View Full Version : Which Imperial Armour has Elysians?

Marshal Caligula
09-02-2009, 23:12
Ok I looked at the previous thread about which Imperial Armour book has what, but I'm still a little confused as to which one has Elysians because the posts in the thread contradicted each other. Anyways, just like the title says, which Imperial Armour has the information on Elysains? Thanks in advance.

09-02-2009, 23:17
Third one has the general list.
Fourth book is focused on special D-99 regiment specialised in killing Tyranids.

10-02-2009, 06:39
IA - 3 "Taros Campaign" contains a list of Elysians (troops/equipment/armory) for sure (I have the book), but it seems that also IA 4 has also a specific list (I did not see it).
The IA - 3 describe even an Elysians drop assault on a target (a Tau water plant).But things are ugly;)...