View Full Version : Anti high elf lizardmen?

lord ecthelenor
04-02-2009, 18:19
Hi, i need some help.
i've played five games against my high elf opponent, from 1000 to 3000 points, and have died like a dog in every game. todays two games he pulled out a dragon, which sliced me up even more than last time. how the hell do you combat the likes of that? its harder than anything i can field, and hits me first. Also the elven magic items just seem so much better than the lizardmen ones, i hope the new book will rebalance things as i'm bored of losing, (i suck at 40k too) any advice would be greatly appreciated. i've a broad spectrum of models so i can accomodate most army configs, but i just can't see how anything can stand up to the pointy eared scum??

04-02-2009, 18:24
I think the new book will give you much better options for fighting them although the magic items still suck.

04-02-2009, 18:26
Current book? Salamanders, keep them off dragon princes, lots of skink skirmishers (elf armor = bleh), poison the dragon, keep a scar-vet with jag charm and GW to take out bolt throwers and flank weird stuff, don't charge the swordmasters, shoot them instead, hit cavalry with kroxigor, don't get sucked into going toe-to-toe, use your M6 to get on the flanks. They're all T3, just keep swinging and shooting and they'll go down. Remember, the dragon is going to fly wherever it feels like, keep stuff ready to countercharge, and keep the javs/blowpipes coming.

04-02-2009, 18:29
If you're using the old book then salamanders work wonders against dragons. Stick to cover and just keep blasting them. This also works well against their rank and file.

Skinks will also mean trouble for a dragon as it can only save so many poison shots.

Saurus cav with the blessed banner can catch a dragon off guard.

If you are using the new book then razordons and skinks are skill great, and the new magical weapon that forces them to pass a LD test for each hit or die will finish off a dragon really quickly too.