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09-02-2009, 00:41
I'm new to the forum, but I've heard good stuff about it and hoped you could help me out. At the place where I play fantasy, there is someone else who plays Warriors of Chaos. I've lost pretty badly to him in the past, mainly due to the fact that he has a ridiculous magic phase. I'm posting my list, please make some helpful comments that will tune it towards wrecking warriors.

Empire General
Griffon, Talisman of Protection, Sword of Sigismund, Dawn Armor 375 pts

Battle wizard lvl 2 (metal)
wizard's staff, dispel scroll 135 pts

Battle wizard lvl 2 (light)
2x dispel scrolls 150 pts

25 swordsmen, full command 175 pts

20 swordsmen, full command
5 handgunner detachment 185 pts

10 handgunners full command
Hochland Long Rifle 120 pts

15 handgunners full command
long rifle 160 pts

10 handgunners Marksmen
Long rifle 105 pts

Cannon 100 pts

5 outriders full command 129 pts

8 inner circle knights full command 248 pts


Helblaster Volley Gun 115 pts

Total: 1997 pts

Before you rip me up, please remember that the list is limited by my resources. I know I need to drop gunners, get more blocks of infantry, and need a steam tank.

09-02-2009, 01:06
VHS is very good against chaos..... especially since they can't refuse a challenge.. you just take that up to their biggest and baddest character and BAM... they have your crappy stat line haha


09-02-2009, 01:21
Don't both with the hochlands, chaos heroes are too tough for them to do much. Give the marksmen repeating hand guns or don't upgrade to marksmen. Your hand gunners shouldn't take any other command options.

Nay on the griffin lord, not nearly powerful enough to make a dent in chaos knights and warriors. Take an arch lector on the war alter or on a barded steed with VHS. No point in paying for combat stats when you get them from your opponent, and the lector helps with magic offense and defense.

A captain on a pegasus with aldreds casket might help against his magic, as would another mage with the rod of power. Make sure that all your mages use the lore of metal, it is just too good against WoC.

Drop the IC knights, too expensive and not enough power. Drop the outriders, and take two units of pistoliers (musician is a must, champ with repeater pistol recommended) and a second cannon.

09-02-2009, 05:54
i play chaos and an arc lector on war altar with Van Horstmann's Speculum is an absolute nightmare to play against. Add a couple of battle wizards, 1 hellblaster (kills everything except nurgle knights really) and a couple of cannons and it is horrifyingly depressing for the WoC player.

The Farmer
09-02-2009, 07:51
Against chaos you can splurge out on mobility and fragility as they're lack of fliers + shooters and skirmishers of any sorts hinders their ability to deal with your faster units (except for their magic) like a captasus or pistoliers (who can deter marauder horseman and hounds which manage to catch them with stand and shoot). March blocking against an ill prepared chaos player is frustrating for them.

Who ever said you needed to get a steam tank? Real men don't use steam tanks.
Handgunners should be min sized no command. If you keep the outriders break up your knights into two units of 5 (hoping u have another 2) and keep them nilla as they can fulfill the role of pistoliers minus the harrasing bit. Drop full command on outrider unit. R.O.P is a must for magic defence.

The infantry line need combat characters to hold it (though against chaos they're still not going to do much) I've never seen an empire list without all character slots filled. If you can afford it fit another cannon just to ensure reliability. Don't take the griffon unless you want to have a friendly game as its ability to terror bomb is non existant against chaos, its overpriced compared to literally every monster that has come out after it and it lacks staying power, Toughness 5 with no armour save is very easy to get through.

09-02-2009, 14:59
Also don't forget that WoC really don't have any skimishers or anti-march blocks other than hounds. Pistolers and outriders can just peck away at any foot sloggers while you gun him down.