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10-02-2009, 18:18
Hey everyone, this is my first attempt at making a fantasy army... I have played 40k for a long time, and after a long read of the codex, and some searches online, this is what I have come up with for a potential Tomb Kings list.

My strategy is based on outnumbering the opponent by the time they meet my lines. Hence the big skeleton units, and the ranged attacks to dwindle the opponents numbers. I also tried to get alot of magic stuff in there, since I would like to try out the magic phase that does not exist in 40k, and Tomb Kings seem to need it to survive. The chariots make a small flanking unit, and the Ushabti are something that may actually do damage... As for the carrions... not sure what I will do with them, maybe kill enemy siege equipment with the scorpion.

Enjoy! any comments, criticism is welcome.

Tomb King (General) 219pts
- Crown of Kings
- Great Weapon & Light Armor

Liche Priest (Hierophant) 135pts
- Cloak of the Dunes

Liche Priest 140pts
- Hieratic Jar

25 Skeleton Warriors 250pts
- Hand Weapons, Light Armor & Shields
- Standard of the Undying Legion

20 Skeleton Warriors 195pts
- Hand Weapons, Light Armor & Shields
- Standard Bearer & Musician

20 Skeleton Warriors 190pts
- Hand Weapons, Light Armor & Shields
- Standard Bearer

12 Skeleton Warriors 96pts
- Hand Weapons & Bows

3 Chariots 120pts

3 Ushabti 195pts

5 Carrions 120pts

1 Tomb Scorpion 85pts

Screaming Scull Catapult 90pts

Casket of Souls 165pts


12-02-2009, 15:13
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12-02-2009, 15:46
For a first list it's fairly good. Here are some tips:

-Put the jar on the Hierophant. Being able to fly will mean you are more flexible in how you use it and helps out in point denial.

-Skeletons are nice, but tomb guard are MUCH better for not that much more. If you have a special slot open and the needed core covered I'd upgrade them either by making the unit smaller or by dropping the archers.

-Carrion are great for taking out warmachines (even on turn 1) but all you need it 3. Drop two do get another ushabti.

12-02-2009, 16:02
First of all, welcome to fantasy! I've had Tomb Kings for a while now and have recently gotten back into playing them again, so I hope this advice will help you get to grips with the lords of Khemri.

Two things you might like to know about the Tomb Kings. 1) They are not an easy army to play with. They have a steep learning curve and they take a lot of getting used to.

2) Every move must be planned in advance, particularly when it comes to magic. Tomb Kings, as you know, rely on magic heavily but all their spells have a short range and they must be cast in a strict order. You'll need to think out where to place your wizards so that none of them will be left without anyone useful to cast on.

With this in mind, you're army list doesn't look too bad. You will, however, need another priest. With so many magic heavy armies out there the extra dispel dice is vital.

I wouldn't try to seriously outnumber the enemy. Our skeletons are expensive compared to the vampire ones for the same stats, and their command is more expensive too. In addition to this Tomb Kings live or die based on their characters which means you need to take a full complement. So, unless you're playing an incredibly small army, (such as ogre kingdoms or high elves), you won't get a great advantage this way.

One last thing, your block of 25 skellies with the banner of the undying legion has a magical standard, but no standard bearer! They can't have the banner without a bearer I'm afraid.

Good luck in your battles, and don't lose hope if your first few don't go very well. Tomb Kings need a lot of practice and you're win record will pick up as you become more familiar with them.