View Full Version : Anyone give some advice on a sound 1k Vampire army?

10-02-2009, 04:18
New looking to start up playing with group of friends soon. I hope to have 1k worth of painting done in the next month and then its play time. I need to know before going onto my next unit ( i am just putting the finishing touches on 20 deliciously painted ghouls as we speak) what I should be painting next.

I posted a similar thread elsewhere inappropriately I fear. So any advice for low point game for Vampire Counts would be appreciated. And some tactics to go along with it is welcome as well!

10-02-2009, 11:34
this should probably go in the main tactics forum as there is no army list yet. Vampire Counts are a lot weaker at fewer than 2000 points becasue of the lack of the lord choice. however, as a VC player I would recommend (assuming you want to be competetive and friendly) Ghouls as they fantastic point for point and make a great core capable in combat. a large unit of zombies as they can tarpit things admirably and in 1000 points almost guarantee you will have more models on the table than lots of other people, also good for screening and 25 only cost 100 points. These act as a solid core (anvil) and then you need the hammer. Varghulf is always a good choice or if you want to spend more points in one basket then blood knights are hard as nails on the charge and wraiths put out a lot of str5 attacks and often in 1000 points you'll find the opponent may not have many magic things with which to hurt them. I'd recommend 2 vampires or 1 vampire and 2 necromancers, keeping them all cheap as chips. 1 vamp and 2 necromancers can be 7 PD nice and cheaply if you only really want to cast invocation. bit of a ramble but there you go...