View Full Version : 2x 1,500 woc army lists need help deciding.

10-02-2009, 13:28
before we start both lists are for casual gaming not tournie play.

both lists are 1,500pts (obviously but u know theres always someone)

so first is my warrior army nothing too special.

Exhalted Champion.
Mark of khorne, Axe of Khorne, favour of the gods, shield -180pts
nothing too special just a nice fighty general, just as khorne intended.

Mark of Nurgle, lvl2, dispell scroll, warrior familier -185pts
chosen a nurgle sorcerer as i just like the lore, the warrior familier will also help give him that extra str5 punch should he be charged or is in a unit that is charged. also a dispel scroll to help the anti-magic cause.

2x 15 Warriors.
Hand weapon and shield, full command -270pts (540pts)
again nothing special just two blocks of warriors.

5 Marauderer Horsemen.
Spears, shields, full command -105pts
a nice flanking unit, armed with spears and shields for that nice +1str when they support charge. also good for warmachine and lonely wizard hunting.

2x 5 Warhounds. -30pts
a must take for all WoC armies. help screen warriors as well as making sure my chariots and knights don't go charging the wrong unit.

5 Knights.
Mark of Khorne, enscrolled weapons,full command -280pts
a nice 'hit hard' unit. personally i love the models and from what I've seen proform well. will be supported by either chariot for Maruderer horsemen.

Mark of Khorne - 150pts
Lastly another potentially hard hitter that can deal out alot of damage so long as it charges first (and also if the dice gods are on your side).


Army 2 is based on one of my favourite special characters in the new book. Throgg the troll king.

Troll King Throgg - 175pts

Mark of Nurgle. dispel scroll, warrior familer -185pts
again same build as the last list but only because he will be on his own so the extra punch in combat is very much needed.

2x 5 Trolls -225pts (450pts)
it is a troll army so as such some nice biggish troll units are a good start

2x 5 hounds -30pts (60pts)
just because trolls are bigger doesn't mean they don't need screening.

2x 5 Marauderer Horsemen
Spear, sheilds, full command -105pts (210pts)
Again used for warmachine and lone character hunting as well as support charging.

2 spawn -110pts
support chargers and bogging down harder units.

TOTAL 1,495pts

so guys and gals which army do you personally prefer?
C&C welcome so long as its constructive of course!

10-02-2009, 20:12
I like the first list the best, balanced well!

I wouldn't change anything myself.


12-02-2009, 20:27
thx for your imput much appreciated.

does anyone else have any input or is that the general consensus?