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09-02-2009, 18:10
wow. what a bloodbath. well first of all let me apologize, there are no pics because the sh*thead who was supposed to bring the camera forgot it.

anyhoo. Geordie and I had a 5500 point warhammer battle, O&G vs Skaven.

my army:


Warlord, heavy armor, enchanted shield, foul pendant, desolate blade


Grey seer, screaming bell, twisted crown, eye of horned rat, dispel scroll.


Throt the Unlcean (special character)


assassin. warpstone stars


master moulder, things catcher, warpstone amulet


plague priest, flail, bands of power, talisman of protection


warlock, all the goodies (no pistol), storm daemon, dispel scroll


warlock, all the goodies (no pistol), tenberous cloak, death globes


chieftan, bsb.


4 x 20 slaves
6 x 25 clanrats, full command
1 x 20 clanrats, full command (pushes bell)
2 x ratlingun
2 x waqrpfirethrower
24 stormvermin, full command, shields, warbanner
3 x 24 giant rats, 4 packmasters
2 x 2 poison wind globideers
4 x 6 nightrunners, xhw.


4 rat ogres, 4 packmasters
6 gutter runner tunnelers, poisoned hand weapons
6 gutter runners, poisoned hand weapons, poisoned throwing stars
25 plague monks, full command, xhw
24 plague monks, full command, xhw
2 x 6 jezzails


2 x warp lighting cannon
2 x 6 plague censer bearers.

his army (best i can rememeber)


Gorbad Ironclaw


Grimgor Ironhide

Lord: gobbo on a big spider,backstabba blade, brimstone bauble
lord: gobbo on a big squig, pigstikka, etc.

borgut facebeater
2 x gobbo lvl shaman
savage orc shaman on a boar

(thanks to gorbad he could have all teh big un's he wanted.)
6 x 20 nightgobbos, banner, 3 fanatics (yes that's 18 fanatics)
2 x 10 wolfriders, lightarmor, shields spears, banner
10 spiderriders, spears, shields
big squig herd
5 trolls
orc boar chariot
2 spear chukkas
1 gobbo launcha thingy
2 x 10 arrer boyz
10 orc boy big uns, standard
2 x 25 big uns, xtra choppa
18ish black orcs
2 x snotwagons
2 x giants

i think that's it.

this game was one giant screwup after another. i think there was at least one turn where geordie forgot to test for animosity. and i just bit the biscut on some deployment/strategy, or it might have gone just a bit different. i was to worried about little things like GIANTS, when i should have been focusing on those big blocks of big uns, or the black orcs with grimgor in them. my shooting was largely ineffective, with one warpfirethrower blowing up on turn one, and the ratliguns jamming at every opportuninty. he didn't have good luck etheir, with his orc blowing up himself and huge chunks of his army on turn 2 trying to cast waaagh. a brief summary is as follows:

left flank, he puts gorbad over here with the big un boar boys. with the trollsclose by to benifit from his ld. there ar egobbos, and close by on a hill, a bolt thrower, the doomdiver, 10 arrer boys and moge nightgobbos, behind which are the squigs. to gorbad's right are some wolf riders and a chariot.

opposite them are a unit of giant rats, lead by a master moulder, then, in some woods, nightrunners (with the assassin hideing in them) gutter runner scouts farther in, 2 PWG, with a cannon behind the forest, then some PCBS, the ogres, with plague monks w/ the priest behind, then slaves, with giant rats led by throt behind them, and then another unit of giant rats, more nightrunners to thier right in some ruins. the tunnel marker was behind the hill with the shooty.

in the center, it was the spider gobbo, a giant, some nightgobbos, a unit of big uns, with boargut and a shaman, 10 arrer boys, grimgor and the black orcs (that's the name of my emo band) the spider riders behind some woods, with three units of nightgobbos squeezed in between teh forsts and a lake that bisects the second table, with a snotwagon by the lake.

on my side it was clanrats, led by the general, slaves, clarats w/warlock, with a ratlingun, warp ligthing cannon, bell unit *hill* jezzails*hill* stormvermin with BSB,nightrunners, clanrats, wf thrower, clanrats, wf thrower, slaves.

on the right flank it was the savage orc boar boys with the shaman, the giant behind, a snotwagon, behin IT the big unit of unlead big un's. on a hill was the other bolt thrower, to it's right the other wolfrider unit with the guy on the big squig bwhind them.


i will try to go through this without screwing it up too bad.

gobbos get the first turn. NO FAILED ANIMOSITY ROLLS. not one. as a matter of fact, there were a few 6's.

on the left, the chariot, and the wofl riders move up, as well as the units of nightgobbos, the boar train with gorbad ironclaw stays a little back, and the ld 10 trolls begin a large swing around. the arrerboys moved off the hill, and the artillary opens up on the rat ogres, all 4 packmasters are killed by a gobbo on a kite. good thing throt was close.

in the center, the spider gobboruns thought som e difficult gravyard looking doohiky to menace my general, while the main force advances. the spider riders move through the woods, and the nightgobbos shuffle foreward as the snotwagon rockets ahead.

on the right, the boar boys make damn sure they are going to get the charge, with the giant moveing up, the wolf riders swing wide and the squig o' doom bounces up the flank. the bolt thrower never hits a thing and nothing ever gets close to it. we'll ignore him.

magic is largely innective, a jezzail gets stomped, and the rest gets dispelled

skaven 1

the assassin reveals himself, and leaves the nightrunners, who move to the edge of the woods, along with the gutter runners, the plague censer bearers move up setting off fanatics. the slaves move up, setting off MORE fanatics. carnage. choas ensues, the rat oges make thier stupid check, and move up some, with the rest of the line following. the nightrunners move up a bit.

the cannon misfires, but fails to wound itself., so the chariot has a free shot at the leftmost giant rat unit. the assassin and the gutter runners punish the wolfriders with stars, killing 6 total. they pass thier ld. 10 check.

in the center, my line holds, the slaves move out to redirect the boyz and giant away from the bell, the other slaves move out towards grimgors flank, and set off more fanatics. magic sees the left slave unit deathfrenzied so they wornt run away. the bell gives my army hatred. the jezzails kill 2 black orcs. the cannon shoots str 4 and doesnt wound the giant. the stormvermin angle, givin the warpfire thrower a shot at some whirling loonies and thier parent unit, but it sprays burning fuel everywhere and dies., while the nightrunners move up setting off two more units of fanatics, but miraculously, they never get hit! the other clanrat and slave units move foreward, hopeing to claer the gap and kill the gobbos/snotwagon, the other warpfire thrower clarers to my left, avoiding the mass of frenzied loonies around it.

on the right flank, the jezzails put 4 wound son the giant. the pcbs move up to take the charge, from the boar boys, and the plague monks til t behind them, i am effectively sacrificeing both units, but i gotta stop that cav train. the warlock's magic is diepelled, and the ratlingun kills a few savage orcs, the nightrunners move to the edge of the terrain so they can charge out if they want to.

turn 2.

on the left:

the chariot charges the giant rats, does 4 impact hits, but the crew and boars whiff. draw. the wolf riders slide behind the chariot, menaceing the assassin, whicle the trolls finish thier turn. ning move, and are level with the boar boys, with teh night gobbos in the lead. more fire from the hill kills slaaes and a rat ogre, other units hold.

in the center, the giant spider charges the genral's unit. the boar boys and the giant charge the slaves, the giant yells and bawls, but they hold. the spider riders charge and run down the nightrunners.

on the right the boar boys charge, the sguigboy tries to bound into the nightrunners but comes up short, the wolfriders squabble this turn..

magic phase sees the orc miscat trying to cast waagh, his rolls snake eye and explodes, killing 3 boar boys and two censer bearers, the shockwave courses through the greenskin army, doin plenty of damage, and killing about 80% of the fanatics on the board. noetabley the giant spider takes 2 wounds, and some of the big uns get pasted.

skaven turn 2.
left flank
the plague censer bearers charge and rat ogres charge the nightgobbos, who flee and the charge is failed, the nightrunners charge the remaining wolf boys but whiff and get crushed, tehy overrun into the assassin. the gutterrunners fall back through the woods and kill a fanatic, the cannon blows up the chariot with a str 8 shot. the slaves move into the arrer boys grill. the other units position for charges


my general kill the spider and not the boss in a challenge, the little bastard runs away but i hold. teh giant and borgut's unit minces the slaves and overruns, my general is stareing down a world of hurt. the cannon tries to kill the giant again, and misfires, but doesnt wound itself. the jezzails tryt to kill him and only do 1 wound. the slaves charge grimgors flank, loseing and turning him for one turn.
the clanrats and slaves charge the spiderriders, beat them but don't catch them, (setting off the last fantacis in the process) same for the nightgobbos next to them, the slaves charge the snotwagon.

right flank

the boar boys put a hurting on the monks, but they hold, the warlock kills the giant, the nightrunners charge and kill the giant squig, then run the boss down. the ratlingun puts a wound on the snotwagon.

turn 3


no animosity tests missed. again.

left flank.the trolls charge the pcbs. 3 kill themselves and the rest are slaughtered. the boar boys line up for a charge on the monks. the third straight round of shooting finally breaks the lone rat ogre who flees with his two wounds and will not rally. the arrer boys take it to th slaves, but combat is a draw, the nightgobbos charge the giant rats, who hold. the assassin challenges the wolf boy champion, who does a wound, the assassin does two back, he loses by one, and is run down.

the gobbo boss on foot rallies, the giant and borguts unit charges the general, trying to get some points, the general challenges the facebeater. the headbut misses, but boardgut maanges two wounds to my warlord, with only 1 taken in return, the giant thumps teh clanratsw something fierce, and the break. teh general is run down by boargut;'s unit, which persue's off the board. the giant restrains. the black orcs turn back toface the bell, and a unit of nightgobbos charge the bell unit, they lose, but hold. teh spider riders rally, but the fleeing nightgobbos do not, the snot wagon breaks, but in fleeing hits a fanatic and is destroyed, likewise the slaves overrun into the ratic, panic and flee, they will not rally.

right flank,

a fanatic greases 4 jezzails and the unit breaks. teh plague monks break as well, and are run down by the remaining 3 savage orcs. the snotwagon comes up 2 inches short of the ratlingun. the wolfriders kill teh nightrunners and overrun into the difficult terrain. the big unit of big uns continues foreward unabated.

magic kills a warlock engineet (foot of gork with 6 hits does a number on a guy, even with a 3+ wd save vs magic/shooting) and hand of gork put the boar boyz into combat with the monks. the priest is slaugtered by Gorbad. the unit breaks and is run down. the boar boys overrun and clip throt's unit, with only gorbad in CC.

Skaven 3

left flank. the giant rats charge the trolls in the flank. the do a wound, and win, running them down. the cannon blasts a rank off of the boar boys. Throt moves in CC and challenges. he takes two, but the KILLING BLOWS Gorbad Ironclaw! the boar boys break, but throt cannont persue, as he is busy gnawing on Gorbad's face. the rats beat the nightgobbos and run them down, overrunning into the squigs, teh nightrunners charge the squigs in the flank. the gutterrunners finish off the wolf riders. the right flank is looks good.

the center. teh clanrats on the left charge the nightgobbos in the flank, break them and canont restrain, they overrun giving thier flank to grimgor. the bell unit restrains, the stormvermin postion for the flank charge the following round. the ratlingun fails it's terror check and runs, it will not rally.. the cannon balsts though the giant and kills 6 giant rats, but doesnt wound the bastard.

in the field between the hill and the lake, the two clanrats do battle with the spiders and night gobbos, at the end of all this mess, there will be one unit of clanrats holding two banners, and one rallied unit of nightgobbos on the bottom of six. it's a mess and can't really remember what happened in this part of the game.

right flank. i am forced to charge the snot wagon, kill it but restrain, the boar boys are too close, i will have to take the charge. shooting finishes off the savage orc boar boys. the 2 jezzails rally.

orc turn 4.

on the left

the boar boys rally ahead of the nightgobbos. teh arrer boys finally kill the slaves and persue into the flank of the giantrats/squig mess. the gobbo boss trundles around aimlessly.

in the center, grimgor kills 6 clanrats ofn the charge, breaks the unit and overruns into the bell. this is gonna suck. the giant chages the cannon, if flees. the jezzails flee as the clanrats flee through them

right flank. teh big uns pulverise my clanrats, and the atlingun and other clanrats flee away from the broken combat. that is how the right flank ends. the jezzails will get killed later, but the right flank is held by the greenskins, with a big uns at nearly full strength and 8 wolfriders contesting both quarters.

skaven. teh bell gives hatred again

left flank, tunnelers finally show up. they grease the doomdiver crew. the giant rats led by the master moulder charge the boar boys, they put a wound on him, but he kills one, the flee and we overrun. comeing up short of the nightgobbos. the squigs die, explodeing killing the last of the arror boyz and killing the poor little big boss who was just to close. squig to the face. owtch. the nightrunners flee and won't rally.


the stormvermin charge grimgor's black orcs in the flank. i use halbards, i deathfrenzy teh stormvermin the have hatred. i get 9 hits. i do 2 wounds. he saves one. grimgors cr is +14. we lose by 6 both units break, grim gor chases the stormvermin, but does not catch them. the seer's unit sonsists of 6 clanrats now. teh clanrats grimgor whooped before rally, the jezzails dont.

turn 5. orcs

the giant turns to face the seer's fleeing unit, borgut's unit comes back on and turns . grimgor charges the fleeing stormvermin, and catches them. he also runs through a fanatic. giving me half points for the black orcs. small conselation.

on the left flank, the boar boys are killed and flee, adn the nightgobbos will follow suit, the gutter runners finish off the spear chucka. i win the left, with both qarters on the far side in my control.


i put the flames to Borgut's unit with my last warpfire thrower, which has slid behind the hill. he takes a wound andpanics. the cannon rallies. the seers unit rallies. my skitterleap is dispelled. ugh.

turn 6. the giant kills my seers unit and they run off the board. the giant overruns into the other clanrats. gorbad's unit rallies.

skaven, the cannon kills the giant, which falls on the clanrats, getting them below half. the fire i have left form the other cannon and the warpfire thrower try to panic borgut's unit of big uns but fails.

end of game

result +925 for the greenskins. minor victory.

i had left.

1 unit of clanrats
1/2 unit of clanrats
warpfire thrower
2 gutter runner teams
2 giant rat packs,
1/2 giant rat pack
2 warp lightning cannon.
THrot the unclean (at 1/2 strength)
Master moulder (at 1/2 strength)

he had left
1 unit of nightgobbos
1/2 unit of nightgobbos
1/2 unit of arrer boys
1/2 unit big uns
full unit of big uns
wolf riders
1gobbo shaman

banners were a wash
we each killed the other's bsb and general
table quarters were +2 to me.

it was wild. so many ups and downs and back and forths. very fun game. i'll have to do it again sometime.

09-02-2009, 18:28
There certainly is something about 2 hordearmies facing off at 5000+points! To bad about the camera though would have loved to see some pics of the battle....

Way to go for the unclean one, thinkgs-killer for gorbad haha

10-02-2009, 05:32
warlock, all the goodies (no pistol), storm daemon, dispel scroll

While personally my warlocks would never think of stepping onto the battle field without their pistols it was a pretty interesting battle report.

How long did it take?

10-02-2009, 11:58
Great Report, love the amount of figures you both use :D Real shame about the pics

It's good to see Grimgor surviving until the end. I've never used him myself, he seemed to be in the thick of the action though.

10-02-2009, 12:03
I bet deployment took a while ;)

10-02-2009, 12:21
While personally my warlocks would never think of stepping onto the battle field without their pistols it was a pretty interesting battle report.

How long did it take?

almost 6 1/2 hours set up to play to put away.

Great Report, love the amount of figures you both use :D Real shame about the pics

It's good to see Grimgor surviving until the end. I've never used him myself, he seemed to be in the thick of the action though.

Grimgor is easily the 2 or 3rd most powerful character in all of warhammer. he killed 13 clanrats in 2 rounds of combat by himself.

I bet deployment took a while ;)

about 30-45 min?

12-02-2009, 16:48
Throt pwns Gorbad:skull:

Being a fellow Skaven player I really enjoy this. You should post more Large-game-big-blocks-Skaven-battle-reports:D

12-02-2009, 18:31
Throt pwns Gorbad:skull:

Being a fellow Skaven player I really enjoy this. You should post more Large-game-big-blocks-Skaven-battle-reports:D

i am trying to get our local "two steamtank" empire player to agree to a big game.

13-02-2009, 04:25
Grimgor is easily the 2 or 3rd most powerful character in all of warhammer. he killed 13 clanrats in 2 rounds of combat by himself.

he is powerful, but his special rules compensate this: on foot and forced to join expensive black orcs.

he is a good addition for 3000+ pt games.

about 30-45 min?

we take longer than that for much smaller games. shame on us.

The Red Scourge
13-02-2009, 06:35
i am trying to get our local "two steamtank" empire player to agree to a big game.

Yeah! 8K to bring on the full armored company of the empire :cheese: