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09-02-2009, 13:56
We both decided to have a no magic, no magic items game of WHFB, these are often our favourite games. By the very nature of the game it makes normal infantry important units, rather than a static combat res unit. Orcs and Dwarfs both work well with these house rules. He had trouble getting to 4,000 points and had to take 8 special choices, but I was fine with that, and I told him I’d take 7 to even it up.

Pre game thoughts … I’ve put out ideas on Warseer, a few people recommend lots of war machines against dwarfs, so I’ve taken 11. That should be enough to get rid of the rank bonus of tough dwarfs. I’m expecting at least one gyrocopter, so bolt throwers will shoot them down. I’m going to try out small of savage orcs for the first time, as flanking units. Not convinced by the idea, but I’ll give it a go. Hopefully all those orcs will absorb enough damage to let me get into combat with more ranks then the dwarfs. I don’t want to be face on fighting an enemy with the same Initiative, better WS, and better armour. I’m also going to try and keep my Black Orcs away from the centre, otherwise they’ll be a big target.

4,000 point Orc Army

Black Orc Warboss (hvy armour, sh, array choppas) ………..……..154
Black Orc Warboss (hvy armour, shield, array choppas) …………..154
Black Orc BSB (hvy armour) ………………………………............114
Savage Orc Bigboss (great wpn, rides Boar chariot) …………….....159
Savage Orc Bigboss (great wpn, rides Boar chariot) …………..…...159
Black Orc Bigboss (heavy armour, shield, array choppas) ……....… 91

30 Orc Boyz (shield, lgt armour, choppa) full cmd …………..210
30 Orc Boyz (add choppas, lgt armour) full cmd …………… 240
30 Orc Boyz (add choppas, lgt armour) full cmd …………… 240
30 Orc Boyz (add choppas, lgt armour) full cmd …………… 240
24 Savage Orcs (add. chop, warpaint) full cmd ………….…..270
21 Savage Orcs (add. chop, warpaint) full cmd ………….…..240
10 Savage Orcs (add. chop, warpaint) ………..…………..…..100
10 Savage Orcs (add. chop, warpaint) ………..…………..…..100
5 Spider Riders (spears, shields) ………………………………65
5 Wolf Riders (spears, shields) ………………………………..65
5 Wolf Riders (spears, shields) ………………………………..65
5 Wolf Riders (spears, shields) ………………………………..65
5 Wolf Riders (spears, shields) ………………………………..65
5 Wolf Riders (spears, shields) ………………………………..65

25 Black Orcs (hvy armour, sh, array chop) full cmd………….388
1 Orc Boar Chariot ……………..………………….....................80
3 Rock Lobbers ……………………….……………………….210
4 Spear Chukkas ……………………………….........................140

4 Doom Divers ………………………………............................320

4,000 point Dwarf army

Dwarf Lord
Dwarf Lord
Dragon Slayer
Thane…….. not sure about equipment, a few characters had great weapons, most had shield and gromil armour

15 Longbeards std mus
20 Warriors, full cmd
15 Warriors, Great weapons, full cmd
14 Thunderers, full cmd
14 Thunderers
10 Quarrellers
10 Quarrellers, std, mus
20 Hammerers, full cmd
20 Slayers, full cmd
20 Ironbreakers, full cmd
20 Miners, full cmd

2 Bolt Throwers
2 Cannons
1 Grudge Thrower
1 Organ Gun
2 Flame Cannons
1 Gyrocopter

The board is 8x4 ft. Terrain was two big ruined buildings. A small woods to the left of the centre, and plenty of hills. I was feeling generous and gave him choice of sides.

Dwarf deployment
From left to right- Quarrellers, Warriors, Ironbreakers, Quarrellers, Thunderers, (on hill).. Grudge Thrower, Cannon, Bolt Thrower, Flame Cannon, Troll Slayers, Warriors with BSB, Hammerers with general, Organ Gun, Gyrocopter, Warriors, Thunderers, (on hill) Flame Cannon, Cannon, Bolt Thrower

Orc Deployment
From left to right- Savage Orcs, wolf riders, wolf riders, Chariot with sav orc bigboss, chariot with sav orc bigboss, (on hill) doom diver, spear chukka, rock lobber, wolf riders, orc boyz with BO Warboss, spider riders, orc boyz with general, orc boyz with BSB, big unit of savage orcs, (on hill) rock lobber, doom diver, bolt thrower, rock lobber, bolt thrower, savage orcs, savage orcs, boar chariot, (on hill) doom diver, doom diver, bolt thrower, black orcs, orc boyz, wolf riders, wolf riders

The Orcs win first turn

Turn 1 Orcs

For animosity a unit of orcs on the far right (next to the black orc unit) moves 3, a wolf rider unit on my far left can’t move. And the Orc Boyz in between the ruins and wood squabble, the Black Orc leader kills 3. Everything else moves forward.
In the shooting phase I guess my ranges with 4 doom divers and 3 rock lobbers, but 5 out of 8 misfire. One rock lobber is destroyed, and two doom divers can‘t fire next turn. One rock does land on his warriors and kills 5 (hurray!) Three spear chukkas miss, the other kills 1 hammerer.
Right flank: http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/waylander2/NMorcturn1.jpg
Left flank: http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/waylander2/dwarfvorcnomagic010jpg.jpg

Turn 1 Dwarfs

His gyrocopter moves to blast the wolves (on my far right) and kills 1 wolf rider. On the same side of the table his flame cannon scorches 2 orc boyz with a unit containing a Black Orc Bigboss, they roll 12 for Ld and run away.
Sitting on the same hill the bolt thrower kills 3 black orcs. At the bottom of that hill 7 thunderers kill all 5 wolf riders.
The other flame cannon kills 7 orcs from my generals unit (they hold their ground) His organ kills 7 sav orcs (the big unit). The cannon kills 1 orc from BSB unit. Also in the centre of the board 14 thunderers kill 2 spiders in the woods, they use the generals Ld for a panic test, roll 11 and flee. (New dice anyone?)

Turn 2 Orcs

I declare the Waaagh! The wolves about to flank charge his quarrellers roll a 1 and one to six die, I roll a 6. The small units of 10 savage orcs also roll a 1, and 3 more die. The good news is five units move forward (2 were auto-waaagh, 3 units needed a 2+ or 3+ roll), and also the scorched unit of orc boyz rallies.
Wolf riders charge the Gyrocopter.
Now dreading the shooting phase, I fire what I can. All the bolt throwers miss, and from the 2 rock lobbers and 2 doom divers that can fire I kill another 4 hammerers (not bad, getting better at shooting. No misfires, I‘ll settle for that)
The wolf riders bounce off the gyrocopter, the pilot kills one wolf. It’s a draw.
Left flank:

Turn 2 Dwarfs

Most of his units move into a better position. The miners are still frantically digging away underground.
Left flank= http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/waylander2/NMdwarfturn2.jpg
Centre= http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/waylander2/NMdwarfturn2-1.jpg
The flame cannon in the centre kills another orc from my generals unit, I roll 11 and panic. They flee 7”.
The cannon kills one Black Orc with no bounce. Grudge thrower ,Thunderers and Quarrellers continue to kill more orcs, whittling me down. I’m getting battered here.
No wounds in the wolf/gyrocopter battle. I outnumber, he fails his Break Test, flees and lands right on top of impassable terrain, destroying the gyrocopter. The wolves pursue into the thunderers. That was a good result.

Turn 3 Orcs

Animosity, one orc unit in the middle surges forward 4”. The generals unit fails to rally and flees another 10”.
A doom diver misfires. I’m spot with guess ranges again, but all the other Rock Lobbers, Bolt Throwers and Doom Divers miss.
The Black Orcs charge the Longbeards unit, and opt for additional choppas, they kill 2 for no reply. The Longbeards stay put. A Wolf riders kills one thunderer, I lose and pass my break test.
A small savage orc unit is forced to charge the hammerers. One attack from the savage orcs hits, this one kills a hammerer, in return the hammerers kill 5. The savage orcs flee, he doesn’t pursue.
The Orc Boyz with a Black Orc War boss (in between the forest and the ruins) charge the Ironbreakers, I lose by 1 but hold. My wolf riders gamble and sit in front of 10 quarrellers, if my wolf riders don’t flee (and assuming I have 3 left) I can flank charge the ironbreakers. Very risky, but I couldn’t anything else with them.
Orc Boyz with a BSB and a big unit of Savage Orcs charge the slayers, 7 troll slayers are cut down. http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/waylander2/NMorcturn3-1.jpg

Turn 3 Dwarfs

Dwarf Miners appear near my Black Orc unit, defending his war machines.
A warrior unit with a Thane and BSB (in the centre) flank charges my big Savage Orc unit, there’s now 4 units in this fight. Soon to be 5 with the hammerers ready to charge the rear of the savage orcs next turn.
Flame Cannons and cannons kill more orcs. The Orgun Gun wipes out one of the small unit of savage orcs. The quarrellers near his ironbreakers only kill 2 wolf riders, and I pass the panic test. (the gamble paid off)
The Black Orcs kill a few Longbeards and break them. They run them down, and charge into the thunderers.
The Ironbreakers kill 3 of my orc boyz, I manage to kill 4 (three from my WS7, S7 Black Orc Warboss. Str7 from his great axe) The iron breakers lose by 2 but hold their nerve.
There’s lots of killing in the big 4 unit combat in the middle. Dwarfs kills 5 savage orcs, and 2 orc boyz. I kill 4 troll slayers. I pass my break test.

Turn 4 Orcs

For animosity the remaining small unit of 10 savage orcs squabble.
Wolf riders flank charge the Ironbreakers. On the far left savage orcs and an orc chariot with a savage orc bigboss charge a unit of warriors.
Not much happens with the shooting. One Rock Lobber kills 6 hammerers. All the Bolt Throwers miss. The others scatter away.
The Black Orcs easily beat up the thunderers, killing 8, breaking them and pursue into the flame cannon http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/waylander2/NMorcturn4.jpg
The savage orcs and chariot duo kill 11 warriors and run them down with pursuit rolls, the chariot charging into quarrellers.
The Ironbreakers take down 4 orcs and 1 wolf rider. I inflict 2 wounds to the Dwarf Lord (he has a 2-H axe that’s doing a lot of damage)
The grass is red with blood in the centre again as 3 more savage orcs are cut down, 1 orc boy and another 7 troll slayers. I lose by 5, but I hold my ground with rerolls from the BSB. http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/waylander2/NMorcturn4-1.jpg

Turn 4 Dwarfs

The thunderers and quarrellers don’t have much to aim at now, most of the enemy units in front of them are in combat. A Grudge Thrower aims at my war machines, kills a goblin crew from two machines and wounds a spear chukka.
The Black Orcs easily kill all the flame cannon crew, and clip the cannon crew.
Ironbreakers kill one wolf rider and 2 orcs. Orcs kill 1 Ironbreaker. My Black Orc Warboss kills the Dwarf Lord and another 2 Ironbreakers (they need 6s to save from him) Ends in a draw.
In the centre of the battlefield dwarfs are stepping over orc bodies. The hammerers and Lord crush another 7 savage orcs with their war mattocks. The dragon slayer kills one orc boy, just before he’s cut down himself, along with 3 of his fellow troll slayers (that was the last of the brave slayer unit). Now all my orcs flee, the last savage orc is caught. Both Dwarf units fail to catch my BSB unit, they must be out of breath after all the carnage.

Turn 5 Orcs

Animosity, the generals unit moves 5” forward. On the far right the Orc Boyz smash into the Dwarf miners, crushing and cutting down 6. Breaking them and running them down.
With visions of the slaughter my BSB Orc Boyz unit fails to rally, despite the shouting of the nearby general.
A doom diver lands in the middle of the hammerers and kills 1. Two doom divers, and two Rock Lobbers then misfire. Three bolt throwers miss, the other kills 4 dwarf warriors (his BSB unit that’s running after my BSB)
Black Orcs wipe out the cannon crew. The Ironbreakers are tearing apart my orcs and kill the last wolf rider. Now the Ironbreakers are surrounded and can be charged by two heroes in chariots, and a big unit of frenzied savage orcs
Another 2 orcs and 1 wolf rider falls to their hammers. All my attacks bounce off their armour, apart from the Black Orc Warboss who kills another 3 with his great weapon. The Ironbreakers pass their break test.

Turn 5 Dwarfs

The grudge thrower misfires and is out of action next turn. Now there’s a viable target 10 quarrellers and 12 thunderers take aim at my fleeing Orc Boyz (BSB unit), but with some unlucky rolling only take down 2 orcs. Bolt throwers and Flame kill a few more orcs.
Ironbreakers kill more Orc Boyz, my attacks can’t get past his armour. The Warboss kills 2 more. Then the Ironbreakers flee, they’re caught and destroyed.
The Dwarfs now only two small units with no rank bonus on the board, and war machines. In my next I can fire at those two units. He decides to concede.

W / D / L
40/ 1 / 2

Post game thoughts - Well I must admit I didn’t expect to win that game, and was joking with my friend about posting a crushing defeat as a battle report. I always decide pre-game to make a battle report, not after the result. It was great having a shooting phase that powerful, although they never reached their potential. I was pleased (and surprised) that the gyrocopter fled early on. Both flanks did well in this game. He could have slowed me down otherwise. I made a mistake flank charging those slayers. Hard to say whether those small units of savage orcs were worth taking, my army was so big I couldn’t flank attack any dwarfs. Think I’d rather take my usual 3 units of 24 savage orcs.

09-02-2009, 14:37
You've made a good choice not using magic. These are funny rules on the plus side, but on the min side, it only slows the game down...

Congratz with your victory, I always llike to see O&G winning.

09-02-2009, 16:44
Great game. Not to detract from your victory, but I think the Dwarf player had a really awful list.

Volker the Mad Fiddler
09-02-2009, 17:58
Nice sized battle. Thanks for writing the report.

One rules comment though- Dwarves hate Greenskins and so cannot choose not to pursue when they break units in combat.

09-02-2009, 19:08
so cannot choose not to pursue when they break units in combat.

Yeah i realized this when i was writing the report, but left it in. Well spotted though.

10-02-2009, 00:14
amazing fight!!!

10-02-2009, 04:37
I must say that many painted orks... make me smile! nice little report to boot. Thanks and good job on krump'n them shorties.

Gabacho Mk.II
10-02-2009, 05:03
Great Game!!!

Well sized armies, with many, many dice being rolled throughout the whole battle!

I loved it and I love playing games this large and this fun.

Good job on the battle and thanks for taking the time to post it here. :)

Golden Lion
10-02-2009, 08:37
Fantastic report Nuada! Thanks. All the pictures and your descriptions made it really clear. Not taking any magic or magic items has always appealed to me as well! Unfortunately not many with me. Good to see how that works out for you and your opponent.

Another thing: that orc army looks superb, do you have any closer pictures? Sooo many painted orcs.

10-02-2009, 12:53
I must say that many painted orks... make me smile! nice little report to boot. Thanks and good job on krump'n them shorties.

Thanks, i'm glad you enjoyed it. :D Yeah i'm the same as you, i like big units and lots of troops.
Point wise biggest game so far is 5,000. I couldn't really do a report on that because there was 6 players. 15,000 per side (i released 24 fanatics in that game)

@ Golden Lion ... yeah i put an army pic on the gallery section on Warseer, that's almost all my O&G. I left a few units out..... Yeah i like no magic/magic items games, i'm lucky that my opponent does as well. It makes a nice change. Obvousily it won't work for most armies. VC, TK come to mind straight away, and there's various units/monsters in some armies that become difficult to kill. But dwarfs v orcs is great :D