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Dead Man Walking
08-02-2009, 03:11
I have updated my army list from an old kroxigor list to a new one. I also have a 3500 tourney coming up next week and I need advice on what to add.

Here is my old 2250 list
4 units of x4 kroxigor
1 saurus bsb with banner to move 1d6 in magic phase (added to kroxi unit). Tepok and itzl spawning
1 Saurus with gw, shield, light armor, tepok and +1 armor spawnings, Move 9" magic item. (General)
1 priest levl 2 diadem of power
1 priest level 2 dispel scroll
3 salamanders
4 units of 10 skinks
1 unit of 11 skinks with scout
1 Stegadon

This army would rocket across the table with kroxi's on table ends and stegadon in center (12 inch from bsb) to hold the middle for kroxi's to flank in on. Skinks annoy, salamanders shoot em up and mages mostly for dispel dice.

Now the list has to change (naturally). One weakness of the old list was getting shot up on the way in and magical strength, and I plan on solving both problems with EOTG.

The new list goes;
4 units of 4 kroxigor
3 units of 10 skink scouts

Priest, level 2, dispel scroll, EOTG
Priest, Level 2, EOTG
Skink Chief (general) stegadon warspear, Stegadon, light armor + shield


I also need an additional 1250 points for a 3500 tourney, and I am adding Lord Mazumundi as he is a slaan who can move fast like this army does.

Any suggestions?

Lotl Botl
08-02-2009, 04:02
cool list but, one suggestion is make the skink chief a bsb, it reduces your armor save by one, but it makes all your somewhat skittish units dead solid

Dead Man Walking
08-02-2009, 14:01
Oh yeah I had it in my head that if he had a bsb he couldnt take the warspear, I'll try to pencil that one in definately.

I still need 1250 points though.

Dead Man Walking
08-02-2009, 14:50
Actually I should make the priest a bsb so chief can give better leadership as general.

Desert Rain
08-02-2009, 15:39
The priest can't be a BSB, so if you want a BSB you will be stuck with Ld6

08-02-2009, 21:08
I would perhaps swap out one EOTG priest for a scarvet for your general, perhaps with the charm to get where he needs to go. This will give you some points to play with. I would suggest dropping a couple of kroxis to 3 and putting skink units around them and upping the other two units to 5. This will make the 5 man units a truly tough proposition, even if they get shot a little, and buffer the 3 man units against shooting and give you ranks. 20 skinks per unit should be fine, for three ranks (add a standard too), outnumber and a solid buffer before the two easy ranks get knocked off. I think your army will really benefit from those ranks and standards.

Dead Man Walking
09-02-2009, 02:22
I've played many many years with krox armies and if you put 5 in a unit the unit can't rally if they have only 1 model left. If you start with 4 you can rally with only one kroxi in the unit. Its also harder to turn the unit of 5 and most of the time you cant get all of them in base to base. Its a rule of diminishing returns.

A Unit of 3 is good for a flanking unit, but when a unit that is designed for flanking is used as your regular mover and shaker unit then 3 don't quite cut it. 3 Is good, but loose one and 2 can't do -anything- from the front of a unit. They have to flank. 4 Kroxigor are ideal for fielding in this configuration. With 4 you have room to take some wounds and still win tough fights (Its a dice game) and you get closer to the magic number of 9, the wounds you need to dish out to autobreak a unit of 20 with fear. (They would be us 11, you would be us 12). Portent of Far and second sign help a lot with reaching the magic #9. My opponents learned quick never to let me get those spells off.

4 Kroxigor in each unit is essential to victory, I would rather field 3 units of 4 to free up points than field 4 units of 3.