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06-02-2009, 04:22
I am in a Chaos Campaign.... and i need some advice... i ended up losing the last game so now i am the defender in the last stand....

this means that my army is half of his... and i have to bring what i had left from the last battle....

he is playing 2500 and i am playing 1250..... so it's gonna be a tough one... maybe even impossible.... but here's what i'm thinking about bringing..

Chaos Sorcerer MOT on disc Blood curdeling roar, Golden Eye, Deaths head

Chaos Sorcerer Mot on disc Steam of corruption, Book of secrets, collar of khorne

Chaos Sorcerer Mot on disc Power Familar, dispel scroll

marauders 10 mos 50 pts
Marauders 10 mos 50 pts

Chaos Knights 9 MoT Blasted standard 470pts

1235 pts total....

not a lot of stuff but i HAVE to take the knights since they were the only survivors in the masacre last week.... so that kinda sticks me with them.... any suggestions or thoughts to help me out in the battle though?



06-02-2009, 14:38
Now I do not play WoC but I have played against them several times. Besides no one else has replied so here I go.

Your marauder units are weak. At the points that you have I really do not know how you can fix it. Dropping a mage or whatever you call them would probably make you to weak to deal with your enemy. But that is the only way I can see how to make your marauder units tougher. They are going to have to stand up to some stuff to allow your knights counter charges.

Now I have never played in a tournment like this so please take my "advice" with a gran of salt.
Good luck and there is nothing better than seeing two enemies beat the crap out of each other.

06-02-2009, 15:05
honestly the only reason i'm bring the marauders is to fullfill my core choices.....


06-02-2009, 15:13
Ina Last Stand scenario I'd seriously suggest NOT moving around, dilluting your already convuluted forces.

Two lvl.2's, Scroll, Familiar, Puppet, and no mounts and stick them in two larger units of Marauders or, since Warriors are good at punishment and slow advancement, take two small units of warriors.

You seriously do not need 700 points of characters when you've stuck yourself with an abusrdly large unit of Knights.

06-02-2009, 22:33
yeah but if i do that he'll no doubt try to charge my forces from the front and rear... cause the attacker can deploy on both sides while i have to deploy in the middle.....

thanks for the advice though i think that may be better than moving around

06-02-2009, 22:36
4 Marauder Squads, 2 facing one way, two back to back facing the other, the knights to flank his weakest force, and a unit of Warriors with an Exalted BSB with the Banner of the Gods covering all 4 Marauder Blocks.

Stubborn lD7 ITP Marauders, Great Weapons and Khorne for lols.

A single scroll caddy.

Job done, ?

The Red Scourge
06-02-2009, 23:42
I hope there are a lot more rules to even the game, or else you are just totally busted.

If not, then go with Shamfrits suggestion – or use warriors just to let the guys shine for once :)

06-02-2009, 23:48
I'm trying to think of Deathstars you can take with 1000 points...

I'll get back to you.

07-02-2009, 00:30
Chosen/warriors with MoT, shields, blasted standard and a warbanner BSB. You could swap the mot for mon.

07-02-2009, 01:10
yeah to win i have to kill atleast half my point value in his army..... so i have to kill 625pts in his army to win...

BUT if he kills everything in my army he wins..... anything else is a draw


07-02-2009, 01:39
Take less characters. If anything surviving nets you a draw, try to add in some cheap mobile units like dogs or fast-cav.

If you can, maybe try to split up the knights to 2 units of 5. Less prone to overkill, and more likely to survive.

Another option is to just take a sorceror on a chaos dragon, that beefed up unit of knights, and then just fly around shooting things trying not to get all the wounds taken off.

What army is the guy playing?

07-02-2009, 05:26
he's playing warriors of chaos as well... so i'm expecting a lot of nurgle wizards.... cavalry... possibly a giant.... and a bunch of bait units...