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English 2000
06-02-2009, 03:13
I've heard talk in the past of Horde empire armies - what would you put in there are 2000 points to make the most effective horde?

06-02-2009, 03:42
Take big blocks (25 odd) of Swordsmen with small Militia (for flanking/diverting), Archer (for screening) and/or Handgunner/Crossbowman (for shooting) detachments. Get some Greatswords as well, bring a Battle Standard Bearer. If you want a Warrior Priest you can bring one, but he doesn't add much punch to your blocks and you will have your 2 Rares free for mass Flagellants most likely (if you want to go that route)

You will also need one Wizard for a scroll caddy most likely, unless you want to bring a wizard lord. You probably want a General for the Ld 9 and the fact that he can give one of your blocks a 50 point banner though. All three big banners (Imperial Banner, Banner of Sigsimund and Griffon Standard) as well as Banner of Valour would seem to be decent choices. You can only get one of those with your BSB (assuming you go that route, which I think I would if Horde Empire was my plan), but two with the General as well would be nice. I would go with either 2 Stubborn units (Greatswords and BSB with Sigsimund) and your general in a third with Banner of Valour, or swap Sigsimund with Griffon Standard on the BSB (a mighty 10 CR if you have outnumber, full ranks, and your detachment gets a flank charge). Just don't forget Champions in the units with the General and BSB in them.

Maxing out on the number (but not necessarily the size) of detachments will really help to avoid panic.

I hope you aren't dead set on bringing all infantry, even with characters it is really hard (ie. impossible) to even dent some of the uber units that other people can field with the 5-6 static rez you will have from your blocks. Heck it seems to be hard to compete even using everything Empire has to offer.

One or two Great Cannons will work wonders against Knights, as well as Pistoliers to help your slow blocks get a flank. As well there is a fellow on the Warhammer Empire site who likes units of Vanilla Knights (5 dudes with only a musician) to help break enemy units after your state troops have hopefully held the charge.

I don't play Empire but that's what I've picked up from reading the list and playing against them a while, I hope it helps.

06-02-2009, 03:46
Halberdiers with halberdier detachments led by captains with halberds.

Seriously though, I would reckon that relying on a horde list is going to be an uphill battle.

To my knowledge:

-The Imperial banner is your friend.

-So are greatswords.

-So are flagellants.

Awilla the Hun
06-02-2009, 08:29
Bawl "THE REGIMENT WILL ADVANCE!", swing you fluffy renaissance hat/sword forward, and try to drown the enemy in your own dead!

Or, alternately, get flagellants, glue them in combat, and then engage flanks or rear with infantry blocks. They'll die in the end.

06-02-2009, 15:39
You should definitely search the internet for the "TVI tactics": backin 2003, a guy known as The Village Idiot wrote a tactica on how to use an empire horde army and subsequently went to win the Chiacago GT.


His strategy relies on 3+ big units of infantry supported by combat detachments and archers, a cavalry unit as support/flank guard for each of them, no magic defense at all and heroes that mainly add Leadership and resilience against big nasty characters.

In a horde army I'd steer clear of any point sinks, make your army expendable so that you can really swamp the enemy.

06-02-2009, 18:54
How would I do a horde army for Empire. I'd start off with three deep block Swordsman units. These guys are pretty tough with a 4+ save in hth and their WS of 4 will help to stop them from being hit so often by enemy WS4 stuff. I'd make these blocks at least 25 strong (if not 30) and load them out with a full command. I'd also load up on detachments as well for all of the units (probably fielding more swordsmen). On top of this I'd look to take a couple of missile units to provide some fire support.

I'd the drop in a few cannon to deal with any scary stuff and a couple of units of 5 man Knight squads (naked) to hit enemy units in the flank once they've engaged the main battleline. Finaly I'd take a couple of big units of Flagellants to provide some flank security to your battleline. For Characters I'd go for a cheap General for his leadership bonus (loaded up with defencive items to keep him alive), a BSB (also well protected), a Warrior Priest (to help boost a units combat ability) and a Wizard with Rod of power (to store your power dice to boost your dispel dice).

Tactics are pretty easy. Form up your battleline with your infantry in the center supported by the Flagellants, Knights and missile units on the flank. Place your characters in the three block units (bar the wizard). Use your Cannon to hit dangerous enemy units (terror causers, heavy knights, chariots etc) while using your missile troops to wear down his combat units. Tarpit any flanking units with the Flagellants and counter charge any attacks he makes on your main battleline. Once he's engaged then swing your cavalry in from the flanks and charge his engaged units.