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06-02-2009, 11:13
supreme sorceress
lvl 4
black dragon
pendant of khaelth
black staff

death hag
ASF banner
rune of khaine

s. dagger
lvl 2

20 warriors
ful com

19 warriors
full com

14 executioners


10 xbows

10 xbows

5 harpies

5 harpies

__________________________________________________ ______-
bsb goes with the executioners and the umounted sorceress ges in 1 unit of spearmen, flying mage aims to weaken units with 5+armour saves and to take out enemy wizzys....

plz tell me what you guys think and help me to improve the list.

06-02-2009, 19:41
cmon guys i need some feedback.....

06-02-2009, 20:58
What is the sorcer's Armor save? Pendant of K works best when backing a strong AS other wise she might get shot off her dragon with str 3 arrows.

Nice to see only one hydra.

06-02-2009, 21:03
I'd rather give the sorceress the familiar so you can still cast spells while in combat.

Other than that it looks fine.

07-02-2009, 16:47
ty im not sure about the familier as it would mean less powerdice.... (black staff is arcane)

08-02-2009, 06:16
sorc is good mabey Reapers cause of all the shooting though. warriors are of but BG/ Corsairs are much better.

08-02-2009, 11:43
i could drop the a unit of xbows and take a rbt instead.

08-02-2009, 13:59
dragon on a sorc seems like a waste... and u didn't use all your rare choices.

08-02-2009, 14:40
im thinking as this isnt a very competitive tourny most players will have maybe one unit of elites so if i can take out them with the dragon i feel that i could score mascres but i need to refine my list!

11-02-2009, 20:07
meh i know that the sorceress is alot of points, hovever it gives me an excuse to make a really nice conversion. Im thinking of using the high elf plastic one but use greenstuff to make chianmail. If anyone has seen any nice delf dragon conversios please post a link!

11-02-2009, 20:39
I think it's a rather weak DE list to be honest. I'm not sure whether that matters to you, but going by the fact that you posted here for help I'll guess that it does a little bit.

1) The magic phase is decent. There's plenty in there to hurt someone.

2) The shooting phase might be good enough, but it might not. If you run into something like a Dwarf army you're probably hosed, see item 3.

3) Your combat is extremely lacking. The dragon is good, but without a rider capable of killing something, it can only hit medium-strength items or help in flanks. However, seeing as you have a mage-lord riding it, it has a HUGE bullseye on it's head. It's bound to attract far more attention than it's worth to you. The only plus of your dragon getting tons of attention is that your Hydra should make it into combat.

The army lacks hitty-ness (yes, it's word, just ask me). Your opponent can concentrate on dealing with your dragon without too much fear of the rest of the army, except for the hydra. The harpies do very little except for the potential to deal with war machines (and only some of them). Your repeater crossbowmen are nice, but I wouldn't count on them to overperform with your army. Furthermore the executioners are... well, inefficient. Although the spearmen are cost-effective, they're not scary in the least, usually meaning they'll be one of the few things that make it completely in tact to the enemy lines.

The problem as I see it, is that your opponents aren't going to be thinking "oh crap, how do I deal with all of this!?!?" when you set up, and will usually think "wow, I'm going to make sure those dragon-mage points are mine!".

The hardest armies to play against are the ones where you wonder how on earth you are going to deal with all of the tough stuff they're going to throw at you. The easeiest armies to play against are the ones where there is a definative pecking-order of which units need to go.

My advice -

1) your mage riding the dragon will not get its points back in a tournament. I seriously doubt it will once. Stick her into a spearmen unit, you'll be happier.

2) A BT will make your shooting far more dangerous and respectable. Not a necessity, but it might help. If you can't find the points cut a unit of crossbowmen. A BT is far more flexible and takes up less space.

3) A second hydra would be VERY benefitial to the army if you're going to win, but personally I'd stick to just one.

4) Executioners aren't that good. BG or Cold One Knights would both work better depending on what you want to go for.

5) I would consider an assassin if you can fit it in

11-02-2009, 21:53
Want your executioners to work? Team up em' up with cauldron of " i wish it had a better model" This is the first step in having the unit live up to it's dreaded name. With out it my Exec. have no teeth. They need the effects to even contend on the table top.

When you add the banners and heroes and other goodies... BSB, assassins. They do just fine and scare the day light out of my opponents. The knights and black guard are just "better" on their own.

i play with a magic girl on my dragon most of the time and it does change the role of the a very expensive unit. It seems that your going to this tounie in the right set of mind... too have fun. The army reflects that.... so i wouldn't call it weak. More like tame.

The army right now will save you allot of muttered words. good luck

13-02-2009, 17:52
im thinking of dropping the executioners and bsb instead taking units of cok and chariots, hopefully this woill make the armyhave (as DarkTerror said) hity-ness. I plan to hit the opponent in 3 waves, first dragon an harpies, 2nd the cok/hydra and finally the chariots/ hydra.

14-02-2009, 07:52
im not sure if 2 units of 6 and 2 chariots have enough hitty-ness o replace the executioners and bsb

14-02-2009, 19:25
or wat about taking a cheap master in one units of the COK an dropping champion itmes/banners ect

17-02-2009, 13:39
bought dragon today worked ou average power die if her extra powerdice spells get off
:8+ power dice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on a dragon as well = power house. lol

17-02-2009, 15:46
I would suggest Focus Familiar over Black Staff (maybe a power stone or 2) to counter the loss of the black staff.

That would help immensely.

Focus Familiar
Pendant of Khaeleth
2x Power Stones
=100/100 magic allotment.

I understand the point of the Death Hag BSB, but be aware that ANY smart opponent will know that your bsb carrier has frenzy and will have to charge out in the remaining moves phase. Obviously, sometimes to a unit that you just didn't want that to happen.

I would consider a Cauldron of Blood. Making Executioners stubborn isn't something to laugh at...its almost something to take full advantage of.

Keep your 20 man Fire base of warriors. That is something I really like about this list.

18-02-2009, 12:25
ty but im trying to keep the points down on the dragon as if i go over 650pts i think if i loose it i have no chance of winning the game. As you can choose when to cast my bound item i can over power my oppenent in the magic phase twice, tricking my opponent into using dipel dice in the "how many power dice you got left?" only to turn round and produce antoher 4 :) ill think about the familiar.

18-02-2009, 18:48
you have a lot of points invested in characters, maybe too many.

The changes I'd make would be to drop the Hag and the executioners (as the executioners depend too much on the ASF from hag to be effective)

I'd also drop the staff from the Dragon Sorc, and use the familiar: It has so many uses: You can cast in Hand to hand, you can cast 6inches further, you can hide behind terrain and cast etc... especially for a dragon Sorc it's vital. (sure you might have less power dice but what's the use for more powerdice when you're fighting in H2H and can't cast spells?)

Next, drop one of the Spear elves units and beef up the remaining one (to at least 23 models for more sacrifiacial dagger goodness).

With the points you have left, get yourself a nice Unit of Black Guard, they are the sexy kitten paws! Or if you don't like guard, another hydra would be good.

20-02-2009, 10:26
new list

Supreme sorceress
black dargon
black staff
pendant of k'
sword of might

seal of grond

20 wariors
full command

20 warriors
full com

20 warriors
full com


2 rbt

10 xbows

15 executioners
full command
banner of cold blood

__________________________________________________ ____
mage flys round board picking off charecters/ weakining strong units/ war machines when the enemy get into comabt mage flys back and rear/flank charges them. Hydra and executioners are great speed bumps and hydra terror is nice!(in my last game 2nd turn a unit of knights ran off the board lol!)bolt throwers shoot at stuff and are shielded by xbows. I was stuck beetween taking a master with the ring of hotek or the mage, i choose the mage as i can choose form losts of lores, probably lore of metal spell 1 for charector hunting :)

plz fel free to citisise

20-02-2009, 10:28
ohh and i didnt drop black staff as having a lvl 4 with 10 powerdice with lore of metal against a knight army is funny :D:);)

20-02-2009, 12:59
So what spells you going to cast when you're fighting those war machines hiding in the corner and your line of sight is limited to the board edge and that one war machine you're fighting??

Please listen to people, when taking a dragon a focus familiar is a MUST. Everyone has told you this as their main point.

Sword of might on a 1 atatck sorceress??? it's useless, her dragons going to be doing all the killing anyway. I'd drop the sword of might, the seal of Ghrond and the banner of cold blood on the execs for a dispel scroll and a darkstar cloak on the sorceress.

atm you have 8 +a bound spell power dice
taking the darkstar cloak gives you 9 power dice

Doing what others have suggested and taking:
Supreme Sorceress
- Focus Familiar, Pendant of Khaeleth, 2 power stones, Level 4, Black dragon

- Lvl 2, Darkstar cloak, dispel scroll

Gives you 9 power dice and 2 power stones over the battle. This will cost 20 points mroe than you've got already but you can just drop a few magic banners.

Also I'd suggest swapping one of the units of warriors for dark riders and harpies for some extra manouverability.

Also, I believe you're 85 points over unless I've missed something...