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- Human
11-02-2009, 04:34
Now that my Dark Elves are slowly being repainted into a decently sized army (you can see better pics of the units here in my painting blog http://www.druchii.net/viewtopic.php?t=59536), I decided to take my little infantry horde for a spin against a Tzeentch Warriors of Chaos army. It was a fun little mission where the one and only objective was to take the central hill.

My list:
Master – Crimson Death, Armour of Darkness
Master – BSB, Pendant, Null Talisman, HA, SDC, Great Weapon

20 Warriors – Full Command, Shields, Banner of Murder
10 Crossbowmen – Shields
10 Crossbowmen – Shields

17 Black Guard – Full Command, Ring of Hotek, Banner of Hag Graef
15 Executioners – Draich-Master, Musician
5 Shades – Great weapons

2 Reapers

The Chaos list consisted of roughly the following:
2 Tzeentch Sorcerors
15 Warriors w/ shields & command
12 Warriors w/ shields
2 x 5 Warhounds
2 x 5 Knights w/ command
1 Chariot

My BSB was deployed in the Black Guard, while the General was placed in the unit of 20 spears. The enemy placed a sorcerer in each warrior unit, and they both rolled spells #1 (Flickering Fire; random magic missile) and #4 (Treason; all models in unit attack themselves) from the lore of Tzeentch.

I deployed fairly centrally with more weight on my right flank, because of the speed and killing power the 2 units of Chaos Knights were capable of. I didn’t have a hill and there was a lot of intervening terrain, so my Reapers were placed at the ends of my battle line in order to get some decent lanes of fire. My Shades started on the left flank behind the cottage in order to assist my weaker left flank. Chaos won the roll to go first.

Chaos Turn 1
The battle started with a general advance for the whole Chaos army, with the 2 hound units acting as missile screens for the chariot and knights. Flickering Fire was cast, burning to death two crossbow-wielding elves on the left flank.

Dark Elves Turn 1
My big Warrior and Black Guard marched towards the hill, while the other parts of my army took a more cautious approach. The opening volleys from the crossbow units each wiped out a unit of Warhounds, giving the Reapers a chance to fire at the more valuable targets behind. The heavily armoured Northmen proved to be much tougher to kill, as the Warriors and Chariot shrugged off volley fire and a single bolt from the bolt throwers, respectively. Only the Shades were able to bring down two of the foot-knights, their bolts finding key openings in the enemy armour.

Chaos Turn 2
The Chaos units moved up once more, the smaller unit of Warriors taking up a key position on the hill with the larger unit protecting its flank nearby. The Chariot rumbled forwards to support the infantry line, while the 2 units of knights on the far right flank moved to set up some turn 3 charges. The magic phase saw Treason of Tzeentch cast on the Executioners, who were within 12” of the Ring of Hotek. The Chaos Sorceror rolled a double 5 and a 3, but the smile on my face was quickly gone as he re-rolled the 2nd 5 with the help of Blood of Tzeentch (re-roll a single casting dice per turn). I was lucky to see only 3 Executioners fall to each other’s blades.

Dark Elves Turn 2
With hateful curses the Black Guard declared a charge on the Warriors on the hill. Evidently the Chaos scum were wily followers of Tzeentch, as the unit fled, leaving the Black Guard open for a flank charge from the larger Warrior unit. Undaunted, the Shades lifted their great weapons and charged into the flank of the mighty chariot, hoping to destroy the lumbering machine with their heavy blades. The 2 crossbow units advanced, the one on the right flank hoping to draw the Knights into a trap. Finally, the Warriors with my General turned to face a potential flank charge from the Knights. Combined shooting from the Reapers and point-blank repeater crossbows brought down several of the larger unit of Warriors as well as 2 Knights from the front-most unit. In combat, though the Shades had brought heavy weapons to the fight, they still failed to damage the great Chariot and instead were cut down like wheat before the halberd-carrying crew. The lone remaining Shade turned and fled, clearly no match for the Chaos monstrosity.

Chaos Turn 3
The fleeing Chaos Warriors rallied to the nearby sounds of their brethren crashing into the Dark Elven lines. On the right flank the crossbows turned and fled, hoping to draw the knights into charge range of the Executioners, but the Knights were faster than anticipated and ploughed into the guard of Har Ganeth. The other unit of knights charged headlong into the front of the Spearmen unit, the Champion accepting a challenge from my General. Lastly, the large unit of Warriors beside the hill charged the Black Guard in the flank, hoping to reduce the number of enemy models attacking back. The Chariot attempted to charge the repeater crossbows on the left flank, but they fled and outran it.

Combat saw the Executioners devastated by the Chaos Knights, who were too busy slaying the elves to catch the fleeing remainder. The other unit of knights, expecting similar results with the common Dark Elf troopers, maimed almost 2 entire ranks before the Dark Elven general stepped into their midst, bringing down the enemy Champion with his magical halberd. Although many of their number had fallen, the inspiring actions of their leader as well as the nearby Battle Standard kept them in the fight. Finally, while the Black Guard were bested on the flank, the hardened veterans easily held their ground. http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q154/XiaoJieFu/BatRep1/IMG_2458.jpg

Dark Elves Turn 3
While the fleeing units rallied, the Warriors and Black Guard were fighting for their lives with the Chaos elites, and the Reapers were finally able to damage the heavy Chariot. While the Knights chopped down several more Dark Elf Warriors, The Druchii general once again proved his worth by impaling two Chaos Knights. Outnumbered and no match for the Dark Elf noble, the remaining knights fled, the Dark Elves pursuing close behind. Meanwhile, although the Black Guard were unable to kill more than a single Chaos Warrior, the Druchii Battle Standard Bearer brought down the enemy champion with his great weapon in a duel. This saw the Chaos unit turn and flee, only to be run down by the Dark Elves who then continued their assault into the flank of the Chariot. Aside from the Executioners, the momentum of the battle seemed to have shifted.

Chaos Turn 4
The Chaos Knights pursuing the Executioners once again crashed into the Draich-wielding elves. While the strength of the Knights was enough to crush the Executioners, and their Chaos Armour enough to turn aside their great weapons, it was the weapon skill of the executioners that was the key to their survival. Hours of practicing with their Draichs turned out to be their saviour, as many of the elves were able to parry the blows of the Knights and Chaos Steeds.

In the middle of the battlefield, the smaller unit of Chaos Warriors once again marched to claim the top of the crucial hill. The fleeing knights, however, were not so bold and were not eager to once more face the halberd-wielding Druchii noble. On the far left flank, while the halberds of the Black Guard were unable to damage the Chaos Chariot, the Battle Standard Bearer smashed the machine apart with tremendous blows of his great sword.

Dark Elves Turn 4
With most of the Chaos units dispatched, the Black Guard and Warriors lined up to chare and take the hill from the Chaos Warriors, some of whom were being whittled away by the nearby crossbowmen and Reaper. Although the numbers of the elves were diminished, their surviving heroes would surely carry them to victory.

Yelling a challenge, the Draich-master of the Executioners stepped forth to combat the champion of the Chaos Knights who had caused so much ruin. But as he lifted his great blade, he found himself disembowelled by the Knight’s quicker attacks. With their champion dead, the remaining Executioners fled the battle.

Chaos Turn 5
Seeing the battle lost and disregarding their orders to hold the hill, the Chaos Warriors charged down the slope and crashed into the weakened Dark Elf spearmen, hoping to kill their leader. But although they hacked down 4 elves, their general returned with blood ferociously, allowing his unit to hold along with some encouragement from the nearby Battle Standard.

Dark Elves Turn 5
The Black Guard charged in to flank the Warriors who had been barely stopped in their tracks by the spearmen. This manoeuvre put enough pressure on the Chaos Warriors to break the unit. At this point the Chaos army conceded, with my Black Guard and Warriors standing triumphantly at the middle hill. Victory to the Dark Elves!


================================================== ===

It's been quite a while since I wrote up a report, or for that matter, played a game of Warhammer. I hope the pics are ok, sorry about the poor terrain situation! :oops: Please let me know if I made any rules errors, as I always do. Note also that certain details were left out, like unimportant spells and such.

This game was a real learning experience. My recent lists have included executioners and the Cauldron, which I think is a very important synergy in making the Execs more effecive. However I used them very poorly this game, and that's a tactical error and not due to any lack of synergy. This game was more about using the painted models I had, and it was really fun to play with a fully painted army.

Chaos warriors are TOUGH. The warriors, knights and chariot were damn near impossible to kill with anything but characters and lucky missile fire. Even the reapers were lucky to kill 2 Chaos Warriors with a volley.

Comments & questions much appreciated! I hope you enjoyed it.

Edit: note to self... use a flash next time.

11-02-2009, 14:56
Nice battle and probably the most pictures I've ever seen taken of one battle :)

For a while it looked like you were in real trouble. Those guys are tough as nails.

11-02-2009, 15:46
Congratulations on your win, and the DE army looks to be coming on nicely :) Black Guard do seem to be rather, err, pivotal.

11-02-2009, 21:04
nice pictures and a fine report. Those darke elves are coming along nicely.
To bad the executioners didn't pull through, and bad luck on shooting (statistically you should have killed more warriors I think, AS3+ and T4 is it?)

Do you find shields worth it on the rxb's? that does make them survivable in cc I guess..

- Human
11-02-2009, 21:13
Thanks for the replies so far!

Black Guard do seem to be rather, err, pivotal.

True. But the honest truth is that I had 35 points leftover, and no other fully painted models, so I just gave them the ASF banner. In my normal lists (when I'm not restricting myself to fully painted stuff) I usually downplay the black guard and use a smaller unit with just a champion and Ring of Hotek.

To bad the executioners didn't pull through, and bad luck on shooting (statistically you should have killed more warriors I think, AS3+ and T4 is it?)

Do you find shields worth it on the rxb's? that does make them survivable in cc I guess..

Yeah they're AS 3+ (2+ in combat) and T4. I was surprised how little my Reapers were able to achieve, but when you're getting on average 4 hits and 2 wounds per volley, with a 5+ save that can still be shrugged off.

I didn't use the shields on my RXBs this battle, but I think they're always worth it. 1 point per model for +1 save (or +2 for combat) is always a good investment in my mind. I've never gone to battle without them.

Golden Lion
12-02-2009, 11:09
Nice report, I was thinking, in your third turn, could you have angled your right flank crossbowmen such that the knights could only charge them, and if they did, not hit the executioners? Likely no, since you were marchblocked, but that would have been a good move I guess? Or am I missing something?

Cool to see an infantry army stand up so well to the wall of steel unleashed upon it! You seemed to contain his magic pretty well too.

Congrats mate.

Gabacho Mk.II
12-02-2009, 17:53
A very well done battle and good reporting.

Good job!

18-02-2009, 00:28
I have played against one DE player two times. He uses an assassin with his scouting unit. Since he runs two of these units you never know where that bad guy is at. Armies are strongly built, the dice god are flicked but a good general and stradegy wins most of the time. I am glad to see an elf even a dark elf come out on top against the warriors of chaos. Your pictures were good.

18-02-2009, 20:03
Nice Bat Rep! Nice to see 2 painted armies go at it!