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06-02-2009, 19:57
Well it's finally here... February Fracas... I've really been looking forward to this weekend, and I'm sure it's going to be a blast.

Other forum members I know that will be there are: Blackjack (DoC), Murph (DoC), and Jericho (WoC).

I'm bring my orcs with the following list:

(Krazyface)Savage orc warboss w/ great axe, iron gnashas, battle brew (176)
(Biggrokk)Black orc bigboss BSB w/ spirit totem, heavy armor, boar (180)
(Welpsly)Goblin big boss w/ wolf, one hit wunda, light armor, shield (66)
(Zzipblade)Night goblin shaman w/ staff of sneaky stealing (100)

25 savage orcs w/ spears and full command (255)
25 boyz w/ shield, banner, musician (165)
25 boyz w/ shield, banner, musician (165)
25 boyz w/ shield, banner (160)
25 boyz w/ shield, banner (160)
5 wolf riders w/ bows, spears, musician (76)
5 wolf riders w/ bows, spears, musician (76)

Orc chariot (80)
Orc chariot (80)
2 spear chukkas (70)
2 spear chukkas (70)

Doom diver (80)
Troll (40)

Total: 1999

The fluff:

After making a name for himself under Warboss Morko, Krazyface has gathered his own Waaagh! and is lookig to make a name for himself. With him are his old war buddies Biggrokk, Welpsly, and Zzipblade. Together they are battling any that dare to test their might and having some fun along the way.

So it's three games on saturday and three on sunday. After I will post my reports here. With all that's going on some of it may be a bit fuzzy, but I'll do my best.

In the mean time go ahead and guess how many games the orcs will win. Obviously I'd like to win them all, but my target is just to win more than I lose.

Wish me luck :D

06-02-2009, 20:15
Good luck with all those battles. Are you going to 6 battle reports??? I'd have trouble remembering them all.
I haven't faces DoC yet, will be interesting to see how you do.

06-02-2009, 20:17
I haven't beaten Blackjack with them, but I beat Murph.

(Guess which one I hope I face? ;) )

06-02-2009, 21:58
Good luck ! Looking forward to some good rep's:) Seems a good list, did you not fancy putting your goblin hero on a chariot with tricksy trinket btw?

Before I vote what is february fracas?

06-02-2009, 22:01
I know the GW links screw up some times so I hope this works...


If not it's basically the biggest tournament Edmonton has ever tried to put on. GW had put on a couple of regular tournaments in the past and this is their first attempt at something really big and shiny with forgeworld, mega battles, and all the whole lot.

06-02-2009, 22:09
Well if its GW tourny and they have little composition rules I'm afraid I think you're going to find it tough with the WAAC lists. I'm reckoning a 3 or 4 wins for you. I reckon you'll face VC/DC/DE about 3-4 times and probably a lizardmen army. So I'm going to vote for 3 wins for you (a draw as well I think)

06-02-2009, 22:38
oh man i am such a malorian fan boy i said all 6 :/

06-02-2009, 22:50
Good luck man!, your a good player and your Orc list is about as good as it gets IMO, I guess it depends what you face, I reckon you should do fairly well though. I'll go for 3 out of 6.

06-02-2009, 23:13
My guess is bad draw = lose, anything else = win. If the field is full of filth (Daemons and VCs) then you'll do well, if people exercise restraint and even try and bring armies that are fun rather than WAAC you could get 5 or 6 :)

07-02-2009, 04:29
Well there are few really WAAC tourny players up here. Malorian probably had the hardest list in the last tourny, (14 Pd 3 bound item VC and he won best general with them).

Neither Murph nor I are going uber cheese with our daemons (no named character, no Greater daemons, min 30% core) but there are reportedly 8 daemon armies competing...

07-02-2009, 10:37
well I voted for 3 victories, so now you can win more and say "Oh yea of little faith"

07-02-2009, 13:05
well I voted for 3 victories, so now you can win more and say "Oh yea of little faith"

Or I could win none and mock your misplaced faith :p

08-02-2009, 00:31
or you coul;d win all of them and increase my faith further

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz

I though the more Z's I add the more likely you are to do it

08-02-2009, 03:33
Game 1:

Arch lector w/ war alter, dawn armor, sword of righteous steel, orb of thunder
Luthor Huss
Warrior priest w/ two hammers, armor of meteoric iron, ring of volans
Warrior priest w/ great weapon, heavy armor, shroud of magnus

5 knights w/ FC, war banner
19 swordsmen w/ FC
10 handgunners
18 flagellants

24 greatswords w/ fc, detachment of 9 spearmen
Great cannon
Great cannon

Hellblaster volleygun

The mission was one where you go extra points for getting unit off your opponent's board edge.

The board was 6X4 and there was a forests on the right flank, and one in the left side of his deployment zone. Across from his trees on the right I had a defendable wall.

From left to right he had: knights w/ Huss, both cannons were in the forest, greatswords w/ great sword priest, detachment, alter, hellblaster, handgunners, flagellants, and on the far right flank the swordsmen w/ 2 hammer priest.

From left to right I had: doom diver, spear chukka, block, chariot, block w/ Zzipblade, savage orcs w/ Krazyface and Biggrokk, troll w/ chariot behind, block, block, the other three chukkas were behind the wall w/ Welpsly, wolves, wolves.

He got first turn. Krazyface got hatred.

Pre-game thoughts: I was really surprised at how small his force was, but I knew that big greatsword block would be a pain to take out. The plan was to knock out the knights w/ the doom diver, slow down the swordsmen with the wolves, and then just basically march on his main line as the spear chukkas thinned him out and Zzipblade took care of the hellblaster.

Turn 1 Empire:

Units are cautious and don't move up if at all. Magic is shot down. 1 cannon missfires and the other aim at the bsb and kills a couple of savage orcs.

Turn 1 Orcs:

Inner right unit squabbles, reast of the line moves up (notable the wolves that move to march block the swordsmen. Doom diver scatters off of knights and bolt throwers kill a some swordsmen.

Turn 2 Empire:

Still cautious they don't move much. Cannon still can't fire and the other one aims at the BSB again but just kills a few savage orcs. Hellblaster and handgunners kill some more savage orcs.

Turn 2 Orcs:

Line moves up and wolves move around the swordmen. Troll runs up. Doom diver scatters off knights, bolt throwers kill more swordmen.

Turn 3 Empire:

Knights run past outer left block to threaten the doom diver and chukka. 2 hammer priest leaves unit to try and guard against wolves. Cannon destroys the left chariot and other shooting kill the troll and a few orcs.

Turn 3 Orcs:

I declare my waaagh and rush up. The outerright block and the chariot charges the fagellants, and both wolf riders charge the swordsmen. The general and BSB leave to go into the inner left unit. My doom diver hits the knights and kill all but Huss, a spearchukka kills the 2 hammer priest. In combat the swordsmen are beaten and caught, and the flagellants lose half their number.

Turn 4 Empire:

Huss charges the doom diver, alter charges the savage orcs, and the great swords charge the block with my general. Shooting kills some orcs. In combat the doom diver is wiped out and Huss runs off the board, more flagellants die, and my general kills the unit champ but I lose combat and hold. Arch lector does some damage but I hold.

Turn 4 Orcs:

Zzipblade charges the hellblaster, the other right block joins the alter fight and his block marchs up towards the cannons. The wolfs rush around to face the handgunner's flank. Shooting doesn't do much and in combat the flagellants are left with one man, Krazyface kills the warrior priest but takes a wound. In a very sad moment Zzipblade fans his str 10 attacks, loses by one and flees. Alter stuck in combat.

Turn 5 Empire:

Huss comes back on the board. Hellblaster misfires and explodes, but not before it wipes out the wolf unit with the swordsmen banner. In combat the flagellants are finished, the greatswords kill my general and run down the unit, and the alter is still pinned down.

Turn 5 Orcs:

Block charges a cannon, wolfs charge hangunners flank. Zzipblade rallies. Spear misses Huss and the others kill some greatswords. In combat the wolves beat the handgunners but they hold, the cannon is wiped out and I overrun into the other, and the alter is still pinned down.

Turn 6 Empire:

Not much to do other than Huss charging the spearchukka and wiping it out. Cannon is wiped out and handgunners still hold.

Turn 6 Orcs:

Block charges the handgunners. Spearckukka misses Huss and handgunners wiped out.

Victory for the orcs!

Post-game thoughts:

Well I got the win but I didn't do as well as I thought. Zzipblade failling to take out the hellblaster lost me a good amount of points, and I just bounced off that massive greatsword unit. Would have helped if I would have given my general more protective gear, but the main issue was that I had weakened the swordsmen rather than the greatswords which were bogged down anyway. Had I aimed at the greatswords first I could have dealt with the swordsmen later when my spearchukkas didn't have any good targets since they were all in combat.

08-02-2009, 03:37
Game 2:

Lvl 1 nurgle herald w/ noxious vapours *general*
Lvl 1 bsb nurgle herald w/ slime trail, hellfire banner
Lvl 1 nurgle herald w/ staff of nurgle

5 furries
5 furries
19 plaguebearers w/ FC, icon of eternal virulence
14 plaguebearers w/ FC, icon of eternal virulence
14 plaguebearers w/ FC, icon of eternal virulence

3 nurglings
3 nurglings

Beast of nurgle

The missions was one where there were two tockens worth an extra 100 points in the neutral zone.

The board was 6X4 and there was a hill somewhat on my side on the right and a hill against the left board edge. There was also a forest on the left flank. He had a building in the right side of his zone.

He deployed from left to right: furies, beast, block w/ general, block w/ epidemius and bsb, block w/ staff herald, furries.

I deployed from left to right: doom diver, spear chukka, wolves, block w/ Zzipblade, chariot, block, savage orcs w/ Krazyface and Biggrokk, troll w/ chariot behind, block, block, three spear chukkas, wolves, Welpsy on the far right to stop scouts from going behind the hill.

The scouts deployed in the left forest and dispite my efforts there was still room for the other nurglings to hide behind the hill on the right.

On token was in front my outer left block (Zzipblade) and his was infront of his main unit.

He got first turn and Krazyface got hatred.

Pre-game thoughts: When I had looked around earlier this was the one army I didn't want to face. In mixed armies the plan is to avoid the nurgle block... but what if it an army of nurgle blocks? I was going to give it my best however and had a cunning plan ;) The plan was the shoot up the outer blocks as they came in, engage them, the center block would flank, and I would flank the center block. Now would it work?...

Turn 1 DoC:

Line moves up (Epidemius grabbing their marker), left furries are more aggresive while right ones hold back as the nurglings move towards my shaman. Left nurglings are screaning the beast. Magic is shut down.

Turn 1 Orcs:

I mainly hold the line other than the left wolves running up to block the furries and the mage moving away as the wolves move over to threaten the nurglings (plus I grab my marker with Zzipblade) . Troll runs up to march block. Shooting targets the side blocks and kills a few.

Turn 2 DoC:

Center block charges the troll, I flee all of 2 inches and I'm caught. Line moves up. Left furries charge my left chariot and I fail my fear test and run away, and the right furries and nurglings move up. Magic is shut down.

Turn 2 Orcs:

I declare my waaagh and charge in. The right chariot and the inner right block charge the right PBs, the inner left block charges the beast, and the outer left block charged the nurglings. Shaman keeps moving away and wolves move around. Shooting kills a few more from the left block. In combat The right block takes a beating as I kill a few and even do a wound to the herald and a number of them fade away. The beast kills a few but loses some wounds from combat res, and the nurglings lose but aren't wiped out.

Turn 3 DoC:

Center block flanks the chariot, left block charges the inner left block, furries hit the flank of the outer left block fighting the nurgling, right furies charge a spearchukka, and the nurglings charge the mage butI flee and get away. Magic is shut down. In combat the chariot is destroyed and the units flees and is caught (after movement the rigth PBs are trapped behind the center unit). Left furries and nurglins all fade away. Inner left block is beaten and ran down. Spear chukka lost and furries overrun into next one.

Turn 3 Orcs:

Savages orcs his Epidemus's flank. Left block reforms to threaten his left block. Shaman rallies. Shooting kills a couple of PBs from the left unit. In combat I kill some PBs and some fade. Spear chukka is lost and he over runs into next one.

Turn 4 DoC:

Nurgling charge wolves and I flee and get away. Beast hits the flank of my left unit. Left Pbs turn to face savage orcs. In combat More PBs are lost and the third chukka is destroyed. Beast loses but holds.

Turn 4 Orcs:

Shooting kills misses. In combat the beast fads away, and I go to town on Epidemius's unit and with a high roll they all fade away and I grab their tocken and their banner and their BSB banner (!!!).

Turn 5 DoC:

Right turn to face my savage orcs and left PBs move out of charge range. Furries move to take a quarter.

Turn 5 Orcs:

Savage orcs charge the rigth PBs. Shooting doesn't do anything. In combat there are heavy losses of orcs but I win and he holds.

Turn 6 DoC:

In a horrible turn of events the herald fighting the savage orcs get irresitable force with the spell that makes things Str/T/I 1 and in combat I'm forcedto make a challenge with my effected BSB and I lose a wound. Overall I lose the combat but hold.

Turn 6 Orcs:

Shooting does nothing andwe turn to the battle in the middle. My BSB is killed and I lose a good amount of orcs. I lose and am ran down, giving up their tocken, the two captured banners, and giving him two of mine (!!!).

Victory for the deamons!

Post-game thoughts: AAAARRRGGHH!!! It's so painful to have a plan go off perfectly and then have dice ruin it for you. Well I guess having the furries wipe out most of my warmachines and the left flank not holding up the left PBs wasn't part of the plan but my trick to flank Epidemius worked and ironically their bad instability roll hurt me in the end. If they wouldn't have popped so fast the right block would have been trapped and basically done for the rest of the game, then that IF didn't help either. Oh well, at least I had a great game and after it was all done (the tournament that is) we both agreed this was our favorite game.

08-02-2009, 03:49
Game 3:

Dreadlord w/ sea dragon cloak, blood armor, dagger of hotek, ring of hotek, potion of strength
Death hag w/ cauldron of blood
Noble w/ great weapon, seal of ghrond, heavy armor
Assassin w/ extra hand weapon, rune of khaine, manbane

24 spearmen w/ shields, FC, warbanner
10 crossbowmen w/ shields
14 black ark corcairs w/ FC, sea serpent standard
5 dark riders
5 harpies

14 black guard w/ FC, standard of hag graef, crimson death
5 cold ones w/ cold one knights w/ FC, null talisman

War hydra

Mission was an interesting one where his general has frenzy and hatred and got an extra 250 for killing my general, and my general got regen and unbreakable and I got extra points if my general controlled the center of the board.

The board was 6X4 and there was a building in the right side of his zone, a forest on the left flank, and a hill in the left side of my zone. Most annoyingly there was a wall just left of the center of my zone which would force me to break up my deployment.

He deployed from left to right: dark riders, corsairs w/ general, spearmen w/ cauldron behind, black guard w/ noble, cold one knights, corssbowmen in building, hydra, harpies.

I deployed from left to right: block, two chukkas on the hill and both wolves in front, chariot, chariot, troll in front of the wall and doom diver and the other two chukkas behind w/ Welpsly, savage orcs w/ Krazyface and Biggrokk, block, block w/ Zzipblade, block on the right flank.

He got first turn and Krazyface got hatred (I'm starting to see a trend...).

Pre-game thoughts: I felt really good about this one. I should easily be able to bait the general and take it out with two flanking chariots. The knights would be doom diver food, and I just had to weaken the hydra and then engage it with a block and then turn the spear chukkas on his other two blocks before I engage.

Turn 1 DE:

Main line moves up but dark riders are cautious of wolf riders. Harpies fly over to the right flank.

Turn 1 Orcs:

Troll runs up to bait the general and the chariots move over to make sure they will see the flank. Wolves run to the sides of the darkriders, and the line moves up witht he two right blocks aiming to draw the hydra into a fight. Shooting does very well as the doom diver kills 3 coldone knights and I deal 3 wounds to the hydra.

Turn 2 DE:

His frenzied dread lord is forced to charge the troll and I flee and get away. Line moves up, darkriders move past wolves, and harpies fly towards my warmachines. The str 2 hydra breath kills a coulpe of orcs as do the crossbows.

Turn 2 Orcs:

Chariots both his the flank of the general. Inner right block fails terror and runs away. Block keeps running and runs into the harpies and dies but troll regroups. Welpsly moves to another unit. BSB runs up to block his black guard and spearmen. The far right block turns around. Shooting set to finish off the hydra but I only do a single wound leaving it with 1 left. Doom diver finishes off the knights. In combat the chariots crush the corsairs and run them down, running into the cauldron.

Turn 3 DE:

Harpies charge a spearchukka, hydra moves over to the savage orc's flank, and dark riders set up to charge warmachines (wolfs had been in the way). He charges the BSB and I get away. In combat cauldon is wiped out, and the spear chukka is beaten and he runs into the doom diver.

Turn 3 Orcs:

Savage orcs squabble (man I wish the BSB was still there) and so can't charge. The wolves pass a fear test and charge the dark rider's flank. BSB rallies and stays facing backwards. Chariots turn around, right block moves over, and left block moves to help out the savage orcs. Looking to finish off the hydra the two spearchukkas take aim, but both times the regen is made. Two dark riders are killed but they hold.

Turn 4 DE:

Blackguard and spears charge the savage orcs while the hydra hits the flank. The assassin jumps out infront of my general. Shooting does a wound to a chariot. The doom diver is wiped out and the harpies overrun into the chukka with Welpsly. Another dark rider is killed and they hold. Krazyface makes a challenge which the assassin accepts. I take a wound (hurray for free regen) and then kill the assassin twice over. I lose by a ton but the unit is unbreakable due to the scenario (hurray!).

Turn 4 Orcs:

BSB charges the harpies and the chariots move closer. Shooting now has no good targets. In combat the crew of the spearchukka are wiped out but the harpies are beaten down by the BSB and they flee. Krazyface kills his noble and I again lose by a good deal but hold due to unbreakable. Dark riders are wiped out.

Turn 5 DE:

Shooting does another wound to the chariot and combat is another slaughter feast and I now only have a couple savage orcs left.

Turn 5 Orcs:

I decide to avoid another terror test and keep the right unit away, but the chariots each charge in and hit a block each while a block also charges the spearmen. The chariots do a lot of damage and even though the savage orcs are wiped out, I win combat and the spearmen break and are ran down. The hydra holds however as does the black guard.

Turn 6 DE:

Shooting kills some orcs. In combat Krazyface is killed and the chariot breaks.

Turn 6 Orcs:

I aim to get revenge by targetting the hydra, but once again his regen saves him.

Victory for the Orcs!

Post-game thoughts: Well the game plan fell apart with the hydra. My shooting failed to finish it off, the attempt to tie it down failed with the failed terror test, and from that point it ruined my chances to control the center. Having my formation broken up didn't help either, but in the end when we added up points, having those units nice and safe no the edges actually worked in my favour.

08-02-2009, 03:50
Game 4:

Oldblood w/ light armor, shield, scimitar of the sun, glyth necklace, charm of the jaguar
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ scroll
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ scroll

15ish saurus warriors w/ full command
10 skinks
10 skinks
10 scouting skinks

5 saurus cav w/ FC, blessed banner
4 kroxigors

3 salamanders

Mission was one were 1 troop stayed in reserve and came on from a side board edge on turn 2.

The board was 6X4. I had a long hill at the back of my deployment zone, there was a forest on the right flank, a tower on the left, and some fences on my left side too.

He deployed from left to right: saurus cav on the left flank, skinks and skink priests w/ kroxigors behind, saurus w/ oldblood, salamanders, stegadon, terradons. One unit of skinks stayed in reserve.

I deployed from left to right: Block, wolves, spear chukka w/ Welpsly, block, chariot, savage orcs w/ Krazyface and Biggrokk, block, chariot, block w/ Zzipblade, and the other three spearchukkas were on the hill. A unit of wolves stayed in reserve.

He scouted his skinks into the woods on the right, and Krazyface got franzy and hatred.

Pre-game thoughts: Really looked like an easy win. The plan was for the doom diver to take out the cav while I slowed it up with the wolves and took it on with the block. Shoot the steg to bits and then turn on the saurus. Then just overwhelm his center.

Another thing I have to say is that his Stegadon was amazing. The conversion was simple enough: put a stegadon head, howda, and tail on a carnosaur body, but it came out beautifully. Wish I had taken a picture.

Turn 1 LM:

Skink chiefs run into the building and everything moves up slowly (in general this was a VERY cautious and calculating player and he always took his time to think things through before each move.) Terradons move to the other side of the woods and the skinks make a dash towards my warmachines. MAgic is shut down. The stegadon fires wide.

Turn 1 Orcs:

I think about charging the skink screen with the chariot, but decide against it. The line holds as the wolves move up to his cav and I do my best to block the skinks from my warmachines by lining up my right chariot and Zzzipblade. Troll runs up. Doom diver misses the saurus cav, and the spearchukkas do only 2 wounds to the steg.

Turn 2 LM:

Cav charges wolves. His skinks in reserve come on from behind my outerleft block and move towards the spearchukka. Left skinks run up, salamanders move back, terradons move to my flank and the right skinks move around my screen. (It's at this point that I realize I had the chariot and Zzipblade facing each other so neither can charge. *slaps head*) Magic is shut down. Salamanders fry the troll. Stegadon misses. In combat cav wipe out wolves and hold as they are worried about a waaagh counter.

Turn 2 Orcs:

Still not ready to engage his main units I stil lhold off. The left chariot charges his skinks and they flee and get away. Wolves in reserve come in behind his skinks that had come in from reserve. Welpsly runs to a block. Knowing I can't stop the warmachines from being charged I just turn the chariot and Zzipblade around to face the warmachines so I can counter. I roll an 11 of gaze of gork on the priest but it is scrolled. Doom diver hits the cav and kills 4 of them. Spearchukkas aim at the stegadon but do no harm.

Turn 3 LM:

Old blood charges the left chariot. I flee and get away and he hits the inner left block. Terradons charge a spearchukka. Skinks rally. Skinks move back and the line cautiously moves forward with the krox moving the most, looking to join the oldblood. The lone cav moves up toward my spearchukka. Magic is shut down. The left reserve skinks kill some wolves and they panic off the board. Salamanders kill some savage orcs. In combat the spear chukka is wiped out and he over runs into the doom diver. The oldblood kills some orcs, loses combat and holds.

Turn 3 Orcs:

Zzipblade charges the terradons. Chariot rallies and it and the outer left block turn to face the skinks. The line moves up a bit and the right chariot turns to face the right skinks. Biggrokk leaves the unit to help out with the warmachines. I get off gaze of gork with an 11 again and it is scrolled. I shoot down the last saurus cav and can't manage to harm the stegadon. In combat The old blood kills more and holds. Zzipblade kills a terradon and wounds another, but they wipe out the warmachine crew, I lose by one, break, and he runs me down.

Turn 4 LM:

Terradons charge another spearchukka. Left skinks charge the spearchukka. He sets me up for a charge by moving up the saurus towards the savage orcs and puts some skinks in front, and then sets up the krox to hit one flank and the stegadon to his the other flank. Magic is shut down. Salamanders kill some savage orcs. In combat the oldblood kills more and holds. The terradons and skinks wipe out another two spearchukkas.

Turn 4 Orcs:

Savage orcs charge skinks who flee 2 inchs and are caught as I overrun into the saurus. This panics the krox who run away. The right block tries to charge the stegadon, but now that the general is out of range they fail their terror test with an 8 and flee. The right chariot charges the right skinks and they flee and get away. BSB turns to see terradons. In the magic phase I get gaze of gork with irresistable force and kill a priest (hehe). The last spearchukka misses the stegadon. In combat the oldblood finally breaks and flees, and the saurus block is smashed and ran down.

Turn 5 LM:

Terradons charge the BSB. Everything rallies. Magic is shut down and salamanders kill a bunch of savage orcs. In combat the BSB takes a wound and does nothing back and holds.

Turn 5 Orcs:

With the savage orcs having krox in the front, an oldblood on one flank, and a stegadon at their rear, and nothing in charge range, they wait to die. The left chariot finally charges those pesky skinks on the left. The fleeing orcs run off the board. The left block moves towards the building. In combat the BSB finishes off the terradons. Chariot wipes out skinks.

Turn 6 LM:

As expected the savage orcs take the triple charge. Magic is shut down. Salamanders kill a bunch of orcs on the right but they hold. In combat my general makes a challenge which his has to take (we put them up on the tower for a dramatic final fight). Even with 7 attacks his oldblood misses with everything (!!!) and I lick my lips as I attack back, but all three wounds are saved, and my unit is slaughtered and ran down.

Turn 6 Orcs:

Nothing to do but charge the last priest in the tower, but that unit squabbles so that's the end of it.

Victory for the Lizardmen!

Post-game thoughts: I have no one to blame for this lose but myself. With the perfect hill behind me I could have easily set up castle style, but instead I spread out and my warmachines were taken out, thus forcing me to engage in combat when I wasn't ready. The general charging first was a noob mistake and I seriously should have been slapped for it. It's one of those games you wish you could rewind and redo, but that's not how it works and I started the second day with an embarrassing loss.

08-02-2009, 03:50
Game 5:

Lvl 4 keeper of secrets w/ needing a Ld test to attack her, and can make your own guys attack themselves
Lvl 1 BSB herald w/ -2 Ld banner

10 deamonettes
10 deamonettes
10 deamonettes

5 seeker w/ banner
5 seeker w/ banner
5 seeker w/ banner


Mission was advanted magical flux, so it gets harder to cast after each successful cast.

The board was 6X4 and the terrain seriously didn't matter other than a forest on my left side and a hill on my right.

She deployed from left to right: seekers, fiend, deamonettes, seekers w/ bsb, KoS, Masque, deamonettes, fiend, deamonettes, seekers.

I deployed from left to right: Welpsly, block w/ Zzipblade, chariot, block, savage orcs w/ Krazyface and BSB, chariot, block, wolves w/ troll behind, wolves, block. The warmachines were all on the hill other than one chukka behind the savage orcs.

She gets first turn and Krazyface gets frenzy and hatred.

Pre-game thoughts: Knowing that the deamon bomb was suppose to be one of my tougher match ups I really was looking forward to this one. The plan was to shoot up the keeper of secrets and then engage everything and slowly work it down.

On another note this was another amazing army with a lot of not just conversions, but also completely custom made scuplts (made by the player). While it was a good looking army it also bugged me. The KoS was basically just a 7 inch tall naked woman with a deamon head and claws. Now if I had brought that to the tournament I'm sure I wouldn't had been allowed since it wasn't GW and I might have even been kicked out for it being 'rude and offensive', but since a woman had brought it it seemed to be just fine and no one questioned it. I don't want to get into this too much, but lets just say I found it unjust.

Turn 1 DoC:

Everything moves up towards my line other than the far left seekers moving their way up the flank, and I know see I won't be getting many shots off before combat (damn they're fast...). Magic is shut down but the masque makes my general -3 LD.

Turn 1 Orcs:

At this point I have two options: 1. Hold back and get a round of shooting, or 2. Charge in to at least get the combats I want. I decide to go with option 2 and call my Waaagh. My army is nice to me and all the blocks run up. The troll however fails stupidity and bumps into the wolves infront of them. Outer left block charges the fiend, chariot charges deamonettes, inner let block charges the BSB seekers, savage orcs charge the KoS, and right chariot charges the masque. Welpsky runs into the woods to march block the flanking seekers. The outer right block extends its ranks to makes sure their seekers don't sneak by. Shooting targets the two unengaged deamonette units and kills a few. In combat the fiend loses and drops a couple of wounds. The deamonettes lose half their number and hold. The BSB kills an orc, I kill two fiends, they kill a couple more orcs and I win and they hold. The KoS makes Krazyface attack and kill four savage orcs, then the champ challenges the KoS, obviously dies, and I win by 1 and she holds. The chariot does nothing to the masque (damn 3+ inv...) and she holds.

Turn 2 DoC:

Inner left unit of deamonettes charge in and help out the masque against the chariot. The right seekers charge the outer right orcs. The right fiend charges the inner right block. Magic is shut down and Krazyface is at -1 Ld. Left fiend pops. Deamonettes break the chariot and run it down. BSB seekers lose again but hold. KoS fans her attacks and loses by a bunch but rolls snake eyes. The right chariot is beaten and ran down and the masque hits the save orcs while the deamonettes hit the inner right orcs to join the fiend. I win that combat and they both hold. The right seekers kill some orcs I kill a couple back and one fades.

Turn 2 Orcs:

Troll fails stupidity and hits the wolves again. Other wolves move over to the left side. Outer left orcs turn to deal with left deamonettes. Shooting kills a few more deamonettes out in the open. In combat BSB seekers lose again but hold. Masque aims at the BSB and does nothing and the KoS kills some orcs. A savage orc actually manages to do a wound on the KoS and then she loses 2 wounds to instability and the masque pops. The right fiends holds but the deamonettes pop and on the right side the seekers pop.

Turn 3 DoC:

*Just a note that around this time we noticed that some of the games around us were already ending. I guess the game takes a while when you're in combat on turn 1 and have a ton of deamon instabilities to work out. Left deamonettes charge the outer left block. The right deamonettes charge the inner left block. The flanking seekers move around the forest. Magic is shut down. In combat the deamonettes lose and a few fade. The BSB fseekers break the inner left block and runs them down. The KoS loses again but holds. The right fiend pops but the deamonettes hold.

Turn 3 Orcs:

The wolves jump forward from animosoty, but it's only 2 inches and so the stupid troll hits them again. The outer right block reforms to face the center. The wolves move to march block the BSB seekers. Shooting targets the BSB but does nothing. In combat the left deamonette lose and a few more fade. KoS loses again but holds. (All this time Krazyface is trying to kill her but I either fail my LD and can't attack, or I just can't wound the thing.) Deamonettes on the right lose a few more.

Turn 4 DoC:

BSB seekers charge a spearchukka. Flanking seekers wheel to see the left blocks flank. Magic is shut down. In combat the left deamonettes still hold on but the right ones are wiped out. The spearchukka is also wiped out and they decide to hold rather than run off the board. KoS goes ninja and kills 6 savage orcs, I break and she runs them all down. (Ouch...)

Turn 4 Orcs:

The wolves run up due to animosity again and this time move 5 so the stupid troll doesn't hit them and they get away. The right blocks turn to help out and the wolves move to block the left seekers from hitting my left blocks flank. Doom diver kills two BSB seekers. Three spearchukkas aim at the KoS, all at short range... no damage done. In combat the left deamonettes are wiped out.

Turn 5 DoC:

BSB seekers charge the doom diver and the flanking seekers charge the wolves who hold. KoS moves back to look at the left block. KoS gets some shard spell off but it doesn't kill anything. In combat the wolves actually do ok and kill 1 for the 1 they lose, but I break and I'm ran down as the seekers hit the blocks flank. Doomdiver is wipes out and they overrun into another spearchukka.

Turn 5 Orcs:

With not much to do the right blocks move to deal with the BSB. The wolves move to shoot the KoS. In the shooting phase the chukka and the wolves can't hurt the KoS. In combat the spearchukka is wiped out, but the block holds.

Turn 6 DoS:

KoS charges the left block. The right seekers run between the two right blocks. In the magic phase she gets off their spell were I take Ld tests on 3D6 and take the two highest (doesn't matter at this point) and in combat the left block is slaughtered and ran down.

Turn 6 Orcs:

I have only two things to do. The wolves can shoot the BSB seekers and kill one more to get half points and stop them from holding the quarter, and the chukka can take another shot at the KoS. Well the wolves squabble and the chukka misses and so the game is over.

Victory to the Deamons!

Post-game thoughts: AAARRRGGGHH!!! Another tactic pulled off, and another game lost due to dice rolls. That keeper of secrets making all of those instability tests completely turned around the game for her. I knew I couldn't hold up the BSB seekers for ever, but I thought I would have help by then. It didn't help that my troll kept knocking over a unit of wolves half the game, but even if they didn't it wouldn't have made a big difference. Damn you dice gods! Damn you!!!

With this lose I was now 2-3 on the tournament and now had no way to reach my original goal (win more than I lose). My only hope was to win my last game to hold on to an even record.

08-02-2009, 03:52
Game 6:

Noble w/ great weapon and stuff
BSB noble w/ D6 CR banner
Lvl 2 mage w/ extra spell
Lvl 2 mage w/ item that lets them pick spells

15 spearmen w/ FC
15 spearmen w/ FC

18 swordmasters w/ full command, banner of sorcery
18 white lions w/ full command, lion banner


Mission was one were had the option of two rerolls but each one would cost you 100 VPs.

The board was 6X4 and he had a hill in the center of his deployment zone and there was a hill on the right side of mine. There were some other buildings and woods on the edges but they never came into play.

He deployed from left to right: eagle, spearmen, spearmen, swordmasters w/ mage and BSB (in front of hill), white lions w/ noble, eagle. The two RBTs were on the hill.

I deployed from left to right: chukka, block, chariot, block w/ Zzipblade, savage orcs w/ Krazyface and Biggrokk, block, chariot w/ troll behind (forgot to place it in front), block, and then both wolf units were in front of the hill while the rest of the warmachines were on top of it.

He got first turn and Krazyface got hatred.

Pre-game thoughts: First of all I was glad because I knew this guy from before and know he was a great sport so no matter what it would be a good game. The plan was to shoot down the eagles first and then turn to the blocks. The swordmasters and white lions would be tough but I knew the spearmen couldn't take on a block on their own and the savage orcs were the perfect counter to the swordmasters.

Turn 1 HE:

Eagles fly forward (right one holding a bit back due to the wolves) and blocks move 2 inches forward to but mages in range. Magic kills a couple of orcs and gives the white lions a 5+ ward. His RBTs aim at the left chariot with single shot and only do a single wound.

Turn 1 Orcs:

Line moves up and troll runs ahead. Wolves move to either side of the eagle. Doom diver scatters, and the three bolt throwers o the right and the wolves only do 1 wound to the eagle. On the left side the chukka targets the swordmasters and kills three.

Turn 2 HE:

Both eagles charge but the right one is 2 inches short. Blocks move back. In the magic phase the savage orcs are hit with wall of fire and I fail all three look out sirs (!!!). Krazyface takes a wound and I lose a couple of savage orcs. (At this point we have a mini debate as he thinks I don't get look out sir against this spell. I decide it's not worth it and just go with it.) The swordmasters are given a 5+ ward. The RBTs change to multishot and bring the left chariot down to one wound. In combat the left spearchukka is wiped out.

Turn 2 Orcs:

Line moves up (other than the savage orcs). The troll runs up to bait the white lions and the wolves moe back to the right eagle. The doom diver scatters. The right eagle is shot down and a chukka kills 3 white lions.

Turn 3 HE:

White lions charge the troll and I flee and get away. The eagle flies towards the warmachine hill. The inner spearmen move up and the outer unit sets up to hit a flank if the first one is charged. The mages move back out of the units and onto the hill. Magic gives the white lions a 5+ ward and he casts curse of arrows on the chariot which is then easily shot down. The other RBT targets the other chariot and does a wound.

Turn 3 Orcs:

I declare my waaagh! and move of my units move up although one of the wolve units explodes. The inner left block charges the inner spearmen, and the right chariot and inner right block charges the white lions. The troll rallies. The outer left block moves up to block the outer spearmen. The savage orcs run up to the swordmasters, and the outer right block moves up. The wolves move over to the eagle and between them and 1 chukka they shoot it down. The doom diver hits the swordmasters and kills a few and the chukkas kill a few more. In combat the spearmen are broken but they get away. The white lions lose a lot of men and their stubborn test is passed.

Turn 4 HE:

Outer spearmen charge the outer block and the fleeing spearmen rally. (At the moment I find it odd that the swordmasters didn't charge.) In the magic phase he gets off wall of fire on the savage orcs with irresitable force and then kills a few more with another irresitable force spell. RBTs also target the savage orcs and kill even more (over all of it I probably only lost about 6-8 orcs as I made a good number of 6+ wards). In combat the spears are broken but get away. The whitelions kill a good number of orcs and although they hold the chariot breaks (killing a few orcs from the other right block as it runs through them).

Turn 4 Orcs:

Outer left block squabbles. The inner left block charges the inner spearmen. The frenzied savage orcs are forced to charge the swordmasters and a few die from the wall of fire. The troll hits the flank of the whitelions. The chariot rallies and the right block sets up to hit the whitelion's flank if they overrun. Wolves run to hold a quarter. In the shooting phase the doomdiver blows up and the chukkas aim at the lone mages but all miss. In combat the spearmen hold. The swordsman kill a respectable amount of orcs but with all the return attacks I kill that and more back and Krazyface and Biggrokk tag team to kill the BSB (my champ killed his in a challenge)(It's at this point I learn that was the +D6CR banner). The swordmasters lose by a lot but roll a 3 and hold on. The whitelions kill some orcs but the troll kills two back and they hold.

Turn 5 HE:

Spearmen and mage rally. Magic is shut down. Shooting targets the outer right unit and kills a few. In combat the spearmen break and get away. The swordsmen are badly beaten and they break and are ran down and this panics one of the mages. The whitelions on the other hand go on a killing spree and, although the troll gets away, the block is run down and just barely hits the other block that had been waiting to flank them. (Troll keeps running for the rest of the game so I won't mention it any more.

Turn 5 Orcs:

The outer left block charges the outer spearmen and the ZZipblade charges out of the unit to run down the fleeing spearmen. Savage orcs charge a mage but it flees and gets away. The inner left block reforms to face the hill. Doom diver blows up and spearchukkas fail to snipe a mage. In combat the spearmen are broken again but this time are caught. The whitelions kill a good deal but I hold.

Turn 6 HE:

Mage rallies and casts wall of fire on the savage orcs. After the hail of magic and shooting all that is left of the savage orcs is Krazyface and Biggrock, each with 1 wound left and each still on fire. In combat the white lions break and run down the right block.

Turn 6 Orcs:

Krazyface charges one RBT and Biggrock charges the other (both survive the wall of fire hit). Chukkas miss the mage again, and in combat both RBTs are wiped out.

Victory for the Orcs!

Post-game thoughts: That was a nice and bloody game. I especially like the image of both my main characters charging through a wall of fire to smash the warmachines as a way of ending the tournament. One thing I learned is how deadly those whitelions are. With that noble in there they were just mowing my orcs down. In the end though it was a fun game and both of us left with a smile.

08-02-2009, 04:37
After seeing the first 3 lists you have posted I reckon you will have done pretty well, the Empire are nice and balanced as is that Dark Elf list. Although the mission seems much better for you, your general getting Regen and Unbreakable is way better than Frenzy and Hatred, does that make his whole unit Unbreakable or are you playing it so he now has to run around alone as unbreakable characters cant join units that arent also unbreakable?

The Nurgle list is pretty 1 dimensional but as a combat list your Orcs may have had a hard time dealing with how tough they are.

08-02-2009, 16:31
The empire list looks very beatable, the nurgle army is very characterful and may struggle against hard units but I fear may have ground yours to a draw and I have no idea about the de list.

08-02-2009, 16:44
The nurgle army doesn't look that bad TBH unless he gets the tally going early, banner of hellfire is far less worrisome than the banner of +D3CR on the bsb, the battles that thing won when I was still running daemons...

09-02-2009, 07:08
I say 4 wins for the orcs!

It's the High Elves and the Slaanesh Daemons I can see giving you the hardest time...

However, you may as well prove me wrong and go with the 6 full wins.

(Then again, judging from the power leve of the armies, I figure you won empire, drawn against daemons, won dark elves, lizardmen, lost against daemons, then faced off against High Elves for the last round...so something like 3 wins, 2 losses and a draw!)

Looking forward to the reports!

09-02-2009, 07:45
19 plaguebearers w/ FC, icon of eternal virulence
14 plaguebearers w/ FC, icon of eternal virulence
14 plaguebearers w/ FC, icon of eternal virulence

illegal. daemonic icons are considered unique, per the Daemon FAQ.

09-02-2009, 15:28
illegal. daemonic icons are considered unique, per the Daemon FAQ.

Please go read the FAQ again. It specificly ALLOWS multi identical icons.


09-02-2009, 15:31
Sorry, but I'm these probably won't get up until tomorrow. I'm home all day today, but it's to look after my sick wife and child.

The icon thing is legal (but the slaneesh bomb shouldn't ;) )

09-02-2009, 16:38
We'll be glad to wait!

So, Jericho gave us a hint on how things went for him over at his painting log...

How about the Daemon players? Blackjack?
(not meaning to hijack the thread, just a bit chit-chat to keep the thread up until the reports are ready - just like an appetizer!)

09-02-2009, 16:47
After seeing all the lists I think you may well have won all 6.

None of them are overpowered, I think if i had a choice I would choose your list to use over any of the ones you played against. Hope you did well! That -2 Banner alone of the Slaanesh list may cause a few problems though.

I am sure it was nice to go to a tournament and not face the same build over and over.

09-02-2009, 17:36
The Slannesh LD bomb not over powered? Its not just -2 ld banner its the masque giving a specific unti -1d3 ld as well.

09-02-2009, 17:48
The Slaanesh Ld Bomb is powerful, but it is not over powered in that army. At the end of the day unless your units have a higher US the enemy units are not going to run from anything besides the Keeper and there isnt enough power in the list to actually defeat many enemy units, again besides the Keeper.

A half decent shooting phase will see that army crippled. Plus Monster Heavy DE, Vamp Counts, Other Deamons all of which you see lots of at tournies are all pretty much immune to it and that Slaanesh list has no other way to beat those armies effectively. That list would even struggle against Ogres and Tomb Kings.

It just looks to me like the player has taken a powerful combo in a very weak army, which makes for a list that many armies out there can deal with pretty easily.

09-02-2009, 18:05
I am not a fan of the terror bomb, as it is less than effective against almost half of the armies I'll be facing in a tournament. That said, I run a very killy Keeper, and let terror happen if it happens.

I stand by my poll answer of Mal taking four games, even after seeing the lists he's facing. I've read some of his reports where everything just suddenly went wrong, and when dealing with Greenskins, there's a real possibility of that happening.

09-02-2009, 19:42
Hey mal hope your family gets well soon, we can wait.
It does appear to my eyes as if for a tournament those lists were hardly what I would fear.
Whether you just never faced the tougher lists Mal, or the tournament rules were quite strict or just that Canada is a place of milk and honey were everyone plays themed mono god daemon armies I don't know :)

P.S who won the tournament ;)?

09-02-2009, 19:47
P.S who won the tournament ;)?

I had to leave early but I'm pretty sure Murph did.

Gharof von Carstein
09-02-2009, 19:50
i know the feeling mal! im sitting here wanting to convert some black knights or finish my zombie dragon but my girl is soooo sick. and sick women = attention black hole :)

09-02-2009, 21:08
Please go read the FAQ again. It specificly ALLOWS multi identical icons.


ok, well i dont know about you, but my FAQ says that daemonic icons are magic items in all respects. daemonic icons are also not daemonic gifts. and page 120 of the BRB says that you cant have more than one same magic item in the army.


at any rate i dont wanna highjack the thread, so i will post this in the rules forum.

10-02-2009, 03:48
I won best general with a mixed daemon army:

Khorne Herald: Jugg AoK
Nurgle Herald: BSB, Noxious Vapours, Palanquin, Lvl 1 Sundering
Tzeentch Herald: Flames and spell breaker
Slaanesh Herald: Siren Song

14 Plaguers: Command, Icon of Eternal Virulence
10 Daemonettes: Standard with the banner of ecstasy
2x 10 horrors

5 Hounds

5 Flamers
3 Bloodcrushers
-Champ and Stand.

2 minor victories to start followed by 4 massacres.

I'm happy I didn't play Mal, he beat my daemons....

I know the outcome of his games so I wont spoil it....


10-02-2009, 04:14
you seem to have a great armylist. no greater daemon? no special character? hell if i played against that in a tournament i would nominate that man/woman for best sportsman.

great job.

10-02-2009, 05:35
Thanks, I got nuked in soft scores though, I wasn't a jerk and my army was painted to acceptable standards....people naturally see daemons and go "ZERO".

Enough thread jacking though, I may put up my report if I have time.


10-02-2009, 06:26
First three reports are up (let wife relax and watch a chick-flick), and I'll try to get more up tomorrow.

They are more of a summary compared to my usual reports, but I think most of you will understand :)

(P.S. Being the defending Onslaught champ, I'll be looking to have my sites on Murph come september ;) )

10-02-2009, 08:10
man that nurgle DoC fight was gross. lots of points swing in that one, and actually him losing his unit helped him in the end. truly random.

i also saw that you had to face a slaaneshi DoC army as well. tough strength of schedule. besides the DE army, it seems like no easy wins thats for sure.

Golden Lion
10-02-2009, 09:39
First three battles are up I see, they were a blast to read. I agree with your analysis on the Empire battle. Against Nurgle, tough luck that you had to charge that rightmost PB block, chances were probably against you at that point, at least you didn't roll high enough. Well done against the DE as well, excellent move with the generals unit, although he should have seen that one coming. Bad luck with the hydra.

Congratulations on your victories, and the well fought loss. Looking forward to the rest! Thanks for posting.

10-02-2009, 13:01
Looking good so far, I thought that Nurgle army may pose a problem for orcs.

I cant believe that scenario let you make a whole unit unbreakable though, thats very harsh on the DE player, did you just roll to see who got what?

10-02-2009, 13:17
Yes we rolled and I was very happy to get the side I did.

The bonus is far better for the unbreakable generl, but then again then you have to keep that unit at the center of the board. An interesting mission to be sure.

10-02-2009, 14:45
Great reports so far, about what I expected. You should beat Empire (and can afford a fluffage or two ;) ), but against Daemons, it was all looking so good, I was so ready to congratulate on a job well done! Instead I'll just have to make do with congratulating you on outplaying your opponent, even if it wasn't quite enough to get the win. Damn dirty Daemons.

Against the Dark Elves though... that's the most retarded scenario I've ever read. But at least it wasn't the other way around, that would just sicken me!

10-02-2009, 21:09
Alright, all six reports are up now. (thank god I have a job were I can close the door and spend 3 hours on the internet ;) )

10-02-2009, 21:35
good stuff to read. too bad you had to face 2 daemon armies and a gross HE army. i was surprised to see the white lions do better than the swordsmasters. at any rate, good job. i thought that army would be horrible to play against.

i agree about the whole naked KoS too, but whatever. girls get away with more stuff, thats just how stuff rolls.

10-02-2009, 21:51
Id say 50% is a good return for Orcs at a tournament, especially beating High and Dark Elves. My Orcs and Gobs struggled with High Elves.

Thanks for the reports!

10-02-2009, 22:17
Well 3 wins is about right I think though it seems the dice gods were fickle, Alas orcs tend to attract that imo. Bringing a nude figure is absurd no matter the players gender. I don't think it should be banned its just well, daft.
Shame you didn't kill the KoS for more reason than one ;) My question is do you think you are more or less likely to use On'G's to a tourny bearing in mind your results?

10-02-2009, 23:06
I vaguely remember someone saying "3 wins".... Oh, right that was me :D

Seriously though well played and written, Mal, you didn't loose because of mass-animosity at least (and that is the main thing).

11-02-2009, 13:50
seeing the other lists (which i don t find extremely strong), i would have expected you to win 4 or 5 games.

winning 3, is a rather good performance for Orcs, but pretty far from your goal of scoring high in a tournament.

comparing your list to Murph s, i find them similar in power, according to their army book. both lists are pretty strong choices from their book, but still leave some room for slightly more "cheesy" choices.

the army books explain a lot of the difference of the performance of the two armies in the tournament.

ps: grats to the win over the HE. i ll face them one of these weeks.

11-02-2009, 14:00
We all know that daemon game was really a win, if only because you got to play a female gamer ;) So my 4 win prediction holds true :p

Good gaming it would seem, dice did unfortunately screw you over by an unneccesary ammount, but all in all, looks like you had fun.

Commodus Leitdorf
11-02-2009, 15:05
Good job Mal! Nice to see Orcs giving at least as good as there getting.

11-02-2009, 15:08
The best thing was people walking by and being amazed by the size of my army. Comments like 'I hope I don't have to face that!' and 'Now that's how an orc army should look!' was nice to hear.

warlord hack'a
11-02-2009, 16:45
nice read, you should have done better (Damn snake eyes stupid rule thingy) and I have a few rules remarks, here they come:

1) correct me if I am wrong but I believe the order of things is: declare charges, declare charge reactions, then measure for frenzy, then declare with frenzied units if enemy within range, then opponent can redeclare again those units that are charged by frenzied guys. This means that your general's unit in the game versus the lizzies declared later than your normal orc units, thus the normal orc unit charging the stegadon would still be within range of the general and would have made their test and charged home. And even if this unit would not be frenzied then still you take a terror test as soon as the charges have been declared and the target is in range (this is the part I'm not 100% sure about), so before you move your general and his unit the terror test by the other unit has to be taken. Only if all terror and fear tests have been taken do you go to the next step, compulsory moves (in which phase the units that failed terror flee) and only then to move chargers (in which pahse your general moves out of ld range of the other orc block).
2) The 'take ld test or do not attack me' thing of the KoS, does that work on svg (frenzied) orcs?
3) when a troll faisl stupidity and bumps into the wolf unit in front nothing stops the wolf unit from moving, the 'entangle' rule is from 6th (r even 5th?) edition, it does not exist anymore in 7th (making screen for svg orcs and trolls a lot easier to use, you can even put a unit of woflriders in fron t of squig hoppers if you want to keep the hoppers in one place and not bouncing aroudn the field all the time..).

11-02-2009, 18:21
Ahh, good old post-tourney rules queries. You're right on (1), your boys shouldn't have failed terror for the Steg by the sounds of it Mal! (2) is sadly true, it works on everything, even ItP stuff. (3) that rule does indeed exist, check your rulebook. Bonus! No look out sir for Wall of Fire, it's not a template weapon, after all.

Really enjoyed reading the reports, I thought you might get the Daemons the second time but oh well! What will you be using next tournament?

11-02-2009, 18:34
Really enjoyed reading the reports, I thought you might get the Daemons the second time but oh well! What will you be using next tournament?

Still haven't decided. Onslaught isn't until September so it's a ways off.

Depends on how much I want to paint and how badly I want to beat Murph and Blackjack :evilgrin:

11-02-2009, 19:42
Lol, well ward is trying to get one setup for mayday, and I know the "out of the basement gaming" wants to hold another tourney before the summer sometime, being that a lot of them are students I anticipate a june tourney.

PS....we'll see Mal we'll see.


Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
14-02-2009, 19:38
Thanks for the reports Malorian, and actually I was going to vote three wins, but I know the greenskins pretty good so it wasn't fair. Altough I think my own list would have done maybe a little better. But that is because I have a bunch frenzied bunch of greenies:p.


warlord hack'a
14-02-2009, 20:03
EvC, I stand corrected, mixed up animosity with stupidity here: in 6th edition when you failed animosity and attacked your own troops both units would not be able to do anything, but now in 7th ed the attacking your own troops option is gone. But indeed stupidity makes the unit you blunder into also unable to move, can't find though if this also applies to all other instances where one frindly unit hits another friendly unit (compulsory moves, we'll get them animosity check etc.)

14-02-2009, 22:00
Funnily enough I looked this up after a PM with EvC and as far as I can read its stupidity only. How would you use your wolf riders to screen the squig hoppers? Wouldnt the hoopers just boing over?

warlord hack'a
15-02-2009, 08:40
we'll it is actually someone else' idea but I checked it and I can not find anywhere where BOINGG allows you to hop over your own units, so I assume you are not allowed to hop over your own units.. But again I can be wrong here, I did not check thoroughly, only the squighoppers rules.. BUt I'm hijacking this thread with rules questions, not the polite thing to do, so I will stop..

Gharof von Carstein
15-02-2009, 10:17
for onslaught you should go skaven! (given they are released at that time :P)

15-02-2009, 17:16
Aaargh. Ah, well, I should have gone for less, considering that half of the armies at tournies are demons.

17-02-2009, 04:47
Malorian, Scott from game 2 here. Even though we played game two that still was the best game that I played in the tournament. To be honest I was kind of nervous about your list just because of the combat res you can produce. The battle reports were well written also good job on the 3 wins. (I ended up playing the LD bomb army and the DE army you faced). but good show malorian (ps my next list will be orcs seeing as I played 3 orcs armies and everytime I just thought they were wicked!)

also a quick side note to the person saying my list was illegal, I had asked various GW staff from multiple stores before hand about it, and if you read the note on the top of page 92 in the daemon codex it clarifies things a bit as well.

17-02-2009, 15:31
I think if I started another fantasy army my wife would kill me ;)

Still deciding what I should get painted for Onslaught. (Are you planning to go to Onslaught Scott?)

warlord hack'a
17-02-2009, 16:03
well if you want to reliably end high use your VC, if you want to show the world what a brilliant general you are, use O&G ;-).

17-02-2009, 23:59
Mal, there's usually a group of us calgary kids that make the trek down, they were all playing 40k last time, I think the next tourney's grotscon I'm guessing? and I think they were speaking of playing 40k, although I'm not a huge 40k fan I do have some armies but just don't tickle my fancy. There's a good chance I'll be down for onslaught. and hopefully I won't be sick of my army before the tournament (like with fracas, I was up to about 35 games this year going into the tournament with that army so I had played them to death).

But count me in, not sure what I'll be taking, possibly warriors, possibly lizards, possibly something else ;)

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
20-02-2009, 08:19
@malorian, why don't you try one of my lists? I do pretty decent with them. So maybe they also work for you.


20-02-2009, 13:11
Don't you run a night goblin horde?

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
20-02-2009, 13:13
Don't you run a night goblin horde?

For fun games I play with my goblins, on tournies I bring out my mixed armies. With the amount of points I have I can basicly field every OnG army build there exist:p


20-02-2009, 14:40
For fun games I play with my goblins, on tournies I bring out my mixed armies. With the amount of points I have I can basicly field every OnG army build there exist:p


What would you say is your best tourney list?

If I have the models I'll give it a try.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
20-02-2009, 14:49

Take a look there:), I think that the list has some serious potential. It has some serious punch and great magic defence against all those 12pd and more armies.

I only lost once with the list( altough I only played 5times with the list sofar), and it was against a friend who won the dutch ranking so he just outplayed me and such.

But take the discussion there instead of bringing your topic off topic:)


ghost of scubasteve
20-02-2009, 19:16

Im looking to pick up a 2nd warhammer fantasy army at some point, and i figure id ask you:

what would be a good 2nd army to pick up after playing O&G? i play a list kind of similar to yours, horde, not much magic

what would be an army that would play differently than O&Gs to check out??

20-02-2009, 19:31
Ghost, I sent you a PM.

20-02-2009, 20:13
also a quick side note to the person saying my list was illegal, I had asked various GW staff from multiple stores before hand about it, and if you read the note on the top of page 92 in the daemon codex it clarifies things a bit as well.
PM sent. i dont wanna hijack the thread.

22-02-2009, 01:11
Where was the tournament on?

it's very interesting to see six full list from another area, the play style seems more infantry focused and medium magic, in my area the lists either end up magic heavy or empty, and cavalry plays a larger part.

some of the lists above look dodgy, especially the block of swordmasters.

22-02-2009, 01:18
Veloxnex the tournament was in Edmonton. I thought there was a good showing of lists, from what I faced there were a few magic heavy armies or really anti magic armies, didn't seem like there was all that much in the 2-3 levels of magic it was like 6+ or a scroll caddy. There were a lot of cool lists, a fair number of orks, a few lizards (some carny some slann one skink) there was one mono god daemon army, 2 warriors armies (both looked amazing) I didn't see anything too gross in the ways of big things (I think there was a double hydra list, a few greater daemons, and a dragon or two). I hope that helps your question about the lists and where it was

22-02-2009, 04:53
how did the double hydra list do? did people get him for soft scores because of it?
was it an infantry DE, or was it a cavalry DE list?

22-02-2009, 06:21
The folks in Edmonton do a great job in setting up the missions. If you are a magic heavy army you are going to suffer in the given anti-magic mission. If you play a gunline you are going to suffer in the given move and capture missions.

I think this is a big element in why the list we see up here are more balanced and not the WAAC list you see going to the tournaments in the states. (Although you still find those too.)

23-02-2009, 06:06
I have to agree. The fantasy missions were geared to encourage balanced list. When is "Onslaught", October?