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08-02-2009, 18:54
Hey guys,

I'm a long-time Fantasy veteran and I had a Tzeentch HoC army in 6th Edition (as well as HE and TK). Now that the WoC 7th Edition book is out, I've been playing around with a couple ideas, and this is what I came up with for my 2k list. I'd appreciate it if you guys (esp. experienced WoC 7th generals, I haven't played a game in 7th with WoC yet) could take a look at it and give me some pointers or comments! Thanks! Oh, and it's supposed to be a mono-Tzeentch army, so although MoN+Rage Banner Knights are godly, I only want no-mark or MoT.


Sorceror Lord (450)
+ Level 4
+ Mark of Tzeentch
+ Disc of Tzeentch
+ Golden Eye of Tzeentch
+ Enchanted Shield
+ Infernal Puppet
+ Sword of Might
+ Third Eye of Tzeentch
+ Conjoined Homunculus


Chaos Sorcerer (206)
+ Level 2
+ Mark of Tzeentch
+ Book of Secrets
+ Warrior Familiar
+ Favor of the Gods
+ Barded Chaos Steed

Exalted Hero (214)
+ Flail
+ Mark of Tzeentch
+ Disc of Tzeentch
+ Armor of Morrslieb
+ Enchanted Shield
+ Bloodcurdling Roar


20x Marauders (140)
+ Flails
+ Light Armor
+ Full Command

20x Marauders (160)
+ Light Armor
+ Shield
+ Full Command
+ Mark of Tzeentch (this is for fluff reasons, and for added tarpitting, since I'm using Beastmen models "counts as" for these)

18x Chaos Warriors (401)
+ Additional Hand Weapons
+ Shields
+ Mark of Tzeentch
+ Full Command
+ Banner of Wrath


5x Chaos Knights (310)
+ Mark of Tzeentch
+ Full Command
+ Blasted Standard


Chaos Spawn (55)

Chaos Spawn (55)

TOTAL: 1991 Points

STRATEGY: Basically, Warriors are in the middle of the board (so they have good LOS for BoW) and form a solid core with the 2 Marauder units on either side. Spawn either lurch around between the Warriors and Marauders (to add more combat res to any struggling units), on the flanks of the Marauder units (to tarpit would-be flankers), or in the backfield (to annoy/prevent march-blockers). Knights on the flank hoping to roll up their battle line.

The Sorceror Lord on his own and Sorcerer with the Knights do their magic thing. The Lord flies around in the enemy's DZ, marchblocking, casting, and/or killing warmachine crews. The Exalted on Disc flies behind enemy Knights, roars to soften them up, then charges in with his flail in another turn. Either that or he marchblocks the Knights while screaming at them, goes after tough monsters (S7 on charge and 1+/3++ save vs. nonmagic), or helps to kill warmachine crews. Could even help out Marauder blocks by rearcharging whatever they're fighting and adding some kill combat res, etc.

The 214 points used for the Exalted is a hotly-contested spot in my list. I like a lot of the other stuff going on, but I am heavily debating whether those 200 points would be better off a) as is, i.e. with the exalted, b) in a unit of 12 Forsaken (I converted some models and really like the look of these guys, but they look to be of dubious usefulness), or c) a Hellcannon. Expanding to 2250 will most certainly include the Hellcannon, one of the above options, or another wizard, etc.

So what do you guys think? Any advice? :)

09-02-2009, 18:59
you can't take the enchanted shield on the exalted because he is already wearing
magic armour and because your lord already took it

09-02-2009, 21:49
I was under the impression that the Enchanted Shield, because it was a common magic item, could be given to more than one model in an army and combined with other magic armor. I guess that was from a previous Edition, oops. If that's the case I would just replace the Enchanted Shield with a regular shield, and give the Exalted the Favor of the Gods instead of the Sorcerer. The extra 15 points would then buy something silly, like an extra Warrior or two Marauders.

Thanks for pointing that out.