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10-02-2009, 22:39
I was wondering if it was better for my chaos lord the bronze armour of zhrakk (Itp, immune to KB and poison but can't paass his Ld to other units) or the crimson armour of dargan (immune to KB and each wound causes always one wound).
These are the pros & cons i found about them:

-Crimson armour of Dargan: It gives a decent protection, as it negates one of the more spreading abilities in the 7th ed. (KB), which means my expensive lord won't be wiped out by DE assasins an Khorne heralds. Its second ability it also grants some protection against monsters like Kholek or carnosaurs. Its only drawback is its cost.

-Bronze armour of Zhrakk: It also gives immunity to KB, but it also grants immunity to poison, which gives an additional protection against assasins and generally, against troups with poisoned attacks like nurgle daemons.
And it's a really cheap item.
Its major drawback is that my army won't beneficiate my chaos lord's Ld9.
BTW, if the general stops to have the ability to pass his Ld, he stops to be the general (meaning I have to chose another character to be general)?

Thanks in advance for any reponse.

10-02-2009, 23:06
Firstly it depends on whether the character is a lord or a hero, and secondly, who your opponent is and what he is likely to have in his list. Also what that character's role in your army will be.

If it's a hero on a disk, who will be hunting warmachines and hassling the flanks, then the bronze armour will suffice. However if it's a lord in a unit, then that ld bubble will be nice to keep. Conversely, if in a unit, then that character is safer from multi-wound attacks (from say, a cannon).

If you're opponent has no multi-wound causing things in his army, then the crimson armour is not as good, though. Overall I think that although invaluable in certain circumstances, it is sinking a lot of points into a defensive item. In many more circumstances, the crown of conquest will be more useful for only 10 points more. Slap a cheap ward save on him too and it'll be even harder to hurt him with anything.

12-02-2009, 16:45
The thing is... that my lord already has the crown:evilgrin:
My question is that if WoC really needs the extra Ld of the lord or if they can go on without it. I premise that most of my army is composed by frenzied infantry units, and in many cases WoC generals takes the MoS (so they need to pass any panic, fear nor terror tests.

13-02-2009, 02:15
Bronze armour every day, first i find choas lord is OP most of the time if is for LD9 claiming . second the pts for the Crimson armour is just too high , it peventing your lord to get some other juciy equipment. and here is some good combo : bronze + crown + jugger + collar + sword of bite + shield= one hell of hard to kill tanker . 0+ AS , 6 + ward save ,4+ regen . it even got a lim chance on tar out a blood thrister for the entire game . [ most likely win you by out numbering you . ld9- 1= 8ld ]

13-02-2009, 03:51
Bronze Armor also gives you ITP, which can be either good or bad depending. Anyway Bronze Armor + Crown is ideal for a Sorc Lord, so you can still have points for a weapon and spell familiar.

For a combat Lord? If you need the Ld then obviously you have to spring for the Crimson Armor. Personally I don't bother with Chaos Lords (I play Tzeentch-heavy) so I'm not too fond of taking either option if it comes with a Chaos Lord attached :p

I guess if you take a BSB you don't need the Ld9 as much.

13-02-2009, 06:42
I prefer to use the Crimson Armour on the general, especially if it is a lord, sure he's already expensive, but granting extra LD (which you've already paid for) & being immune to the odd cannonball is more useful than being immune to poison.

But as others have said, it depends on what his role is & where he is placed, I do prefer to use the Bronze armour on a hero which isn't my general though.

13-02-2009, 09:08
Chaos Lord
If you MUST have one, I say go for the Crimson Armour, that way preserving his Leadership 9 to the rest of the army.

Chaos Sorceror Lord, or any other character you want protected that comes with Ld8Bronze Armour of Zrakh, you can always use another model to be your general when you've got Ld8, as such, it is really a good thing to place on your Sorc Lord.