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05-02-2009, 16:48
I've been having a play around with my O&G lists for an upcoming tournament and came up with a new lone I've not tried before...

Orc Big Boss (General)- Best Boss 'At, Martogs Best Basha, Boar, Light Armour, Shield- 135
Savage Orc Warboss- Chariot, Big 'Eds Kickin' Boots, Porko's Pig Stikka, Enchanted Shield- 290
Savage Orc Big Boss- BSB, Chariot, Warbanner, Light Armour- 207
Night Goblin Shaman- 2 Dispel Scrolls- 100

23 Big Uns- Shield, Light Armour, Choppa, Full Comm, Morks Spirit Totem- 320
12 Savage Orcs- Extra Choppa- 120
12 Savage Orcs- Extra Choppa- 120
5 Spider Riders- Musician- 71

4 Boar Chariots- Extra Riders- 340
2 Pump Wagons- 80
Giant- 205

Total is 1979.

Basic plan would be to have as many chariots as possible in the centre, along with the Giant, and perhaps the Spiders (to shield the S.Orc Chariots from frenzying against the wrong thing...). The three units of Boyz will advance behind the Chariots in case they are needed for back-up, with both units of S.Orcs flanking the Big Unz. The two pump wagons will take one flank, and as I'll probably run out of space in the centre I'll have a Orc chariot on the other flank.

I just have a couple of things to sort out with it; firstly, despite the previous posts regarding the matter, I'm still unsure what rank bonus I would get deploying the Big Boss on Boar in with the Big Unz...could anyone clarify this for me?

Secondly I just need to spend that last 20 points, and I'm leaning towards either a couple more Savage Orcs or Big Unz...what would others go with?

Any other tips/ criticisms would be welcome!

07-02-2009, 19:31

No thoughts?