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09-02-2009, 22:56
Im an entry level player new to the game but by no means new to the hobby.

I am wondering if their are any who consider themselves seasoned vampire counts generals in the group who might give me some advice. I need advice on what to bring along on a 1k game. We have 4 or 5 players all interested and we want to start within a few weeks playing 1ooo point games.

If you wan't to just out right right give me successful 1ooo point lists you have used in the past that is great also.

Myself I was thinking

Countmanfred the acolyte leading 15 skeles with spears banner of stirgos with the skull staff.
wight king wielding the banner as the armies battle standard

Konrad Von Carsten leadng 20 ghouls

A corpse cart with balefire

A necromancer to ride in the cart with invocation of nehek and raise dead.
maybe sceppter of noirot if i can afford it.

Again i'm green to this but the thing that doesn't set well with me in this army is the fact that I have 2 units of men and 1 corpse cart and thats it. Im worried i'll be out manuvered by my opponents.

I don't know what do you all think?

09-02-2009, 23:05
um taking two special characters is not a good idea in this size of game. only 15 skellys and 20 ghouls, you are going to need more than that in a 1000 pt game. all the opponent has to do is out number you and he could win the game. maybe its best you tell us what type of army you want. by my guess you were trying to have the two SC's balance ur army out with magic and strong hero.

09-02-2009, 23:10
Two vamps. One geared for CR, the other for resing skeletons. One cart. Skeleton units with FC, banner of endless nightmare and warbanner for +6 static CR, a unit of direwolves or some ghouls for the flanks.

10-02-2009, 00:11
The double unit strength banner is golden, I'd take that wherever possible.

Dead Man Walking
10-02-2009, 01:09
No ones going to give you a list to play, you can give us what you would like to field and we can tell you what works better. This isn't the fast food world of warhammer.

10-02-2009, 01:54
Well special character or not Count Mannfredd the acolyte comes in at just under or just over the price of a normal vampire with all up grades and Konrad Von carstien comes in far cheaper then a normal vampire. I don't think the fact that they are special characters is relevant. I have been assuming that you always want to take your character limits for any game. Is this wrong?

Again I remind ...I am new. Seing that that is so I do not understand your abbreviations. One vamp for CR?

What type of army I wan't?

Well that would be a counts army with enough magic to raise my undead horde into a mighty army by the time turn 2 comes around so I can march on my foe...but still take enough starting troops to look formidable. With at least one hero in the army that is capable of mayhem but not so costly that I cannot afford to bring along two full units of core. Thats why I chose Konrad because he is 60 points cheaper and more powerful then any vampire hero could be. The balefire on the corpse cart is something I do not wish to compromise. As at a 1000 point level a -1 to someones casting can be a big pain for an opponent to deal with.

I considered taking a varghulf for the flank attacks. My concern is that I only have two units. But this army is capable I think, of raising plenty of zombies to flank and trap. I donno really.

Dead Man. Actually some people might. If a particular list worked well for someone at the 1k level I don't see any reason why not to share it here. Is that a big deal?

10-02-2009, 02:39
Advice for a 100 point game!? Ah, 1k point game ;)

With Undead you want a core block of infantry (skeletons or black guard depending on your style) for your hero, sounded like you'd be running him on foot, with a few blocks of more sub par infantry supporting them. 1 unit of calvary or something like the Varghulf to harass/protect the flanks.

I don't know if you want to focus on being magic heavy, at this many points its more about bulking your list out as much as possible. I'd drop the corpse cart and get some more infantry or another hero, etc.

Lord Dan
10-02-2009, 03:07
Yeah, I got confused by the title for a moment, too. My advice was going to be: "1 vampire, no upgrades".

10-02-2009, 03:24
Well my reasons for going magic heavy was at this level I estimate I won't be facing to many troops so I could potentially vastly outnumber my enemy in a lower point game. With between 5 and 7 magic die a turn to raise undead and grow fill the ghouls ranks and skeletons I could severely outnumber them. The necromancer has the Scepter of Noi rot. Thats likely hell be bringing in at least 1d6+9 zombies a turn. That and Manfredd knows every spell and has an average chance once or twice a game of pulling off bringing in 5d6 zombies. In a low point game i was guestimating that this many troops would be to much to handle. I was banking on magic to provide my army past the two core units of skeles and ghouls. And I started the skeles and ghouls at around 15 so thats not all togeather a small number, granted it could be bigger.

So you think the corpse cart is a waste at this level?

What about a Varghulf instead? that will cost me more points but Id be dropping the necromancer that rides in the cart.

That said whats to keep me from putting a corpse cart in a unit since it can be a necromancer? It doesn't say it is a monster it says follows the rules for moving and fighting.

10-02-2009, 07:25
Vampire w/ Spectral Form – 150pts

Crypt Ghouls x 20 w/ Ghast – 168pts

Crypt Ghouls x 20 w/ Ghast – 168pts

Cairn Wraiths x 10 – 500pts

Total: 986pts

A simple, themed list I made a while ago, just because I love Etheral models. This was when I was deciding on an army and I've gone to Skaven since, so I have no idea how this army would even perform. From what I've heard about Etheral, not well.

Vampire w/ Lord of dead, Dark acolyte, Bloody hauberk – 190pts

Necromancer w/ 1 power stone, 1 dispel scroll – 100pts

Wight King w/ BSB, Banner of Barrows – 145pts

Skeletons x20 w/ banner – 168pts

Skeletons x20 w/ banner – 168pts

Grave Guard x10 w/ banner, Standard of Strigos – 163pts

Fell bats x 3 – 60pts

Total: 994pts

That one might do better, just one I did in a few minutes now. Dark Acolyte could be replaced with Summon creatures of the night if you wanted to increase the size of the fell bat squad, but sacrifice a power dice.

Good Luck with your army though.

11-02-2009, 00:20
lots of people dislike special characters because they are sometimes slightly cheaper than they should be and sometimes completely broken. If you would bring two of them to a 1000 point game I would certainly have opinions about it so at least check with your opponent.

You always need enough troops. Remember that there are a number of spells and weapons that can really hurt if you dont have anough units and this is especially true at low levels. My friends Wood elves (WE) would for example easily wipe out one of your two units in the first round of shooting (which may cost you a vampire and then probably the game).

Also remember that you are playing to have fun and if your opponent also has fun he will play against you again.