View Full Version : 2250 Dark Elves

09-02-2009, 17:10
I dont have a single DE model yet, but am going to start building an army real soon and hope to get it up in 2 months at the latest. Here is what I want my list to be:

Dreadlord - 273
HA Shield SDC
Dark Steed
Hydra Blade
Pendant of Khaeleth
Potion of strength

Hag Queen - 200

Master - 164
BSB Lance HA SDC Shield
Cold One
War Banner

Scroll Caddy - 150

10 Crossbowmen - 115
Mus Shields

20 Spearmen - 135

20 Spearmen - 135

5 Harpies

5 Shades - 90

5 CoK - 225
Standard of Slaughter

18 Black Guard - 329
Ring of Hotek
Banner of Hag Graef

2 Reaper BT - 200

War Hydra - 175


Would like to fit in 10 more Crossbowmen, but don't know what I'd drop. Going to playtest it soon, but would like some thoughts on any tweeks. Thanks.

09-02-2009, 22:37
After thinking about it I'm really light on magic weapons vs etherials so I've decided to swap the warbanner for the deathpiercer on the BSB. Also I dont see a point of giving the crossbowmen shields because most ppl will target the hydra, black guard, knights, or the reaper with wizard in it. So I can either add another shade or take the shades out for 10 more crossbowmen with a musician. Thoughts?