View Full Version : Old Blood+Duel EotG 2250pts.

Gork or Possibly Mork
07-02-2009, 07:08
Hi all this list is roughly based on the one Grimlok posted @2000 pts. I swapped the Carnosaur for another EotG if deployed right it will pretty much give me a 5+ ward for the whole army. Saurus blocks in the center, EotG's flanking saurus, cohorts and sallie/razors on the flanks. I think the flanks are a little fragile but my opponents usually like to sit back. My main opponents are DE and VC and usually they bring a balanced/mixed list with moderate to good magic. BTW do you guys/gals think 2 EotG's is :cheese: My opponents usually never complain just curious what others think.

Old Blood-Duel EotG list------------2246 pts.


Saurus Old Blood - [245]
- Light Armour
- Enchanted Shield
- Glyph Necklace
- Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent

Scar Veteran - [133]
- Light Armour
- shield
- Sword of the Hornet
- Talisman of Protection

Skink Priest - [440]
- Diadem of Power
- Dispell Scroll

Skink Priest - [440]
- Plaque of Tepok
- Dispell Scroll


17 x Saurus Warriors - [222] [Saurus Old Blood's unit]
- Musician
- Spears

17 x Saurus Warriors - [234] [Scar Veteran's unit]
- Full Command
- Spears

10 x Skink Cohort - [56]

10 x Skink Cohort - [56]


4 x Terradons - [120]


2 x salamanders - [150]

2 x Razordons - [150]

07-02-2009, 07:25
I've faced 2 EotG before and I must say, it's pretty tough. That ward save makes them very effective along with the nuke it can send out which has been surprisingly devastating every time its hit me. Otherwise I think it's a very balanced list and should still do very well.