View Full Version : 2000 points tournament final HELF

10-02-2009, 23:30
ok so Iīve come up with my list

High Elf Prince
Armor of Caledor
White Sword
Talisman of Sapphery
(he goes with white lion unit)

(he goes with his own - phoenix guard)

2nd level, silver wand, ring of fury
(she shall be with White Lions)

2nd level, Seerstaff, dispel scroll
(she will be part of single bolter crew, she will use lore of heavens and take both thunder bolts from there)

10 archers

15 Spearelves
full command

14 Phoenix Guard
full command
banner of sorcery
(home for caradryan)
(unit is ranked to 3 ranks of 5)

12 White Lions
Full Command
Banner of arcane protection (might change to lion standard)
(This one is home for general and mage. Unit is ranked to two ranks of seven)

5 Dragon Princes of Caledor
Full Command
Banner of Ellyrion
(I just cant refuse to take that)

6 Shadow warriors

Repeater Bolt Thrower
(Safe Place for my other sorcerer, sorcerer chooses spells without range so that she will avoid being out of range.)

Thats it

1996 points
6 power dice + D3 from banner
4 dispel Dice + 1 scroll and magic resistant units
models 69 (quite small list)

There ya have it. I was tempted of taking two small units of sword masters but didnīt have enough points to take them. Lord is one to drop off and take noble, and then I would also drop off the repeater bolt thrower and take those two units of 6 sword masters

11-02-2009, 05:01
In a tourny, you will get demolished by hordes or any high toughness armies like Chaos. I really would rather have swordmasters instead of phoenix guard just because they can beast in CC. Shadow warriors are okay. But that doesn't mean you can't drop them, get an eagle and 5 more spearmen. So much better than shadow warriors. And if you're going for magic, might as well go all magic. 2 level 2's can't cut it in today's magic heavy armies. Go with a level 1 with 2 dispel scrolls. Keep him in the way back and just go to CC.

12-02-2009, 21:47
i'd be putting caradryan in the whitelions as it gives them so much. magic res, fear causer.

Have you considered teclis? along with banner of sorcery and no other spell casters. He is a beast at dealing with alot of scarey things you may face. If no characters are going in the spearmen i dont see why you'd take full command? points better spent elsewhere.

dragon princes are good, i find they work best when supported by another unit of dragon princes. sounds silly but 2 bare units are great and not individually very expensive so harder for opp to prioritise them.

I'm not sold on shadow warriors never had them do well. eagle is a better march blocker and cheap, although don't expect much else from one. You could nearly get 2 for the same points and imo would perform much better than the shadow warriors.

as is the list is set up defensively [lots of infantry] but why would people close with you as your not that scarey at range? Most lists i would expect to see in a tourney could handle your magic. And a single RBT seems unlikely to acheive much on his own