View Full Version : Saurus in MSU with Command?

08-02-2009, 16:42
do you think full or partial command ond saurus is worth it in an MSU lizardmen army? (assuming a unit size of 10-12)

08-02-2009, 16:56
I'd probably go for a standard bearer, or a champion, but just one of them. Kind of depends how many points you have and how many uits, as well as how the other army is like. Do you intend to break the enemy ranks with flankcharges of other saurus units? Then it might be good if they can muster up some static combat res of their own for a turn. If not, (ie: cavalry charge or stegadons, terradons, whatnot) and the combined charge can be made in the same turn I might go for niether.

MSU is a minimalistic approach though, keep that in mind...

Good luck and please post an armylist. :) The new book is great, I've been reading it all weekend.

08-02-2009, 17:07
Normally MSU lists rely on sacrificing a few units to win with the rest.

Usually the units flee a lot (most of the time on purpose), so you should try to take musicians only, which will help your units rally after they flee, and they won't give up an extra 100 points per unit for breaking in CC like Standards will.

Only include champions in units you intend to have characters in (to take a challenge if necessary).

You'll want Spear Saurus to receive charges usually (assuming you choose to receive any) and then some HW and Shield Saurus for flanking (as the Spears don't get any extra attacks on the charge, and the HW-Shield will have 1 better save).

Probably about 12 max in a Saurus unit total, musician only, is what I would do (and what I often DO actually bring). Any wider and you don't get all models in b2b anyways, and any deeper and its not a small, cheap unit anymore.

You will also want Skink Skirmishers, probably both Razordons AND Salamanders, Cold One Cavalry or Kroxigors to hit anything you need to hit hard, and probably at least one Stegadon with a Bolt Thrower to try to deal with Knights, which will be difficult to stop without a big block of Saurus or Temple Guard.

You will probably want an Oldblood as opposed to a Slann, I would try either Blade of Revered Tzunki to deal with Knights, or Burning Blade of Chotec, and mount him on a Cold One if you can stand stupidity (or the magic horned one).

Whatever else you choose I strongly recommend the War Drums of Xahutec on one character (not your General if possible) to give your Saurus LD 10 when rallying (1 for drums, 1 for musician)

08-02-2009, 17:10
If you are going for MSU you should only have a musician, if anything.

For general MSU-purposes I would include a few 10-man units of skinks for redirecting etc. They have M6 and cost less than half for the same mission.