View Full Version : mixed demons 2000pts (no slaanesh)

06-02-2009, 20:04
hi new to demons, im trying to make a list that isnt to over powerd, i really like the guo but would be willing to lose him so this is the list

guo 635pts
lvl3, nurgle's rot, noxious vapours, trappings of nurgle

herald of nurgle 200pts
bsb, slime trail, standerd of sundering

herald of tzzentch 165pts
spell braker, master of sorcery

10 letters 120pts

14 plaguebearers 223pts
fc, standerd of seeping decay

15 horrors 180pts

5 hounds 170pts

3 screamers 90pts

3 bloodcrushers 210pts

total: 1993
pd: 8
dd: 6
scrolls: 1

pleas coment, im not makign an uber list but i still would liek a good list, so all coments are welcom

07-02-2009, 04:19
15 is the exact wrong number of horrors. 15 horros are still a level 1 wizard. 16 horrors are a level 2. I would either add 4 more horrors or take 5 away and spend the points else where.

Get that nugle herald on a palaquine. remember the palaquine counts as 4 nugle units for rank determination (this has been made explicite in the new lizardman book and is a general rule for all armies.)
then you can reduce the number of plauge bearers to 11 from 14 almost paying for the palaquine.