View Full Version : 2250 pts Empire army for upcoming tournament. Comments appreciated

08-02-2009, 13:59
Ok so heres my list , I was originally thinking of having 20 greatswords in here, as well as an AL on war altar, big unit of knights with WP instead of two small ones, and a captasus, But since it seems from what Ive heard that War altars and Stanks arent a popular combo And because I prefer having some shooting instead of that extra infantry unit ive opted for this list. The list is the result of several hours of heavy thinking. Anyway please give me your critique, advice, thoughts and suggestions, as they are much needed, especially when it comes to my general and his uses as well as my characters equipment.

General: Tiberius von Khrest, Griffon, lance, armour of meteoric Iron, holy relic, total: 356

Warrior Priest: Heavy armour, enchanted shield, Hammer (Sword) of battle, total: 124 (goes with the spearmen)

Battle Wizard: Ludwig von Drakwald, level 2, Rod of Power total: 130

Battle Wizard: Destriax the Silent, Level 2, Wizards staff, total: 110

Core: 22 Spearmen, shields, full command, total: 152
Detachment: 6 Milita free company, total: 30
Detachment: 6 archers, total: 48

Core: 20 Swordsmen, full command, warbanner, total: 170
Detachment: 10 Milita Free company, total: 50

Core: 15 Flagelants, Prophet of Doom total: 160

Core: 5 Reiksguard Knights, Total: 115

Core: 5 Knights Panther, Total: 115

Special: 1 Great Cannon, total: 100

Special: 1 Mortar, total: 75

Special: 5 Outriders, total: 105

Rare: 1 Hellblaster Volley Gun: 110

Rare: 1 Steam Tank: 300
Army total: 2250
DD: 5, (+ 1-3 with rod of power)
PD: 6, and 1 bound spell

The things I am unsure about however is what I should equip my characters with, especially the wizards, be that ring of volans,doomfire ring, or if I should add some scrolls. Anyway I Think Ive come up with a solid list which isnt cheesy, with good flexibility, a solid shooting phase, an average magic phase, I also think I will do pretty good in the combat phase with 3 infantry blocks with support units, and 2 terror causing heavy hitters. Anyway I am all ears, I am especially interested in your thoughts on my general and his potential uses, vulnerabilities and tactics etc.