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D.E.E. Tom
04-02-2009, 22:40
I just recently got back to playing Warhammer and I used to be a HE player who did some TK at the side. But since TK are so much cooler than HE I now want to focus more on my TK army. Thus I came up with the following list and would like to hear some opinions from more seasoned TK players that also have some idea how to play against most 7th edition armies.

So the list I had in mind:


Tomb King (268)
Destroyer of Eternities
Brooch of the Great Dessert
Light Armour
(will setup with Tomb Guard)

Tomb Prince (192)
Chariot of Fire
Light Armour
Sword of Might
(Will be with Chariots, duh)

Liche Priest (173)
Collar of Shapesh
Hieretic Jar
Skeleton Steed
(one of the Light Cav units)

Liche Priest (165)
Cloak of the Dunes
Plaques of mighty incantation


3 Chariots (165)
Standard Bearer
Banner of undying legion

20 Skeletons (205)
HW, Sh, LA, FC

6 Light Horsemen (84)

6 Light Horsemen (84)


19 Tomb Guard (298)
Icon of Rakeph

Tomb Scorpion (85)

Tomb Scorpion (85)

Tomb Scorpion (85)


Screaming Skull Catapult (110)
Skulls of the Foe

Total: 1999pts.

So would this be a list that is fun to play against?

Bunny Lord
04-02-2009, 23:12
Okay since you want to go with a king list over a high priest since you could use a bit more magic.

I would first make sure that every large fighty unit had a combat oriented character leading it neither TG or skeletons are good in combat and need the support to beat other ranked up units that get more attacks than you. So to compllement this point I would drop the charriot and all charriot envolved upgrades from the prince. And trade the sword of might for a GW. If you want to make him more survivable give him golden ankrah or armor of the ages. Stick him with the skeletons and the king in the tomb guard and you've got yourself a solid core.

2nd if your going to run a king list I would take minimum 2 units of charriots don't give them standards unless it's a warbanner but, i'd rather leave them bare.

Reconfigure your priests so your hierophant has collar and cloak and the other 1 has a scroll and the jar it's IMO the best set up for 2 priests.

Drop your light horsemen to 5, no real reason other then saving 30 points and 2 more models only give the enemy more points since they are supposed to die by screening the charriots or by redirecting charges.

I'd drop a scorpion for 5 carrion just for a first turn warmachine charge with urgency and they have US 5.

I would add a second catapult before I give 1 skulls of the foe.

Try to squeeze 2 units of 10 bowmen in there, great for killing skirmishers in woods that charriots can't get to and for killing the last few guys in a squad for full VP's.

Alternatively you could run a cavalry unit instead of the skeleton block but, I don't recomend that for a not an extremly expierienced tomb king player.

The list I would run for you would be.

Tomb king- as yours 268

tomb prince- GW armor of the ages 139

priest- scroll jar steed 173

priest- cloak collar 165

3 charriots 120

3 charriots 120

5 light cav 70

19 skeletons- HW S standard bearer banner of undying legion 187

19 tomb guard- banner champion icon of rakaph 292

2 scorpions 85 (170)

5 carrion 120

SSC 90

SSC 90

This puts you at 1991 for 225o (a point value that's becoming more popular at tournaments) I would add 2 units of bowmen and 5 more cav.

Hope that helps.

D.E.E. Tom
04-02-2009, 23:43
Thanks for the advice,

I'll drop the units of Light horsemen to 5, but if I just take one unit this unit can not hold my Liche Priest, so the steed would be rather pointless.

I'll consider the carrion as it might be a good idea to have a 20 inch mover in there.

Your list looks solid, but I might opt for a list with the medium (heavy) cavalry with a liche priest in there. I remember using a block of 10-12 of them last time I played TK and they were severely underestimated by my opponents and cleaved through more than a couple of flanks. The trick was usually trying to keep them alive throughout the game.

I Guess I'll try out both configurations once I got enough painted.

Bunny Lord
05-02-2009, 00:03
Okay if you want to run a cavalry list i'm all for that as it's my current build. I recomend 1 big unit of cavalry 15 strong and 3 units of 5 light cav and then 2 units of chariots. Have this supporte by a cataoult for monster controll and a bone giant for a heavy hitter. If there's still points I would get a block of tomb guard as an anchor.