View Full Version : Help distributing orc characters in units

10-02-2009, 22:20
Hi, I need help with my orc army (this feels like an obvious question but I've failed my stupidity roll).

I have three big blocks of orcs in my army (plus a bunch of fast stuff around the edges). I have three characters (black orc warboss, orc BSB and shaman)

My question is: how should i distribute them? One character in each unit (which looks really cool), or should I put all my expensive eggs in one basket?

If they're in the same unit (or at least the general and BSB) surely that unit becomes target number 1? And if it flees, the rest of my boyz are left with their green butts in the breeze.

So where should they go?

11-02-2009, 09:01
The best answer is to put both the general and the BSB on boars so you can zip them between the units, avoiding mean charges, and getting the right charge off yourself. As for the shaman, it is necessary for it to be in a unit with a black orc boss to avoid losing his magic phase due to animosity. However, do not think of shamans as "leading" your blocks. Regard infantry blocks as temporary safe havens from missiles and constantly try to place your shaman out of harm's way. A shaman in close combat is severely restricted due to many spells requiring line of sight.

Generally, I start the game fielding my bosses in separate blocks. I run them as black orcs to hamper animosity as I move up the field. At the crucial turns 2 and 3, I move them between my blocks depending on what my opponent does.

No easy answer in this one, I am afraid. It all depends on what happens on the battle field.


11-02-2009, 23:30
I find that warmachines make great places for shamans. 360 LOS, Can't be killed from misfire, "Save" from the machine which can absorb most light missle fire, easy enogh to leave if the tough gets them going.