View Full Version : Starting a Daemons army.

09-02-2009, 23:59
Hi, I'm new to Fantasy, (Converter from 40k), and I want to start Demons.
They seem cool and the Big demons look cool to :chrome:

I don't know the rules yet, but I think I want to field a CC army. Something balanced but emphasizing on Khorne :angel:

Help? Tips? :confused:

Dead Man Walking
10-02-2009, 00:36
Read the army book and see what catches your eyes, what units stand out, models, themes ect and then tell us what you have in mind and we'll tell you how to do it better. It would do no good to just tell you to take stuff that you may find that you don't like to field/buy/paint/look at.

If you like CC then you may want to stay away from tzeentch and think more of Khorne, with Nurgle and Slaanesh next in order. You can also mix your army with different chaos gods, so keep an open mind even to small amounts of Tzeentch units.

Voodoo Boyz
10-02-2009, 00:55
Well if you want something balanced, you will want a little bit of everything right?

If you want to focus on khorne and have a big bad daemon, you can't beat the Blood Thirster. Make sure you take the Immortal Fury gift, to make sure it's hard to flub an important combat roll. The other gifts you give him are really up to you, but I prefer combining it with Obsidian Armor and something else.

The only shooting you can get in the army is via Flamers; I recommend a single unit of 6. They're unbelievable shooting wise and surprisingly aren't terrible in combat.

For mobility and warmachine hunting in order to protect your Bloodthirster, you will want to take some Furies. I recommend two units of 5, they don't need to be larger than the minimum size. Their job is to march block fighty armies, and kill Warmachine crew, having more units is more important than having a single big unit.

In order to take magic, you can take some Heralds that are Wizards, but the best ones are Tzeench. Once you decide on a herald or two, you will want to pick your basic core units. Core units are best in units of 10 in the "Multiple Small Units" style, except for Plaguebearers with a Herald in the unit (the herald should be on a Planaquin).

As far as more "combat" goes. You will want something resilient, that moves fast, and hits hard. Flesh Hounds are far and away the best thing for this (waaaay better than Blood Crushers). The other special units are more for support than anything else.

Hopefully with this info you can pick out the things you like, but I'm going to warn you, following this advice will make a very powerful list. :D