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04-12-2005, 13:16
Howdy all again

Some of you may have seen my advanced 40k rules post. Well I have done some small changes to the rules, chopped out some rules that made balance issues a problem and etc. Thus creating v2.5 of the rules. I have also uploaded them as a easy to read PDF file ready for download. Please comments very welcome.

12-12-2005, 06:42
Wow, a blast from the past, seems like a really go adaptation of 2nd Edition Rules, some things I suggest,

AP can be managed quite elegently as AP=Save -1
AP > Save No Mod
AP < Save No Save

The only (somewhat unrealistic thing I can see is bolters don't affect space marines as much as they should), but! that is more the fault of the bolters stat line, .75 shells should be better than AP5

Second thing I really hate about 40K is no charge responses, let the D3 "run" move work during the shooting phase in addition to shooting, but shooters now get -1 to hit. Since both chargers and "runners" get a D3 it'll put some excitement in that role! Also, make fleet of foot something like D6+1 to preserver fleet of footers advantages somewhat

13-12-2005, 06:33
Thanks mate...

Yeah the bolter should be a lot more powerful, at AP 4, but MEQs are tough enough how it is :D.

As for the running suggestion I do like you idea, and have had similiar comments. I have left it how it is (well for the time being). If you could run and still shoot (even with -1 to hit) it would put BS 4 heavy armies at too much of a advantage. Don't forget back in the day of 2nd ed your standar movement rate was 4'' or 8'' at the march. Today the move of infantry is 6'' (only 2'' shy of 2nd ed's march rate), so I feel the 6'' move is a run (not a walk nor a sprint), by choosing to move an extra D3 represents the models sprinting, with weapons holstered (just like 2nd ed's march).

13-12-2005, 11:41
I like this stuff a lot, did you get the 'Going to Ground' from Warhammer Panzer Battles

13-12-2005, 14:05
No the idea actually came from Flames of War, the two rules a different in formula but represent the same thing.