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05-02-2009, 11:59
just had this as a quick idea thought id pen it and get some feedback as i'm planning on using it in a mini tournament later this year, any feedback would be good let me know -cheers (i apologize if its in the wrong place)

Mission 2: Waterworks

All the weapons in the world won’t help you if the men using them die of thirst and disease, both armies know this, and such the race is on for the pumping station isolated in the rocky valley far removed from the fighting, or so the workers thought…

-The mission is setup as per the spearhead objective with the pumping station placed in the middle

-the game lasts for 5 turns with variable game length

-The objective is simple, the attackers MUST destroy the pump station by any means necessary and as such the pump station has the following profile:

Pump station:

the pump station is armour 13 on all sides and has 6 “wounds” and benefits from the following special rules:

water gears and girders: the pump station is a mass of moving parts, cogs and levers, the station is automatically hit in close combat and cannot attack back as such HOWEVER, every unit that attacks the station in close combat must pass a Dangerous terrain test or be mangled in the moving parts. Example a squad of ten marines wish to attack the station (the sergeant with a power fist) after all attacks are resolved ,even if its destroyed, the squad will take the test resolved as shooting.

The Mechanicus protects its toys: built to withstand the horrid environments that afflict many of the planets under the banner of the Imperium the pump station has been fitted with void shields to protect it from all manner of ranged damage as such the station has a 4+ save against ALL shooting regardless of any weapon special rules.

Who wins?:

the attackers win if the pump station is destroyed by the end of the game

The defender wins if the pump station is still active at the end of the game

There can be no draw

05-02-2009, 12:15
The mission seems fine.

I would be tempted to launch my forces into close combat with it in the first Turn - units with melta bombs would make short work of it, and I would not be bothered about the dangerous terrain tests since I would be likely to win anyway.

One solution would be to let the defender always setup first, allowing him to push the attacker back 18" into his own table quarter. This will prevent some first Turn assaults on the pumping station (but not all).

Is the dangerous ground test taken at the end of the combat phase or at the beginning? Taking it at the beginning might up the tension.

A game with a single, static objective might get a bit boring. A shooty attacker will simply shield himself from assault and hammer the station from afar with high S weapons. Turn after Turn of that might get a bit dull.

How about this? The pumping station's shield cannot be breached at all. So first, the attacker must disable the shield generator. Only then can he attack the pumping station. This forces the attacker to divide his army, while the defender can choose to defend one or both. The shield generator and the pumping station are each in the two unused table quarters, placed as close to the centre of each quarter as possible. The attacker cannot use infiltrating units, although he can outflank etc.

Lastly, why a pumping station? The thought of a pumping station with a void shield is almost comic - can't you make it something a bit more important-sounding? ;)


05-02-2009, 12:18
Nice mission.

I'll sugest you a special deployment, like the sabotage mission on 4th edition.

05-02-2009, 12:24
its to go with a series of missions to affect a big game at the end, the big mission being a besieged army, armies need water (yes i know in the 40m not all do but stick with me)

and yes those changes do sound very good