View Full Version : 500pt Vampire Counts (The List of the Noob)

09-02-2009, 07:17
Lord of the Dead, Infinite Hatred, Flayed Hauberk, Sword of Battle = 180

15 Skeleton Warriors, Full Command, Spears, x 2 = 310 pts

Total: 490

Any comments, suggestions? Being a total noob for WHFB this isn't what you'd call a competitive list, but I quit 40k cause I was sick of the WAAC attitude. I just want to play Fantasy to have fun. That said, I love skeletons. They're really the only troop unit I'm interested in using, aside from maybe some zombies. I originally wanted to do an all bone army led by a Wight King, but sadly a Vampire has to be the Army General :cries:. Money's tight so I can't afford to buys hordes of crap. And I know 500 isn't really a good points level for VC, but its all I can afford right now. Any insight is most welcome.

09-02-2009, 07:56
well see the first issue is you will have a hard time avoiding the WAAC attitude in WHFB too, it is unfortunately a dark spot on an otherwise friendly and likable hobby.

as for the list i might suggest changing the sword of battle for the sword of might.

and maybe infinite hatred for dark acolyte to make the vamp level two, better to support your troops at such a small pts limit.

As you have lord of the dead on your Vamp might i also suggest MAYBE loosing the spears, the musicians and four skeletons , to chuck in a necromancer with an extra spell so your overall would look like

Lord of the Dead, dark acolyte, Flayed Hauberk, Sword of might = 185

Necromancer, Extra spell = 70pts

13 Skeleton Warriors, champion and standard x 2 = 240 pts

total 495

the basic idea is that the vamp and the necromancer can support each other in keeping the units (and each other) alive