View Full Version : Stubborn Wood Elves; 2000 Points

10-02-2009, 00:35
I have not used my Wood Elves since last edition, I plan to start using them once I have got 10 games done with my Empire [2 to go].

I had planned to use a 7DD army with Wand of Wych Elm etc and 9 Power Dice. But I have been thinking of this instead;

Ancient; Nestlings, +1 DD.
Alter; Helm, Hail of Doom, LA, Shield, Great Wep.
Mage; 2 Scrolls.
BSB; Stone of Rebirth, Horn of ITP.

10 Glade Guard;
10 Glade Guard;
10 Glade Guard;
8 Dryads;

17 Eternal; FC
7 Wardancers;
7 Wardancers;
6 Wild Riders; FC

Leaves my 60 points, at first I was going to run a normal Treeman and a Branchwraith with Lvl1, Nestlings and +1 DD. For 5 DD + 2 Scrolls. This list gives me 4+ Scrolls but the Treeman is much more survivable with Nestlings and the extra LD.

Not sure what to get for those last 60 points. An Eagle? Some more Glade Guard? Shrikes and a Murder of Spites on the Ancient?

The plan is pretty simple, LD9 Re Roll Stubborn on 2 units to hold the enemy, both ITP [well the Eternal will be for a turn]. My BSB is also very hard to kill with that 2+ Ward. That one turn holding is all I need to stick some Wardancers in the flanks.

My Riders can go out and March Block, probably beating units with Flank Charges whilst my Dryads on Guard can just harass the enemy along with that Alter.