View Full Version : Dark Elves 750 pts

Deus Mechanicus
09-02-2009, 18:39
Master 290 pts
- Heavy Armour
- Shield
- Lance
- Manticore

5x Harpies 55 pts

10x Dark Elves Repeater Crossbowmen 115 pts
- Full Command

10x Dark Elves Repeater Crossbowmen 115 pts
- Full Command

War Hydra 175 pts

750 pts

This is an extremely focused list, the hydra and master will do the main fighting. The harpies will hunt war machines and the Crossbowmen will lay down supporting fire, could it work?

Deus Mechanicus
11-02-2009, 20:51
Nothing at all?

11-02-2009, 21:23
Kind sir... you are an evil man. Yes, At the points level I'm sure you'll destroy 'em.
However I do find the the Manti to be very squishy at times, but he gets the job done.
As long as there are no bolt throwers around you should be alright.

11-02-2009, 22:47
Shields instead of command groups might be nice for the Crossbowmen.

Deus Mechanicus
14-02-2009, 12:09
Hmm true the full command on the crossbowmen are unneccesary. Im thinking of ditching them and go for dark riders instead. Would that be better?

14-02-2009, 14:17
Maybe change a 10 man unit for a 5 man DR unit with musician and give the master a Sea Dragon cloak and maybe the regenarating armour if you can afford it.

14-02-2009, 19:30
i would recomend dropping 1 unit of crossbows and take 20 spearmen instead, this would give you the ability to loose one of your "game winners" and still have a chance to win.