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07-02-2009, 21:52
So, I got the new book yesterday and have whipped up my first list:


Slaan: 2 disciplines (+1 dice to spells, knows whole lore). Rod of the storm, dispel scroll, bane head. Battle standard bearer
will operate on his own behind the lines, or with a unit of skink skirmishers if need be. magic missiles (including the rod) will be thrown through the skink priest. He'll stick close to the saurus units, to make the most of the BSB and ld 9.

Skink priest on engine of the gods: blood statuette of spite
Almost mandatory, I think. Will combo magic with the slaan, bubble the saurus against shooting heavy lists or unleash the zappy if enemy cavalry hit my lines. The blood statuette is there to throw out against an enemy scroll caddy, wizard lord, or elf lord on dragon. If I can knock out enemy magic defense early, my slaan can really start to make it tell.

Scar veteran: light armor, shield, great weapon, charm of the jaguar warrior
Protection for the skink priest on the engine, alternatively can be used to deal with fliers, march blockers, chariots and other such threats by moving out of the unit and then SOSing into them. With the weight of magic in this army, this is quite a powerful tactic


15 saurus warriors: Spears, standard, musician
engine of the gods and scarvet go here, for effective 24 man unit. Very tough nut to crack, and units charging it to try and snipe the priest are likely to break, run and get run down, allowing me to get into enemy lines.

18 saurus warriors: spears, standard, musician

18 saurus warriors: spears, standard, musician

Line units, in 3 ranks of 6. should be able to go after most softer targets easily enough and support the main bunker.

10 skink skirmishers: Blowpipes
if enemy has significant threats to the slaan, he will join this unit and they will act as a bodyguard

10 skinks

10 skinks
first deployment units, bait, flankers and so forth. May switch them out for one unit of 11 skinks+ a kroxi


4 terradons

4 terradons
I'm planning on using these cautiously, hiding them behind my saurus blocks until enemy fast cav, skirmishers or fliers are well within 20", then send them out and cripple a unit with each, before coming back in to rear charge enemies my saurus have engaged, or go war machine hunting. With the US2 from flying cav, they can probably get the +2 for rear charge easily enough.

5 chameleon skinks
March blockers, disruptors and area denial unit. Good for getting in behind units to crossfire them


Salamander: extra handler

Salamander: extra handler
these will quickly go up flanks, looking for flanks of cavalry or blocks of infantry to flame. Their main job is to just cause panic tests rather than significant casualties. If my terradons are neutralised, these will go after war machines.

Power dice: 9+ slaan dice+ 3 bound spells
Dispel dice: 6 + scroll
deployments: 12

07-02-2009, 23:07
Well even on an initial gloss over I see a major weakness with your slann. IE its relativity unprotected. Relying on a 4+ ward against everything and anything your enemy will throw at the toad is a very very risky proposition. I get your are trying to use a skimisher screen but that won't save him for long.

Although I prefer the classic Temple Guard for protection, if you really feel the need to keep him independent I would highly advise you give him the disciple to make him ethereal. Should keep him relatively protected from most warmachines and skimishers as well as sneaky fast cav.

Also, in general I think you lack hard hitting power. You will really have to rely on your magic phase to do any damage which could work but is pretty risky. I suggest a real stegadon (engine really not meant for combat) or some cold one calvary to give your army some real can opening strength. Some terradons could easily go to get this.

08-02-2009, 01:32
This is my plan for the slaan:

Against armies with little shooting or terribly dangerous magic missiles (daemons, VC, chaos etc) he will freelance around by himself. He'll obviously be kept out of the way, but in such a way that he can inflict a lot of pain.

Against armies with war machines and shooting, but no hills or high deployments, he will hide directly behind a unit, using spells that don't need LOS or channeling through the priest.

Against armies with shooting/ magic and a vantage point that can target the slaan over my units, (or cannons that can snipe him) he will deployed in a unit of skink skirmishers, giving him a LOS save against templates and immunity against bolt throwers, bows and the like.

I agree that the ethereal doctrine is a good one, but I want to see if I can keep him alive reliably without it. It strikes me as very dooable if you're smart about it

08-02-2009, 02:39
I agree, people sometimes assume that are other players are stupid enough to leave fragile stuff out in the open and say 'it will just killed' based on mathhammer results or black and white paper list assumptions. But most people aren't stupid enough to give away vp's and victories when they know their own unit limitations.