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I have just searched half an hour for a Tactica thread about Vampire Counts.

As I could not find any at all I decided to make one, I will update this startpost as we go. If you have anything to add please post.

What are your ideas and experiences with Vampire Counts?


Vampire Lord
Besides Special Characters this is your only Lord choice, and he is pretty mandatory for 2k+ games. He is very customizable and can serve as an awesome caster or a combat beast. With 100 points of available Vampiric Powers AND 100 points of Magic Items you can really make him powerfull.

Your hero level vampire, awesome for a lot of tasks aswell. Can be upgraded to a BSB aswell.

Wight King
One of the most durable hero level characters, with 3 wounds and toughness 5 he is very hard to kill. Works awesome as a BSB.

This is your cheap hero choice, a level 1 wizard that can be mounted on a Corpse Cart and you can buy extra spells for him.


Zombie Horde
With 4 points a model these are great tarpit units. General consensus is that it's better to summon Zombies than buying them in your Army List.

Skeleton Warriors
Usually these or Crypt Ghouls will form the core of your army. Skeletons are a pretty weak combat unit but with all the static CR you can give them and because of the fact they cause Fear, have a 4+ save in combat they work very well as an anvil.

Crypt Ghouls
The more combat oriented Core choice, they have higher Weapon Skill, Toughness, Initiative, Attack and Leadership values than Skeletons but don't have the option to take a Standard/Banner or a Musician. They don't have any armour but do have Poisoned Attacks

Dire Wolves
Usually used as a meat shield for cavalry or warmachine hunters Dire Wolves work awesome to ty up certain units aswell. They do not count towards your minimum Core requirements.

Bat Swarm
I have never actually seen this unit used at all. They don't seem to have a use that can not be filled by another unit wich does it better.

Corpse Cart
A mount for your necromancer or a support unit for your infantry. Can give the units nearby ASF and can be upgraded to aid you with summoning or disrupt enemy casters.


Grave Guard
Your typical elite infantry unit. With Toughness 4 and a 3+ save these guys are very resilient. They have the Killing Blow special rule and you can give them great weapons aswell. A popular combo is putting your BSB with the regenerate banner with them.

Black Knights
These are basically mounted Grave Guard and have Ethereal movement although the popular choice is to give them barding instead. Equipped with lances and killing blow these are an awesome flanking unit.

Fell Bats
The warmachine hunters of the list. With 2 wounds and 2 attacks these are a great buy in most lists.

Spirit Host
Another unit I rarely see, unless created by the spell Wind of Undeath. They have a rather steep cost for what they do and other Special choices are usually considered better.


A great flank protector or wizard hunter. Has the Vampire special rule wich means he can keep your flanks marching. Can take on most hero level characters on his own although throwing him in a flank can be devastating. Unfortunately he does not negate ranks.

Cairn Wraiths
The only skirmish unit in the list, these are very very killy indeed. With 3 strength 5 attacks and Terror there is not much that can stand against these guys. They are ethereal aswell and the Banshee's Ghostly Howl ability can wreak havoc even without line of sight.

Blood Knights
With stats that beat most hero level characters Blood Knights are real monsters in combat. Strength 7 on the charge with 2 attacks and a Nightmare as a mount, there is not much that can stand against a Blood Knight charge. They do cost a fortunate however.

Black Coach
A chariot with a 3+ armour save and a 4+ ward. Once fully upgraded there is not much that can stand against it but it does swallow your own power dice aswell. If used right this can really disrupt your opponents magic phase.

Vampiric Powers

I'll start with a description of some of the best Vampiric Powers. You can really make your vampires very strong as either a caster or a combat monster.

Your ghouls may make a march move before the game, including characters in the unit. That's 8" of free movement for 25 points, not bad.

Master of the Black Arts
Two extra power dice, what can you say about that.

Forbidden Lore
This can make your vampire very versatile. He knows all spells from the Lore of Vampires or any other Lore (besides Life). Works great with Lore of Beasts on a hero level vamp.

Dark Acolyte
This gives your vampire an extra magic level.

Infinite Hatred
Hate in all rounds of close combat, says it all really.

Red Fury
For each unsaved wound your vampire causes he gets to make another attack. Works awesome with a Dreadlance or Infinite Hatred

Avatar of Death
Gives heavy armour and a choice between great weapon, hand weapon and hield or two hand weapons.

Dread Knight
Heavy armour, a lance, shield and a barded Nightmare.

Lord of the Dead
Allows you to raise your Skeleton Warriors above starting size and adds +1 to Invocation on them aswell.

Summon Creatures of the Night
Allowes you to raise Dire Wolves, Bat Swarms and Fell Bats above starting size, adds +1 to Invocation of Nehek on them aswell.

Summon Ghouls
Gives +1 to Invocation on Crypt Ghouls and allows you to raise them above starting size.

Magic Items

Besides the common magic items Vampire Counts have some very usefull items themselves. I'll start with discussing some of the more popular ones.

Dread Lance
Often combined with Red Fury this makes your Lord a true combat monster.

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http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=130505&highlight=vanhel%27s is the existing tactica thread. If you want to discuss VC tactica (which we all do) the existing thread will prob get more attention, up to you though.

I agree with most of your analysis of the VC list except the implication that barding takes away ethereal movement, it doesn't. Good job though!

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I have actually searched like half an hour for that thread, I feel stupid :p