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bork da basher
07-02-2009, 14:44
trying to build a true linebreaker khorne army to give me an alternative to my tzeentch warriors list. this is about as point and click as it comes but its designed to hold nothing back, just plough into the enemy and ride them down. im fully aware of how frenzy can screw you over but this isnt about tactics its about killing.

3 exalteds, 2 on juggers, 1 on a chariot. the jugger champions are kitted out as hard hitting terror bombers either to accompany knights or should enemy shooting be light on the ground possible lone riders. the banner of the gods is costly but i think it could keep me in the game should i fail to break a unit and get bogged down. the chariot is a wildcard that i've never tried before but with between 14 and 20 attacks at S4,S5 & S7 its capable of riding down units by himself.

3 units of flail armed horsemen with MoK, ive tried these already and by god i was impressed. for a 105pts they hit as hard as heavy cavalry, they have none of their protection but usually enough enemy are dead to minimise attacks back. shooting will maul them but oh well, khorne cares not from whence the blood flows.

doggies o' doom. 20 of em to die fulla arrows n bolts so my knights don't have to.

then the hammer, 20 khorne knights. im fairly confident that these units can smash anything in the game, i find they dont break units as much as they just remove them entirely. led by the two jugger champs who cause terror, with proberly 2/4 units gaining stubborn they can take on most things and expect to win.

great in theory but it might be a true nightmare on the tabletop to control.

any thoughts or ideas for improvements?

Exalted champion / MoK, juggernaut, filth mace, enchanted shield / 225

Exalted champion / MoK, juggernaut, BSB, banner of the gods / 325

Exalted champion / MoK, chariot of khorne, flail, shield, / 264

5 maruader horsemen / MoK, flails / 105
5 maruader horsemen / MoK, flails / 105
5 maruader horsemen / MoK, flails / 105
5 hounds / 30
5 hounds / 30
5 hounds / 30
5 hounds / 30

5 knights / MoK, standard / 250 (general)
5 knights / MoK, standard / 250 (BSB)
5 knights / MoK, standard / 250
5 knights / MoK, standard / 250


07-02-2009, 15:38
I think this is a great list idea. I don't think anyone can complain too much about it being cheesey etc with no lord choice, no mixing of marks and no dragon. I've discussed similar lists with people and the general concensus i've picked up is that four units of 5 knights doesn't work well with frenzy/space on the gaming table. imo it would be better to go with 2 units of 8 knights with the an exalted in each and run them 6 or 7 wide with 2 or 3 in the rear rank. this gives them more room on the table, two units are easier to screen than four and you can soend the left over points on more units of maurader horsemen. then also give each of there two units magic resistance 2 with the available items/banners. what do you reckon?

Oh and also a unit of 9 cavalry will more than likely still have a full front rank by the time it reaches combat and greatly increases chance of 1st turn breaking. Units of five knights might have only 3 models left by combat time and can be more easily beaten. consider that flanking with the knights will be difficult with frenzy, so if you're smacking everything in the front and you can only get one unit in contact with the frontage of a unit make sure its a big unit and you only need to hit it once rather than queing up units of <5.

07-02-2009, 16:37
Maybe drop a unit of marauders for MORE dogs! 3 more dog units could provide ample screening for your knights to make sure they don't get baited by skirmishers and other harassers. That, and they can absorb some fire before your knights get into combat.

I've thought about running an entire army of hounds...300 dogs, a lord, and a couple units of marauder horsemen. That would be the ultimate haha list...

bork da basher
07-02-2009, 18:18
cant drop marauders, dogs dont count to min core selection so the list wouldnt be legal without 3 units of horsemen.

4 units of 5 knights works for my tzeentch list, i'll see how it fares with frenzy before i change it i think, 5 khorne knights can break almost any unit, with 4 units i could proberly expect to loose 1 before combat kicks off. id rather have multiple targets and still retain decent hitting power. 2 units would likely see one of them decimated leaving only one unit to do the killing with....i'll give it a whirl and find out though.

an entire hound army, brave brave man.

07-02-2009, 18:58
As it stands its fine.

Although the changes I would personally make are as follows:

The filth mace should go on a slower character, why?
Well the terror bomb tactic works best when the enemy general is either dead or out of the way where his leadership doesnt help the army, on a fast character you need to make sure the enemy general is the first thing you kill, usually a tricky prospect even with chaos.

The Battle Standard bearer can carry mundane equiptment as normal, he is not restricted to keeping 2 hands on the standard at all times. This is well worth taking advantage of.

Your chariot mounted character gives the chariot frenzy by virtue of being frenzied himself. So you are paying for the mark to give the chariot frenzy....it's wasted points untill they solve this with an errata (although I belive it will not be rectified).

Your knights....the standards are a liability.
It's an additional 100vp that your opponent can easily get at. Bait, flee, flank, win...and presto a standard. It's not all that tricky to kill a single enemy knight when you've hit his flank, thus preventing any return attacks. So you'll get yourself 100vp even if you dont run the enemy knights down.

Not to menton dropping them saves you a full 80pts you can spend on other things (like equiptment and items and more dogs!).

The advice im giving is mostly from experience using a khornate cavalry list very much like the one you have here.(albeit 1.5k not 2k)
I ended out having to add a couple of magic levels just to make the game more interesting for me, simply as there is not a great deal to do with a fully khornate army.

I strongly sugguest investing in the Bloodcurdling Roar on one of your character's. Simply as something to do in the shooting phase.
Plus you'll get to yell Blood For The Blood God! Skulls For The Throne Of Khorne! at your opponent each shooting phase which is always good fun ^_^!

07-02-2009, 21:20
2 units would likely see one of them decimated leaving only one unit to do the killing with....i'll give it a whirl and find out though.

Fair enough yeah find out what works for you but bear in mind if the enemy can decimate one unit of 9 knights they can decimate two units of five as well.