View Full Version : 2250pts of Lizardmen, It came from the swamps....

06-02-2009, 19:47
I wanted to take advantage of the slanns LD/BSB abilities and the fact that as a lone caster he can generate around 9PD for 3-4 spells per turn and still provide decent magic defense all on his own. In addition I wanted to take advantage of the new saurus combat abilities and the cheap static CR and fast movement provided by the mixed skink/krox units. Then throw in a few stegadons for some punch...

Slann, BSB, Plaque of Tepok (+1 spell), Dispel Scroll
2 Disciplines (+1 PD/spell, enemy wizard loses 6's to cast) 390

2 x 18 Saurus, Spears, Sh, Std/Mus 234 each
2 x skink cohorts (16 skinks, 1 krox) Std/Mus 149 each
1 x 10 skink skirmishers (blowpipes) 70

2 x 3 Terradons 90 each
14 Temple Guard, Full Cmd 259
Stegadon 235

1 Salamander 75
Ancient Stegadon 275

The spears can pump out up to 24 S4 attacks. The mixed units are immune to fear have Mv6. They can handle small units (fast cav, skirmishers, missile units, etc) and provide some cheap static CR to support a stegadon on a combined charge. They should be able to provide decent flankers.

One stegadon will work in conjunction with the skink/krox units, while the other will be near the slann and saurus to provide support.

I'd really like to squeeze in the warbanner on the slann, but the only way I can really do that is to drop the dispell scroll. I like to have 1 for emergencies.

What do you think?