View Full Version : Grey Knight Allies

04-02-2009, 21:12
I was looking through the grey knight codex and for the allies part its a bit confusing but i wondered could i just include a vindicare temple assasin in say a blood angels list and not include any other grey knight units. And if i can what blood angel stuff am i aloud to use if i include it.

04-02-2009, 21:29
Some units in the DH and WH codexes require another particular choice to be present as well, in order to be fielded.

In order to field an assassin (from either codex) you need an inquisitor or inquisitor lord to be fielded as well (to satisfy the assassin's requirements). Since the allies rules allow one elite choice only (the assassin) you'd then need an Inquisitor Lord HQ choice to also be fielded as an ally.

Your parent army list is unaffected by the allies (except that the allied unit occupies one of the available FOC slots in your parent list). So your blood angels can still be fielded however you wish.