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06-02-2009, 00:24
I dabble in armies, that's what I do, and it is either Bretonnian (because of imagery and modelling and painting) or Tomb Kings (gameplay and possibly theme, I have a few ideas) that are going to grow allongside my Warriors of Chaos as they are revisited.

A Bretonnian Lord returning home from the crusades, blessed by the grail and with both ragged and loyal men returning with him. The Pegasus rider is there to act as a warmachine hunter but ALSO because I love the Virtue of Heroism and despite not being ideal, I love the image of a young impetous knight havingearnt enough position to ride a pegasus, but STILL being enough of an Errant to attempt to slay the largest of dragons.

The Banner goes in the Errants, him being the grizzled veteran and leader of them, the wyrmlance representing this AND giving some weapons against regenerating foes.

Damsel goes in Knights of the Realm.

The lord himself is designed to first leapfrog on an enemy support unit, rerolling 1's to wound means that he basically rerolls the only non-wounding rolls he gets from the lance. This means that after the overrun from massacring a unit of fast cavalry, we are looking at favourable positions to flank charging.

I know they might not be everyone's cups of tea, but the Pegasus, Hippogryph and Grail Knights all stay as they are. I would like to keep the peasantry on account of awesome models, but it is not a necessity.


Bretonnian Lord
- The Silver Lance of the Blessed, Cuirass of Fortune, The Grail Vow, Bretonnian Hippogryph, Shield… 436 points


- Warhorse, Knights Vow, Battle Standard Bearer, The Wyrmlance, Virtue of Duty … 124 points

- Royal Pegasus, Enchanted Shield, Lance, Grail Vow, Virtue of Heroism… 185 points

Damsel of the Lady
- Bretonnian Warhorse, 2 Dispell Scrolls… 130 points


8 Knights Errant
- Full Command, Errantry Banner… 201 points

8 Knights of the Realm
- Full Command, Warbanner… 241 points

20 Men at Arms
- Musician, Standard Bearer… 115 points

20 Men at Arms
- Musician, Standard Bearer… 115 points

10 Bowmen
- Skirmishers, Brazier, Full Command… 95 points

10 Bowmen
- Skirmishers, Brazier, Full Command… 95 points


6 Grail Knights
- Full Command… 258 points

1995 points

06-02-2009, 00:35
I think you would be better with two units of Yeomen and a unit of Pegasus Knights rather than any bowmen.

06-02-2009, 00:52
Same thing as over on Cotec

At 82 points per Marauder configuration (i.e five, musician), and at 165 points for three Pegasus knights, more than bowmen would need to be dropped.

It is possible of course, however, dropping the bowmen would make the Men at Arms rather redundant, so they would most likely be dropped to make for more points and get the Pegasus Knights and Yeomen in.

And suddenly we have Flying Circus with a twist, something I would rather not

06-02-2009, 14:52
This is a good list I guess. I play the Bretonnias also but I have only 5 blocks of knights and 3 flying donkeys as my daughter loving calls pegasus. As you can tell or tell shortly I distain pheasants and I love the point and charge tactic. Maybe later I will get into some more tactics with them but I switch quickly over to the knights because my daughter loves magic and fantasy. But good luck and have fun with them.

Andrew Luke
06-02-2009, 17:26
I like the list, but bear in mind only one unit of peasant archers may skirmish...

I'd stick the gromril great helm on the BSB as standard, otherwise his save isn't so hot and he can get killed by a lucky eagle or something... I have never had luck with a lord on a Hippogryph. The mount just isn't strong enough to really scare the opponent into changing his tactics. With only 4 T5 wounds, even things like gnoblar sharp stuff can give you trouble!

What I have been doing is taking two trebuchets lately. if you are good with guessing they are great fun and give your Men at Arms something to do, as well as draw in your opponent. (I usually take at least 3 units of 25 M@A, as I love them)