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Boss Zagstruk
09-02-2009, 14:10
Well ive been looking for a new army to start for a while but uni keeps interupting my thought process :( damn 3rd year. Anyways the other day i found my wood elf rule book any remembered how much i liked them when they first came out and that at the time i was half way through a 40k army so didnt collect them. So this is my first attempt at an army, so be nice :)

Highborn with alter kindred, GW, LA, bow of loren, arcane bodkins, glamourweave and enchanted shield.

Noble with wildrider kindred, steed and spear of twilight.

Spellsinger with lvl 2, pageant of shrikes and calaingors stave.

Spell singer with lvl 2 and diviation orb.

10 glade guard and musician.
126 *with spell singer*

10 glade guard and musician.
126 *with spell singer*

10 glade guard and musician.

12 dryads.

12 dryads.

6 glade riders with musician.

6 glade riders with musician.

4 warhawk riders.

3 warhawk riders.

5 wildriders with FC and warbanner.

10 waywatchers.

great eagle.

total = 2495

Im planning an autumn theme so ive decided to limit the forest spirit side of the army and will just use the 2 units of dryads. Hopefully this army should be fast and able to out manover most armies. Im not sure if i like my noble, i was thinking of adding another alter kindred or waywatcher although im not sure how id kit out a waywatcher noble. Are my spell singers ok? wasnt 100% how to kit them out.

Thanks matt

The Red Scourge
09-02-2009, 14:49
Head over to asrai.org for help.

A few pointers.

Command is rarely useful. Standard and Warbanner for Wild Riders and muscians for Glade Riders and Wardancers is just about it. You can use champions to protect your characters, but with a WE army you should be dictating when and where to fight.

The only fighty characters valued by WE players are Alters and Wardancers. And rarely will a WE hero leave home without a 'standard alter' equipped with GW, LA, Sh, HoTH and HoDA. Great for a one shot missile to take care of skirmishers, a warmachine or something else and then charging the flanks of heavy cavalry or hunting warmachines etc.

I recommend unit sizes of 7-9 for CC skirmishers, this is the max you bring into contact with a standard enemy regiment. If you need more, then charge mith more units.

The machine gun lord is valued by some, but IMO WE characters is best used for magic/magic protection and then the standard Alter.

Otherwise I view this as a basically healthy list. Personally I'd gone with some tree kin or a treeman for some added resilience, but that's just a matter of style.

09-02-2009, 22:41
Switch out the musicians for champions just to protect the mage.

But I normally just have my mages sit in a forest surfing around. Not in a unit.