View Full Version : tehenhauin on eotg

05-02-2009, 18:04
hey im thinkin gof doing a red crest army for lizards under the new book, having skink cohorts andskirmishers and such. and obviously tehenhauin will be leading it, now i was wondering if i should have him on his foot or wack him of the engine. it would make him a level 3 wizard with beasts, so he can do magic and fight and w/e, it would be a simple enough onversion

also im thinking ancient steg with skink chief and warspear? thats the shout currently for good combo int it?

05-02-2009, 19:13
Definatly mount him- he becomes a formidable that way, he doesnt lose the ability to cast Bears anger because he wasnt US1 in the first place so you lose not all that much other than points in return getting a better lord and an EoTG that has more than a T2 skink atop it.

06-02-2009, 04:58
The only problem is that the Engine doesn't make him true magic level 3. If he had that extra spell, I think he'd be totally worth it on an Engine.
Still yeah, the Engine is really the best way to take him. It gives him a solid armour save in addition to some nice effects.

That's my plan anyway. I've gotten a 2nd Tehenhauin model coming so I can chop him up a bit and place him on the Engine of the Gods..