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The Tanning Shop
08-02-2009, 14:13
I have converted a 1,750pts Witch Hunters army to represent the USCM from Aliens and have 60 storm troopers, arbites to lead (inquisitor), a couple of Eversor assasins, jet packers(seraphim), sentries (retributors). Do you reckon I could use the Sentinel Powerlifters as the Puritant Enginesas a replacement for the Forgeworld rules?

08-02-2009, 14:28
as long as you made it clear that the model as such and such i'd have no problem with it, guess it really depends on who you play against and how they feel about it.

The Tanning Shop
08-02-2009, 17:49
Cheers, also I meant the penitent engines not puritant, do you think it would be the same at Devourer '09 as it's a tournament and I'm not sure whether the overall staff would agree to letting me use it?

08-02-2009, 17:51
I wouldn't have a problem with it! To be honest, I've heard the stats for the Powerlifter in game are pretty dissappointing (it is a construction vehicle after all). I think there should be a rule however that as long as the pilot is a female, it instakills Tyranids.

Unamed Consript
08-02-2009, 19:33
I think there should be a rule however that as long as the pilot is a female, it instakills Tyranids.

I second that

08-02-2009, 19:44
Sensible counts as. Similar size and shape, easily identifiable.

08-02-2009, 20:27
It depends on the organisers. Email them or something and ask.

Persoanlly, I think its a great idea.

08-02-2009, 23:08
Works for me, and I can't see anyone really going against you on that. I say go for it.

The Tanning Shop
09-02-2009, 17:00
Cheers guys, tell me about it the stats are poop, but at least that gives me some half decent vehicles for the Witch Hunters army and better looking.

09-02-2009, 17:02
Aslong as they're yellow and you write the clasic line on the base rim I'd have no problems ;)


09-02-2009, 17:16
In case someone's pedantic enough to say ''that's not the penitent engine model and as such I will be unable to distinguish what it represents, so I don't want you using it'', bring along some post-its with 'penitent engine' written on.
Just to avoid confusion...