me a rock hard center.

The CoK's can deploy on a flank, (though I will sometimes want to keep that Ring of Hotek near by) and provide my opponent with a second serious threat.

Dark Riders as needed to bait Frenzied units and such.

Sorceress will hide in her Spear Bunker and shut down a couple of spells.

The list comes in at 2050 right now, leaving me a good 200 points to play with. I was thinking about a Cauldron of Blood, but as great as it is, it's 200 points of hit and miss. Sometimes it is just awesome. Other times it gets hit by a Chariot and nuked in one round of combat.

A second sorceress for additional anti magic might come in handy against Vamps and Tzeench, though it is a hard call. If I went that route I would put them both up to level 2 and get some offense going.


04-02-2009, 19:04
2 or 3 units of Harpies are great.

Maybe a regenerating hero in the CoKs unit. Great Weapon for the BSB since he ASF.

Dooks Dizzo
05-02-2009, 16:44
Harpies are good, but I don't own any and really don't like the models all that much.

I was thinking maybe an assassin or a Cauldron?

05-02-2009, 19:08
I am not terribly fond of your dreadlord's build... If hes going in the black guard I dont see any reason for him to be on a cold one.

I am also a bit confused as to what youre equiping your BSB with, if hes on a cold one the max save he could have would be a 2+ assuming hes armed with a halberd.

Is there some reason you cant split the two characters up? a Hydra Banner BSB is much more at home in the cold ones. If the dreadlord is staying with the black guard give him the Soul Render (asf banner + armour piercing great weapon...) or the whip of agony and an additional hand weapon (assuming you dont need him mounted or armed with a shield)

~ zilla

Dooks Dizzo
05-02-2009, 19:36
It's funny that my BSB is causing so much concern, here and on another forum. Here's the breakdown:

Heavy Armor +2
Cold One +2
Sea Dragon Cloak +1
Shield +1

I can't use the shield and the two handed weapon at the same time, but I can be equiped with both of them. I actually have a 0+ against shooting for him. In combat, I can elect to use my Halbred or HW/Shield. I make the decision based on the strength and toughness of my opponents models.

The Lord in the BG is great. It makes the unit cause Fear for one. For two he benefits from the armor save which is critical. The Hydra Banner is sickly on the BG, giving them all 3 attacks base.

Stubborn 9 is awesome, but having rolled 10's and 11's with them on occasion, the BSB in the unit further protects my most expensive asset from getting run down if things don't work out.

I like my Lord build, but yours is a good idea as well. I might just have to try it out.

05-02-2009, 21:43
Well, I think you at least should give your Champ in the BG Soulrender and a GW for your BSB for maximum benefit of your standard.

I really like your idea there with the Cold One to make the unit cause fear. How is your experience with Stupidity? I'm tempted to try your character setup in may BG unit for my next game.

05-02-2009, 22:12
Im sure we both know this.. but your BSB doesnt have to be IN the black guard to grant them a reroll...

All youre gaining from the cold ones being in the black guard is the enemy will have to take a fear test to charge you.. if theyre coming in contact with one of the characters...
Theyre not gaining the other (imho more useful benefits) of become effectively 'immune to fear' as theyre already immune to psych. Im not certain that this is really a great trade off considering youll now have to be taking stupidity tests for them.

The idea of a dreadlord on foot in some nice magical armour and whiping around a magical whip and gliave is pretty appealing to me... (my first suggestion) but thinking about it a bit more.. I dont really think its such a great combination to go with the black guard. Whilst you cant 'afford' the armour of darkness, whip of agony, pendant of khaeleth and the potion of strength - its sort of a moot point as the potion and the whip have mutually exclusive rules (as does crimson death).

IMHO.. the black guard would benefit from some hard hitting character support, S6/armour piercing+ to deal with the not-so-tiny gribblies they may end up fighting... things that their plethora of S4 ASF attacks will mostly bounce off of.

More musings to come.. im sure :)

~ zilla

06-02-2009, 00:03
IMHO.. the black guard would benefit from some hard hitting character support, S6/armour piercing+ to deal with the not-so-tiny gribblies they may end up fighting... things that their plethora of S4 ASF attacks will mostly bounce off of.

More musings to come.. im sure :)
~ zilla

BG is str 5 now with halberds.. I think.

06-02-2009, 17:47
Nah.. S3 +1.

~ zilla