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05-02-2009, 16:36
I played my first ever 3k game last night with a balanced list despite knowing I was facing VC.

Daemon prince, Nurgle, Word of Agony, fury of the bloodgod, level 1.

Sorceror Lord, level 4, Tzeentch, Book, Power familiar, Armour of damnation, collar of khorne..
Sat with 25 Slaanesh marauders, fc, shields, LA.

Level 1 Sorceror, Bloodcurdling roar, infernal puppet, steed.
Danced around amongst Chosen, then dogs.

With 12 chosen, adh.

Exalted hero, slaanesh, favour, axe of khorne, shield, steed of slaanesh.

Exalted hero, BSB, slaanesh, banner of wrath, steed, halberd.

2 units of 5 dogs.
7 marauder horsemen with spears, throwing axes.
Another 25 marauders, same as above.
2 Khorne chariots.
5 Khorne knights.
2 spawn.

The game wasn't going well, but we have to call it on turn 4 around a draw points-wise.
My main issue here was depsite having a 6x4 table, the scenery, ONCE AGAIN, was a hindrance. A large forest to one side, a big impassible rock in my deployment, 2 flat hills in the middle, one with impassible flanks.
This scenery, which I mentiond I wasn't happy with, but ended up playing anyway, threw away my advantage of having a bigger army and rendered outflanking a bit useless and unfeasible. I had wraiths coming at me through the forest, black knights parked behind a rock, a zombie dragon charging down 1 flank, cheesed-up blood knights on the other flank and the VC general turtled up with 4 R+F units behind the hills.

It was a cage. My units were tripping over each other, lack of space, blocked LOS for spells and tarpitted when I managed to advance over the hill.

The wraiths and bansee were easily countered by the hero on slaanesh steed (kinda hard to stand and shoot when I charge 20), but they'd already help destroy my knights with the dragon. The DP assassinated a vampire and fell back, the enemy pinned in place by Scylla (he held 2 units of 30 skeletons on the hill!). My chariots were counter-charged after failing to land much damage. Tit for tat, we wittled down must of each other's fast units leaving just blocks and a Dragon sat in the middle of my army.

How do I kill a dragon? the chosen could have taken it down, but they're too slow and blocked in by zombies to get into a good position. The DP charged it and bounced off. Scylla was occupied. He scrolled my general into numbness.

What did I take from this game?
As much as I keep complaining about ****** scenery, I'm just going to have to accept it and stop taking a horde. Elite units are looking more desirable.
Mobility and sight! Too many units just cage myself in. The DP was nice for its mobility, but I'm not sure it packs enough punch. A one-off word of agony trick didn't really returns its value.
Chosen, even with Festus and a BSB took 3 turns to crumble spirit swarms... A champion and 5p biting blade may well be in order! Though I don't often face Ethereal and have other tools to oppose them (when not being eaten by a dragon).

I'm tempted to just grab Kholak or Valkyrie woman and hit them bigger and harder.