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06-02-2009, 10:35
Like I said earlier been playin skirmish types of games for twenny years. ( mordhiem ,necromunda, gorkamorka). Now getting into fantasy. So excited I feel like a young man again on prom night ( will likely have this feeling until I get my damned army painted and play finally).

This is my second stab at a tourney army. My first one had Count Manfredd in it just was to costly.

Vampire Lord w/ Extra Magic Level , Master of the Black Arts and Forbidden Lore, Lord of the Dead....Equipment The cardaverous cuirass, enchanted shield, and the Skull staff.

425 points


20 graveguard with 1 champion, musician and standard bearer (Royal standard of stirgos)

cost 305

Battle Standard carried by Wight King with great weapon ( screaming Banner)

Cost 125

he leads

24 skeletons with spears, unit champion, musician and standard bearer ( Banner of the dead legion) im iffy on taking this banner.

cost 261

Vampire Hero on Nightmare w/ red Fury and Blood drinker sword

cost 198

he leads

5 blood knights with kastellan ( who swings a sword of battle) musican and standard bearer ( Flag of Bloodkeep)

cost 415

20 zombies

cost 80 points

Vampire Hero w/ Master of the Black Arts and Scepter De Noirot


He leads 19 ghouls and one ghoul champion

1 corpse cart with balefire

Should be very close to 2250. just underneath. Allright hiddmewiddit.

06-02-2009, 11:26
Firstly this needs to be in army lists, secondly you can't have two blood-drinkers in the same list.

Onto the list, your blood knight vamp only has a 6+ save, and is very expensive for a combat character, either add more protection, or remove him completely, him along with the kastellan gets you wolves, bats, or even wraiths, all of which would be good.

Your lord is good, as is having 3 strong infantry units, both of which form a strong core for the list, the blood kinghts are a one-trick-pony, always have been and always will be, to make them more reliable/ protect the rest of your army, adding some wolves or fell bats for flankers, blockers etc etc will add some redundancy and give you a chance of competing with more mobile lists.

06-02-2009, 14:23
As far as I cannot se you only have 2 core choises.. Corpse cart do not count towards the 3 min.
Also as hospitaler mentions your vamps need more protection, and no need to run a vamp with the blood knights. 24 skal and 20 zombies are perhaps a bit much, consider the vamp power: Lord of the dead to create more skel. and or zombies, the points you save might be enough for 5 dire wolfs, whom is essentielt to the KotBK for screening the enemy units and negating their frenzy:D

Otherwise your Lord and other charachters will do fine, and welcome to the wonderfull world of Warhammer and particular VC:skull:

It's a bugger to paint the whole army......

06-02-2009, 15:22
hmm didn't realize that specific magical items were limited to one per character.

Gunners. Didn't you see the zombies and ghouls at bottom? I have the 3 core choices.

I am a bit concerned about protecting my lord a little better He is decked out with the powers of magic though and was going to rely strongly on his abilities to summon in huge amounts skeletons. He does have a 3 up save however not a 6 as far as I see it. Plus the cadaverous cuirass really should stop any suprises from outright killing him. I am new to the game and speculating here but Im guessing most things hiding in a unit (besides orks) will use killing blow or poisoned attacks to kill my general and he is immune to such attacks with a 3 up save. Thats not bad at all I planned to run screens with zombies actually and vahnels dance macabre to keep up. If i put the points into a any other screen then cairn wraiths the amount I could afford would be so trivial that I would just be throwing victory points to my opponent by the charge with them.

My main opponent will often be the lizardmen and those skinks can drop any rag tag unit of dire wolves I could put togeather. My plan was to overpower with magic. Leaving room to drain my opponents dispel dice. Magics that fortify my ranks should do this. He'll either try to dispel me from building my numbers in the first few turns ( which will get out of hand with the wight kings unit since he started off with 24 skeles already!) In which case I should have some enough magical die left over to drop some hard core spells like Wind of Undeath ( now I have my ethereal screen) or curse of years ( nastyness embodied) or Summon undead horde. Now I have a meat screen and a sizeable one at that. I plan to learn shadow magic to use Pit of Shades since my general has Forbidden Lore. This should prove effective specifically in the Lizardsmen case. Since its either temple guard or saurus and they have a paltry 2 in the initiative department. Does that spell allow me to target characters? Do they benefit from the look out sire rule if so? Also Lol I know i'm turning this thread into a rules question now sorry......Also what about a model like a stegadon? I cast it on him and if it goes off I then roll a 4+ and it swallows the problem whole?
However if he does dispel me and chooses to reduce my magical supply of zombies and skeletons then I plan to use vahnels dance macabre with the blood knights to tear down something. At this point its my hope that I will have my core infantry close to being within threat range so they can help them out the next turn.

As you see I can pontificate alot about the battle to come. I know that its just speculation and seldom does anything go to plan. But hey you gotta have a plan. This is the reasoning behind mine. Also again, I am new addmittedly, but I already see a strong trend in VC to go cheap and low on the ranks of core ( usually 3 units of 10 ghouls)and build your army up. Focusing all your points on death star blood knights or graveguard. I tried to be a more core based army here. A fundamental undead army. This choice should be apparent my including a wight king instead of another vampire and a corpse cart.. I wan't to win with the whole of my army not a single unit. I think it's fun to try to be successful in a game by taking a different path then the one most trodden.

That said, I do maybe see the need to reequip my general. Maybe the flayed hauberk? And perhaps add a spell augmenting piece like the skull staff? And for some reason it didnt update but last night I also corrected his vampiric powers too. Master of the black arts and Forbidden Lore and Lord of the dead. That may be why you assumed he needs more protection since he was outfitted for hard battle. I intend to use him as a caster mostly and not chancing any brave solo charge attempts that could get him killed in a duel.

All that said so far my only lament to this list is I couldn't afford another corpse cart. I so want to field 2 of them in a tourney army. This would screw up casters big time.

As I am knew here I am sorry for posting this thread here and will be more thoughtful when posting future threads. Thanks for the incite mate =).