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07-02-2009, 16:45
Hello everybody,

First I like to thank those that have helped me narrow this down to two Armies. Know I just need help and info on pros and cons of each, and suggestions of-course on these armies. I wanna have one army picked by next week so I can start playing. Also can someone suggest what I should buy from each of these armies cause I don't want to waste money on models that might not be worth it.

07-02-2009, 17:10
Both armies can field very powerful magic, so they have that in common.

High Elves-
An elite centered army of disciplined troops that are not very tough, but able to react very swiftly, both in movement and by striking first in combat even if charged. Their ability to always strike first in battle means that many of their units are still deadly hen charged, and some of their deadly elite infantry units only defense is that they will probably kill so many of the enemy that there will be few left to strike back at them. They can field decent shooting, poweful magic, elite cavalry and infantry. Their heroes aren't very deadly on their own but have good defensive items, and can fly on some very powerful beasties. They have access to a wide variety of support units that perform just about any function; their core infantry tends to be competent but often fill a supporting rather than decisive role. They are vulnerable to being shot at, because their lack of armor and their fast reflexes don't help them out against ranged attacks, and they are an expensive army points-wise because of the high-quality of the troops.
This list is subjective, you should choose an army based on the kind of abilities you like in your troops and which models you'll enjoy painting, but here you go. A good way to learn which troops you prefer is to buy say half an army and play smaller games, find out which kinds of troops you prefer using, or find yourself wishing you had, and then getting the rest.
Excellent Troops: Dragon Princes, Swordmasters, White Lions
Good Troops: Phoenix Guard, Spearmen, Repeater bolt-throwers, Chariots
(These troops are pretty effective for what they do or for their cost)
Competent Troops: Ellyrian Reavers, Shadow Warriors, Archers, Seaguard
(These units perform their role competently but not exceptionally- they can perform useful or even vital tasks, just not much better than any similar unit in another army)
Questionable units: Silver Helms (ok for their cost, but the dragon princes are so much better for +8 points, that few people feel they're worth taking by comparison)

Lizardmen also can field very powerful magic in the form of a giganic toad on a high chair- otherwise known as a Slann. The army as a whole is also very disciplined because of the cold blooded rule, and hard to break or panic. The army is basically divided between three major elements- weak but very agile skinks skirmishers that can shoot a hail of deadly but short-ranged poison darts, block units of very tough and very deadly saurus warriors that are slow but deadly in combat, and then various dinosaur units that perform a wide ranged of functions from providing extra punch in melee (kroxigors, stegadons) to fast attack (saurus cav, terrardon riders) to shooting (salamanders, razordon.)
The new army list seems pretty promising, especially in making armies with lots of sauruses or large monsters more effective, though he skirmishers are still an excellent bargains as well. There has yet to develpe a consensus on the relative effectiveness of various choices, but there are aren't any that are obviously bad so far.

Awilla the Hun
08-02-2009, 10:07
Swiftly donning my normal Awilla personality...

Pick whichever once looks best. I don't know much more specific info about the armies, but the best looking one is usually a good bet.

And as for what to get? A magician, a regiment of infantry, a regiment of cavalry, perhaps some bowmen, are a good start. Or the battle force.

08-02-2009, 11:19
Lizards are the flavour of the month; they're probably more interesting than High Elves, plus you get Jabba the Hut for free.

08-02-2009, 11:55
Especially when you go for the Battallion box, lizardmen are much cheaper then HE's because their models are mostly plastic and you can easily build them into an effective force by adding a stegadon, Slann and one more box of Temple Guard.

After this, you can go for the fun stuff....

But as a HE player I must say HE's are fun to play and collect. They have some of the best models available and are highly elite!

08-02-2009, 11:57
I would go for Lizardmen. High Elves ASF Is a really retarded army wide rule.

08-02-2009, 13:02
Go lizardmen! :D