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05-02-2009, 14:19
Greetings, folks!

Having read all the rumours and awaiting the book in 2 days' time, I set forth to bring my trusty lizardmen into the new generation.
Now, the army I used to good effect up until now usually revolved around a 4th generation slann, a couple of big blocks of saurus, a stegadon, salamanders, 2 units of terradons and the omnipresent kroxigor unit.

What I was thinking for the new edition goes like this:


Slann Mage Priest, BSB, a Becalming Cognition, Bane Head, Dispel Scroll
Saurus Scar-Veteran, GW, LA, shield, Jaguar Charm


18 Saurus Warriors, Full Command
18 Saurus Warriors, Full Command
10 Skink Skirmishers, blowpipes
10 Skink Skirmishers, blowpipes
16 Skinks, Kroxigor
16 Skinks, Kroxigor


14 Temple Guard, Full Command, Huanchi's Blessed Totem
3 Terradons
3 Terradons


3 Salamanders

So, you have a solid centre of 3 saurus units, supported by the stegadon in an old-fashioned way, along with 2 fast-moving ranked units in the flanks, capable of handling fast cavalry, skirmishers and the like.
I chose three salamanders so as to capitalise on the new handlers rules, making sure that the enemy will have to actually cause wounds on the beasts to win combat. In support, there are 2 skink units and 2 minimum-sized terradon units to hunt warmachines, drop rocks on various things and capture table quarters.
As for the characters, I always go for a minimal approach, and these two cost 450 points while giving me a solid magic defense ( dice, a scroll and the slann's power to force a caster to ignore 6's), a good magic offense (the slann possibly going for shadows in order to "spam" steed of shadows on the veteran) and good leadership all around.
I've been toying with the idea of dropping the Bane Head and equipping the teple guard unit champion with the venom of the firefly frog for some magic attacks, or even a sword of might...

So, questions:
1) Do you think the army is overpowered? I was able to fit in everything I used in the previous edition PLUS the 2 units of ranked skinks and Temple Guard instead of Kroxigor...Although the slann has been toned down a lot, it wasn't his magic that usually won me the battles.

2)Do you find it's a fun army to play against? I'm afraid the repetition of units might provoke some complaints...

3)Is my magic defense enough for a medium magic field? There are usually no more than 9 dice of magic around here...

4)How do you think it would fare against the newest armies?

5)Any significant weaknesses? I was thinking that 5 ranked units may be a bit too much, but then again I can't envisage adding anything else...The kroxigors are there to give immunity to fear, leadership and add some punch, but I'm not expecting great things from them.

Thanks for taking a look, all contributions are welcome!

05-02-2009, 20:09
I think it looks pretty good. The only suggestion I would make is to drop 1 salamnder. Use 50pts to add the Rumination to the Slann for the free 3PD per turn. Then drop the shield of the scar vet and add Std/Mus to each of the skink/krox units.

I would also swap out banehead for Plaque of Tepok, give you a better chance at the best spell in the lore you chose.

Personally, I would rather have the warbanner on the slann than the hunanchis totem on the TG. But that is a matter of personal preference...

I like the army

07-02-2009, 22:30
Thanks for your reply! I now have the book in my hands, so I'll play a bit with army builds! (shiny new toy syndrome)

All of your suggestions are solid, but I have a few questions:

-Do you consider standards in skink units a good choice? Wouldn't this make them easy points for the enemy? Despite the Kroxigor, they are still skinks and thus really vulnerable in combat.

-The free powerdice is nice, but it would put me over the power dice limit we use (maximum 9 power dice per turn, bound spells count as one). With 6 powerdice and a power level 5 bound, I plan on getting off a couple of spells per turn. I could add a powerstone or two in the mix, though...

-Plaque of Tepok, you say? I really like the Banehead for its potential to kill the enemy BSB with a single magic missile (Burning Iron) in the first turn. That not only gives me a tactical advantage, but it also nets me more than 200 points in one go! Hmmm...might have to get both of them!

-Dropping a salamander: The way I read it in the book, a pack of 2 salamanders would still rank up with the skinks in the rear, even if that meant that their frontage would be 80mm? The standard rules for skirmishers don't apply at all?
If that is true, I might as well drop a salamander.

Anyone else with a comment on the list? I could really use the insight!

Dead Man Walking
08-02-2009, 03:28
Personally I think that if you are fielding a priest and a stegadon you might as well field an EOTG. You get a good place to hide the priest, a great armor save, standing on a large target to see over stuff, extra dispel and power dice and your taking the stegadon anyways.