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03-12-2005, 23:16
as the title says..how do you set up your lords and heroes for the tomb kings?

ive only used a smaller army so far as ive just started (1500pts)
but im expanding and wondering about the combination of characters people take and why?
which items are essential and not so great??

i initially thought about the liche high priest as his abilities seem obvious like the 3d6 power level and two incantations
but then a tomb king can take the fight to the enemy and casting two useful incantations help other units like say a bone giant aswell as himself

so could some people in the know suggest a few character combinations for 2000pts and 2500pts

beep :chrome:

03-12-2005, 23:49
TK, chariot of fire, spear of antharak and sometimes an enchanted shield if I have the npoints to spare. This guy can dish out damage, survive a fight and heal his support unit all at the same time.
As for the High liche priest, I don't really use him, but I have heard many people swear by it.
Of course, there is always the CHARIOT OF DOOM. Put your Tomb King in a chariot of fire, with the golden eye of rah-nutt and icon of rulership. This guy is a one man army in his super impact hitting, immune to s7 weapon, us5 chariot. Though personally, I think your leader doesn't really need such a kick-butt car, but to each his own.

04-12-2005, 00:25
I understand the Cloak of Dunes on your Hierophant is pretty much a no-brainer...

04-12-2005, 00:34
I've only used the LHP once, and in that game my opponent got lucky and killed him in turn 2:wtf: Since then I've never found a good use for him.

As for the TK I prefer to equip him as offensive as possible. He's supposed to deal damage and break enemy units, and not to heal your own unit and such (many TK generals do not agree with me).

For this I have found 2 combinations that I like, one is if he's on foot and the other if he's mounted on a chariot.

1) (on foot) Destroyers of Eternities + Collar of Shapesh.
This makes him one of the hardest hitting characters I've ever seen. He's not maby the best choice when it comes to character killing, but he's got a potential of slaughtering severel modells a turn! +killing characters while he's at it!

2) (mounted of chariot) Flail of Skulls + Crown of Kings + unit with the Icon of the Sacred Eye.
Now, this king has killing potential. Charge with the unit, and watch as he either butches characters, or killes a unit champion in challenge and gives himself & unit a nifty +6 CR...!

For lichepreists, ther are some items that I like, though more or less 2 different combinations that I've sticked with.

1) (hierophant) Cloak of dunes + Hieratic Jar.
Simple but great. The cloak ís the cheapest and best protection for him. Still with it, he can fly to the positions where his incantations is most needed, and with the Jar use an extra incantation to get those game-winning spells of.

2) (in unit of light horsemen) Staff of Ravening + Steed
This gives you a very offensive unit. The light horsemen act as protection for the priest and supports with their bows. When the priest can cease a good opportunity he unleashes the power of his staff and obliterates enemy skirmishes/fast cav etc. Also, if support is needed, the priest can cast a movement spell and use this unit as a flank-charger unit.

Another good Option I use when I know I'm up against a lot of armour is a prince with Blade of Setep on chariot. The movement spells make sure you get the charge vs nasty cavalry, and the blade makes you kill lots and lots of those expensive horsemen.

If you play defensively, a prince with Crook & Flail of Radiance in a big unit of skellies/TG is nice. This can save you a lot if you're up against the "right" foe.

Besides of these characters, I just take Liche Priests with Dispell Scrolls. I don't find anything else worth taking...

04-12-2005, 05:00
lord collar/destroyer and armour
prince chariot spear of antarhack
heiro cloak, jar
priest dispell jewel

Joe Cool
04-12-2005, 10:48
As for the TK I prefer to equip him as offensive as possible. He's supposed to deal damage and break enemy units, and not to heal your own unit and such (many TK generals do not agree with me).

Since TK's can only cast the incantations of righteous smiting and urgency, their roles in unit healing are quite non-existent anyway.

04-12-2005, 11:06
I give my tomb king some of the following:

Golden Ankhra - A 4+ward effectively doubles his wounds. Image how much an item would cost that gave you +4 wounds, yet here you get virtually the same for 45pts!:eek:
Flail of Skulls - It makes you tomb king a great character killer, but is also quite expensive and bad in prolongued combats. Only give this to him if he's on a chariot.
Chariot - It allows your tomb king to move a lot quicker, as well as possibly adding a point or two to combat resolution. It seems fluffy as well.
Icon of Rulership - Your tomb king can now cancel a rank bonus. When he moves up to 24 inches a turn, counts as fast cavalry and can cancel ranks, he becomes more than just your average tough combat lord.
Great weapon - Cheap and cheerful. If your tomb king doens't already have a magic weapon, give him a great weapon.

For liche preists, a hieratic jar and cloak of dunes is a bit of a no-brainer on the hierophant The other liches tend to carry scrolls.


04-12-2005, 16:56
Anyone had any luck with the Blade of Setep on a Tomb King?

04-12-2005, 17:09
Anyone had any luck with the Blade of Setep on a Tomb King?
I see no reason to use it. A great weapon gives you S7 which ignores nearly all armour saves and makes it a lot easier to wound. Striking last isn't an issue as striking order in the first round of combat has nothing to do with initiative, while in other rounds your initiative is ****-poor anyway. Using two hands doesn't matter either, as a tomb king's armour save is all but guaranteed to be bad with or without a shield. Destroying magic armour seems a little pointless. A lot of the time, I'd rather have a normal hit over destroying a piece of magic armour that may be an enchanted shield.

I'm sure there are plenty of situations where a blade of setep is more useful than a great weapon, but overall, imo, the great weapon is simply better.

In short, the blade is ok, but a great weapon does the same job for less.


05-12-2005, 01:39
Since TK's can only cast the incantations of righteous smiting and urgency, their roles in unit healing are quite non-existent anyway.

Actually people give him the spear of antarhak so that he can heal wounds

Panzer MkIV
05-12-2005, 13:39
I don't play with Tomb kings myself but I saw this setup several times and it really pays itself back when you are going shooty


Tomb king with Cloak of the dunes, the Spear of antharak and that magical armour that let you only lose 1 wound due to combat resolution. Oh and a shield;)

Use him to fly in the middle of the opposing army and use his incantation to charge something you don't want to get to your lines (or just let them charge you). The combination of the spear and that armour will keep you alive and hold them off indefinatly. Just beware for powerful characters and great weapons.

Have fun


05-12-2005, 14:09
Well I play a TK force far less interested in killing power, and more in using magic to out manouver your opponent. As such I max out on magic and so use a Liche High Priest. Because protecting your Hierophant is very important, a High Priest gives you 3 wounds, and more magic items (I use 4+ ward and -1 attack). Keeping him safe in a unit of skellies helps.

Mad Makz
06-12-2005, 02:23
I am working on an army, I am considering a 3 Liche priests and a Tomb King in a chariot with the Golden Ankhra, Icon of Rulership, Great Weapon, and Vambraces of Lightning.

He'll be in a unit of Chariots, but I like the Icon of Rulerships as it gives me the flexibility of charging him out of the unit to flank another unit without sending the whole chariot unit with him.

I haven't played with this configuration yet, so may change just to the Golden Ankhra and Flail of Skulls (the most killy combination).

I am taking a Tomb King as I want Chariots as core. I would otherwise take a High Liche Priest, as they make your army much more effective. This would probably be backed up by two Tomb Princes and another Heirophant.

One thing I'd consider is giving one of the Tomb Princes the Scorpion Armour, enchanted shield and be in a chariot to provide a fairly decent speed bump (Good toughness, 2+ armour save in the chariot, and can't take more than one wound from combat resolution.)

08-12-2005, 18:06
for my TK's you'll usually see

King on chariot of fire with Great Weapon
3 Liche Priests, one on horseback, one flying around all nimbly bimbly with a cloak of the dunes and another caddying my scrolls next to my catapult