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10-02-2009, 14:05

Mark of Khorne, Juggernaut of Khorne, Axe of Khorne, Chaos Runeshield, Favour of the Gods
Your basic beat-stick. 6 attacks plus 3 from the Juggy, a 0+ armour save and Killing Blow. Also he nerfs magic weapons so he doesnít really need a ward save.

BSB, Mark of Khorne, Juggernaut of Khorne, Hand weapon, Chaos armour, Shield, Doom Totem
Another Beat-Stick. Iím not 100% on this guy. I could drop some warhounds and take the Banner of the Gods. Iíll try this build out in a few games and decide whatís needed.

Mark of Nurgle, Level 2, Dispell Scroll (2), Chaos Steed
Magic defence. I made him a level 2 to see how that works. Usually I just take a level 1 for my scroll caddy, but Iím hoping that this guy might be able to get a single spell off once per game and the Nurgle lore is very good. Also, this guy has the stats of a Chaos Knight so he hits pretty hard.

9 Marauder Horsemen: 192
Spears, Light armour, Shields
Standard & Musician, Mark of Nurgle
The Lord & Sorcerer go here. Ranked 6x2 with two characters in the front rank, these guys are really there just to deliver the Lord. Mark of Nurgle for some shooting defence.

6 Chaos Hounds: 36
6 Chaos Hounds: 36
6 Chaos Hounds: 36
Meat screen for my frenzied units. Generally there to get in the way and die.

5 Marauder Horsemen: 86
Spears, Throwing Spears, Light Armour

5 Marauder Horsemen: 86
Spears, Throwing Spears, Light Armour

These two units are for flanking and harassing. Doing what fast cav does best.

11 Marauder Horsemen: 224
Flails, Light Armour
Chieftain, Musician, Mark of Khorne

I kept these guys as fast cav so they can set up for good flank charges. They hit like Chaos Knights and are big enough that they can take a few casualties and still be effective in CC.

5 Chaos Knights: 315
Knight Champion, Standard & Musician
Mark of Nurgle, Banner of Rage
BSB goes here. Chaos Knights, need I say more? With the BSB, these guys will set up in the centre of my battle line with the Lordís unit on one side or another. With their armour save and Mark of Nurgle I donít really need to worry about shooting much, but will screen them with dogs so they donít get redirected because of their frenzy. At 7 wide they will be a big hard to ignore target.

Chaos Chariot: 150
Mark of Nurgle
Does what Chariots are designed to do. Will probably set up on the other side of the knights and protect their flank. With MoN it will be hard to take down with shooting.

Total: 1998

All in all, the plan is for this to be a fast hard hitting army. Itís not designed for tourney play, but I do want it to be full of win as well as being both fun to play with and against.
There is a bit of fluff Iím working on to explain the dual Marks present. Basically they are a tribe of Kurgan who worship Khorne, but have recently been infected by Nurgle. Now the Lord is trying to do as much killing in the name of the Blood God in a desperate attempt to gain more favour with Khorne before he too is taken over by the rot and becomes a slave to the Pus God.


10-02-2009, 20:06
A strange army IMHO

So many Marauder Horsemen? No static combat resolution is gonna slaughter you. Horsemen ain't that good, you really need some warriors and/or marauders.

The lord and exalted doesn't always kill everything they come into base contact with (sad experience).
To sum it up: More ranked infantry, less marauder horsemen.

25 marauders, with light armor, shield and full command is gonna cost you 180p if you want Mark of Nurgle for survival it'll be 210p. If memory serves me right, then these guys can serve you well. Most basic infantry is WS3 so when you drop it to 2 and you got 4... I think they hit you on 5+ or something, at least they won't hit as often!


10-02-2009, 20:11
I think you meant "Blood'n'Pus," because I read that as something TOTALLY different...

10-02-2009, 21:24
I think you meant "Blood'n'Pus," because I read that as something TOTALLY different...


So I did, so I did.