View Full Version : Rhinos or LR's for DG?

06-02-2009, 15:18
I'm going to make a Death Guard force and want to know If I should take Rhinos for my troops or Land Raiders. Since my troops have a low number.. wouldn't it be better to have a heavier tank, that can provide Anti-tank. then just small transports?

Lord Inquisitor
06-02-2009, 15:23
Problem is, of course, that Land Raiders are rather more expensive!

A mix is probably the best. A Land Raider or two is not a bad idea, but you probably want the rest to have rhinos.

06-02-2009, 15:42
I would personally go with rhinos as they can get them there faster by driving all out and foregoing the shooting phase. Doing that with a land raider wastes it's firepower and gets the expensive tank into assault range of enemy power fists and melta guns that much faster.
Of course, the rhinos are also less expensive so you have more points to spend on getting extra scoring DG units+transports.

06-02-2009, 15:45
So I should just reliy on my troops to do damage. My only anti tank are melts and possible a DP. The only tanks I want are transports. And I refuse to use Oblits.

Lord Inquisitor
06-02-2009, 15:51
The issues with rhinos - particularly with Death Guard - is that they're easy Kill Points. That's the only reason to be wary of them, really. Rhinos are so cheap there's really no reason not to take one - even if you don't use it as a transport, it's not bad for an AV11 twinbolter! However, in a Kill Point mission, your Death Guard are hard as nails, but the transports will present easy Kill Points. Stick DG in a Land Raider and you can pretty much kiss those Kill Points goodbye!

Plus Land Raiders give you the option to surprise your opponent with a 12" move and assault. Especially with a small unit you can afford to keep holed up in the Land Raider, it makes the LR a scoring unit while the squad is inside and the 20" assault can really take people offguard!

06-02-2009, 15:53
Take a look at GK or DW tactic threads for how to use small elite lists. I'd probably take 2+ Raiders with Possession and forward as fast as I could - who needs shooting when 99% of your opponents stuff can't hurt you.

How about this for a list:

2 Raiders with possession.
Lord - add salt to taste
Sorceror - maybe warptime or the flamer
2 Squads of sacred number plague marines
Greater Daemon
2+ squads of Lesser Daemons

Not sure what it comes to but hte idea is to run everything as fast as possible forward in the raiders, then use the icons to bring lessers down on. When the Greater daemon turns up you make your move, get everything out and overwhelm them locally.

I run somthing similar with my Noise marines but use Defilers as shepherds.

06-02-2009, 16:04
The lsit I'm thinking of is due to money really. the money is the same for both.

3 LRs + 3 troops


4 Rhinos + 4 Troops

What has more bang for the buck?
Oh and my play style is to strugle. I don't mind losing and am not trying to build a WAAC list.

My main opponent is Sisters.

Blue Orphen
07-02-2009, 14:37
Well, what points level are you looking at?

A "Plague Spear" in a list around 1750-2000 works rather well - two LRs with Plague Marines, flanked by Rhinos.

But below 1500, I'd steer clear of Land Raiders.