View Full Version : Orc's and Goblins list- New Approach, i've never seen used before

09-02-2009, 19:56
this list uses a list idea that i've never seen used before. comments please.

Orc great shaman-515
level 4
armour of gork
warboss umm's best boss 'at
sword of battle
the collar of zorga

Goblin big boss-95
battle standard bearer
sneaky skewerer
warboss imbad's iron gnashas

Black orc big boss-125
martog's best basha
amulet of protectyness

Orc shaman-150
level 2
2 dispel scrolls

20 Orc boyz-170
additional choppa

20 Orc boyz-170
additional choppa

10 Spider Riders-152
short bows
standard bearer

40-Night goblins-255
3 fanatics

20 Black orcs-368
mork's spirit totem

2000 points

DD=5 (+max. 3 from black orcs banner)

09-02-2009, 20:29
The shaman has no option for mundane armour, so can not take magic armour.

Also be aware the spider riders won't get rank bonus as they are fast cav.

How are you thinking of using this army, I'm finding it hard to see the strategy behind it :(.

09-02-2009, 20:36
cheers for that, i'll swap that for:
idol of mork, and i think that this list is more for a laugh, but the tactics behind it, if any are three point:
1-shaman flies around and annoys stuff.
2-solid centre
3-irritating spiders
but yeah, there are really not that many tactics, but ill but ill be using it at the weekend probably, so ill update the post then

Dead Man Walking
09-02-2009, 22:46
Yep its an orc army, but you kind of build yourself up for a fall when you entitle it, "New approach I've never seen before." :rolleyes:

You only need 19 Black Orcs since you have a BO hero going in the unit.

Your mage may be flying around annoying things just fine but your little guys are going to be in the back of the army saying, "Wheres da Boss? Ize gonna go away!" You need to keep your leadership where your troops are.

A Solid middle usually involves a battle standard bearer and a general with good leadership, lots of ranked troops who stand in front of artillery. You only have magic to whittle down the enemy before they get there.

lord of blood2000
21-02-2009, 17:34
the reson you have never seen it befor is because it is rubish you dont take a sorsre on a waven if you whont 1 takeazhag the slaughterer or at lest take
grimgor hav split the spiders no standerd and try squsing in a spear chukka or 2 get some artillry

21-02-2009, 18:03
can shamans ride on wyverns now?
and your BSB cannot have magical items only mundane armour and choppa
plus shaman can only have magical armour that has to state shamans can wear